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Zenith Home Finishes have exclusive Denver rights to use GarageFloorCoating.com’s Eco CorFlex coating system.


Centennial, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- Eco-CorFlex Hydro Poly sealer is a proprietary product of GarageFloorCoating.com used to coat and seal garage floors. This is the number one choice in the garage floor coating industry. Zenith, the commercial and residential flooring specialists, is the only company in Denver with exclusive rights to use this coating system.

Unlike other products that don’t last beyond a year, the Eco-CorFlex Hydro Poly sealer lasts a lifetime and is durable enough to withstand harsh chemicals and the sun’s harmful rays. “These are two or three component industrial polymer coatings that come in a wide variety of colors and styles. They can also be finished with different systems like earth effects, liquid mineral and stone silicate finishes,” says a spokesperson.

Besides garages, this one time application can be used for several surface types including concrete flagstones, exposed aggregate surfaces, paver stones, other types of non concrete surfaces including hardwood flooring, stamped concrete, asphalt and even previously coated surfaces. The floorings are also widely used for their anti-graffiti protection.

“The Eco-CorFlex Moisture Mitigating System used in the coating process is a onetime application system that does not need re-sealing year after year.”

Earth affects media systems’ process starts by applying a primer coat and then following it up with one or two color coats. The PVA chips are then broadcast with varying density into the color coat. For the finished touch, one or two clear coats are applied.

As for the liquid art coating media, this begins by applying a primer coat, a 3 component cementations color coat, and then finished with 2 metallic coats. Using metallic coats ensures that the finished look is exquisite and unique.

The Denver based flooring specialists have more than a decade of experience and has undertaken more than 6000 residential and commercial floorings projects in and around Denver.

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Zenith Home Finishes is a Denver based garage flooring coating specialists. For more than a decade, they have managed thousands of projects, both residential and commercial. Besides garage flooring, they also undertake home painting and cabinet installation for commercial and residential properties. To know more, visit, http://zenithgarageflooring.com