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Zinc Mining Market Poised for Steady Growth Including Long-Term Forecasts 2019


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2018 -- Zinc is a widely used metal which protects large structures by enhancing longevity and performance of steel. It also proves to be one of the most effective & economical ways to protect steel against corrosion. The global market for Zinc mining will see a steady growth in the coming years, as the industrialized countries will require better protection for their large structures, which will be achieved through galvanizing steel structures, or coating them with Zinc.
The coating protects the steel against deterioration which cost industrialized economies at least 4 percent of their total GDP every year, according to the International Zinc Association (IZA) estimates. Less corrosion will lead to lower costs and lesser maintenance requirements. Zinc has more attractive properties than any other material that may be used to protect from corrosion. Some of the other Zinc coating methods include Zinc-rich paint, electro-statically applied Zinc and mechanically applied Zinc.

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Zinc has several industrial and product applications due to the properties it possess for instance, due to its malleable nature it is extensively used in dry cell batteries. Dry Cell batteries are utilized by the electrical industry for powering hearing aids, wrist watches, calculators, etc. and for various other aeronautical and military applications. Zinc is a versatile metal that doesn't change its property, even after recycling and has the ability to increase crop production which contributes to sustainable development in many parts of the world. Other common uses of Zinc are die casting and for the production of brass & bronze which are used for Zinc sheet applications such as roofing, gutters and downpipes.

With its ever increasing areas of application, the global Zinc mining industry is expected to grow in the upcoming years. China is the largest producer of Zinc, and contributes to about one-third of the global production. Government regulations to improve the air quality and limit the heavy metal run-off into farms are likely to affect the Zinc mining market. With the growing demand for Zinc in several application areas, the global Zinc mining market is showing increasing demand all over the world.

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Asia-Pacific region is the largest producer of Zinc in the world. China is the market leader in terms of Zinc production followed by India, Australia, Peru and the U.S. On the basis of production methods used, the Zinc mining market can be segmented as:
Combined open-pit & underground mining.