ZimiZama, a New Interactive Game, Teaches Young Children to Read Hebrew


Ceasarea, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2019 -- ArtNSmart, the company that specializes in games that help children develop basic skills, has introduced a new computer game to help children ages 4 to 7 learn to read Hebrew.

ZimiZama is an interactive game that takes children through all stages of learning to read Hebrew – phonological awareness, recognition of letters, writing with the letters, learning vowel sounds, reading sentences and short stories, and practicing reading comprehension.

Children learn through storytelling: In "Learning to Read in ZimiZama Forest," Yoyo, a cute monkey, and other characters take children on a tour of the forest. Along the way, Yoyo and his other friends teach about vowels, consonants, and letters and help children learn to read Hebrew. The game reflects ArtNSmart's goal of making learning an enjoyable experience.

The game takes a holistic approach to learning Hebrew, beginning with phonological awareness, or understanding the structure and sounds of words, a crucial first stage in learning to read. Children can have fun with rhymes and have their first encounters with phrases. The "Letters Trail" game introduces children to the names and shapes of letters and allows them to practice writing the letters correctly.

Other games teach children how to form words using the five Hebrew vowel sounds. Game characters Ari the Lion, Iggy the Iguana, Effy the Chick and others help children learn ways to remember their vowels. Children can pick one of five different books from the "Books Tree" game. They can practice reading short stories, design their own book pages, and work on reading comprehension.

When children need a break from the reading exercises, they can check out "The Children's Zone," which has nine new original songs to support the reading process, games and memory supports for practicing their reading.

Children may interact independently with the game, but ZimiZama also allows parents to spend quality time with their children as they learn to read. Parents may create a personalized program for each child. To help parents and teachers, ZimiZama has "Goal Games,"which include nine work booklets, forty suggestions for reading exercises, and joint child-adult activities. The "Parents, Teachers and Tutors Zone" has a list of all activities, a list of activities by subject, and suggestions for personalizing a program.

ZimiZama also allows children, parents and teachers to work on:

- developing motivation for learning
- developing attention and concentration
- encouraging independence
- encouraging creativity and imagination

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