ZeniMax Announce the Elder Scrolls Online Release Date and Subscription Fee

ZeniMax Studios announce the release of the Elder Scrolls Online in Spring 2014. It is the well known offline game series which is being developed to become MMORPG with monthly subscription system.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- The Elder Scrolls Online is the upcoming massively multiplayer role playing video game from ZeniMax Online Studios which is a subsidiary of ZeniMax Studios. This will be the first game for Zenimax Online. The Elder Scrolls series is a historically single player experience created by another ZeniMax subsidiary, Bethesda Game Studios, and the series is known for it's focus on exploration, freedom and story.

The game takes place in the fictional universe's Second Era. This is the earliest era featured in a game. Most games of the series took place in the Third Era. Skyrim is the only exception as it was set in the Fourth Era. This will allow players to see a side of the universe they have only heard stories, and players will likely have a hand in forming these legends through the game.

Like most games in the genre, The Elder Scrolls Online will be subscription based with the most likely price point being 15 USD per month. Other features common to the genre include picking a race, class and faction. There are set to be three factions in the game, and each faction has a different animal representing it with a different philosophy. Each faction allows a player to select a different set of races which the other factions cannot choose.

The game is expected to live up to its predecessor's legacy by giving the players a rich and long story to play through. The team has stated, however, that they wish to avoid a linear story and make it very tempting, not to mention rewarding, to step off the beaten road to do a quest unrelated to their current mission. As such, nearly all of Tamriel, where the events of The Elder Scrolls take place, will be playable. Some provinces are limited, however, such as Black Marsh and Elsweyr. This is speculated to be the future site of downloadable content and possibly the future Elder Scrolls 5.

The game will feature Molag Bal, a Daedric Prince, as the main antagonist. Players will play quests that will prevent Molag Bal from bringing all of Tamriel into his realm named Coldharbour using devices called Dark Anchors. Many websites and blogs such as esosorcerer.com have been created exclusively to cover information, rumors, and official news as it's made available. These websites can keep you up to date on future news such as an offical release date or new gameplay videos. As seen here, the Elder Scrolls Online has been confirmed for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Mac and, of course, the PC. Players can expect to enter the world of Tamriel in spring of 2014, and it will be published by Bethesda Softworks.

Website: http://www.esosorcerer.com/ http://www.elderscrollsonlineclasses.org/news/elder-scrolls-online-at-e3-2013/