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ZeroSoil Gardens: A New Spin on Indoor Gardening

The Mini Indoor Garden brings the answer to modern gardening


Tustin, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- ZeroSoil Gardens announces the launch of the ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden, a fresh take on indoor gardening designed to bring a simple, compact, and stylish look to tabletops, desktops and kitchens everywhere. This innovative planter combines self-watering planter and hydroponic techniques to create ideal growing conditions allowing both novices and more experienced home gardeners to enjoy their favorite plants, flowers and herbs year-round.

ZeroSoil Gardens was founded in 2013, with a mission to bring freshness to every household. By combining an organic, soil-less planting medium with hydroponic and self-watering planter techniques, ZeroSoil Gardens gives indoor gardeners of all ages the perfect planter for all indoor growing needs.

"Most hydroponic planters and self-watering planters on the market today are big and cumbersome," says David Ling, Director of Marketing, for ZeroSoil Gardens. "We want to give consumers another option, something more current with a modern style that they could place on their kitchen counter or their office desk and I know we've done that with our Mini Indoor Garden. I've even heard people compare it to the planter version of an iPhone!"

With more urbanites moving to townhouses, high rises and condos, gardens are becoming harder and harder to come by. The slow disappearance of personal space is forcing would-be gardeners to bring their hobby indoors and the ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden helps provide the ability to do just that. Smaller than a shoebox, the Mini Indoor Garden is a perfect fit for any counter, table, or desk.

"Simplicity is key and our Mini Indoor Garden is as simple as you can get. Just put in your seeds and some water and it will let you know when you need to add more," says Ling.

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