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Zimmerman Verdict Cautions Self-Defense

‘Krav Maga’ street fighting techniques to improve self-confidence and combat unprecedented attacks


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Physical attacks, violence and unpredictable mugging are a common scenario these days. With the verdict of Trayvon Martin case it has become imperative that it is better to be prepared to face the attackers in order to safeguard oneself.

‘Krav Maga’ is an age-old form of martial arts that is proven to be the best technique to face the defender and stay alert. The increasing atrocities demand that everyone needs to be familiar with at least a form of self-defense technique. It does take a lot of time and effort to learn such techniques. This bridge of time and the zeal to learn have been put to ease by an expert Israeli Krav Maga Master, Guy Dar. He has designed an online course of Krav Maga that focuses on self-defense and is a perfect learning program for those who wish to learn how to defend themselves. This complete learning program can be accessed right from home and within a few days one would be able to master the technique of Krav Maga which are considered to be the best fight techniques that have been employed by those who defend face to face attacks like the FBI, CIA and the army.

The 41-video comprehensive learning program provides a holistic approach to learning Krav Maga through diligence and at one’s own pace. As this fight pattern teaches to defend an attacker within seconds, it is proven to be the best self-defense mechanism irrespective of who the stranger is. Krav Maga is an ancient form of street fight and the course is compiled by an expert who has trained many police personnel and security services. To learn how to defend yourself with the proven techniques of Krav Maga log onto and order a copy now!

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