ZinChair.net Makes Wine Barrel Furniture with a Passion

Wine barrels can be used to make a wide range of wine barrel furniture when they cease to be useful in their other role, and this is a great way to conserve the environment. Making furniture from wine barrels is an old tradition which has been perfected overtime. The versatility of wine barrel furniture by ZinChair.net is made to meet every wine enthusiasts’ dream!


Westlake Village, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- Making furniture from a wine barrel calls for patience, time and attention to detail. The effort that goes into preparing the barrel is almost more than the actual work. Before it becomes the masterpiece that people can see and fall in love with, making wine barrel furniture has to go through a number of processes.

Essentially, the first thing woodworkers should do when making wine barrel furniture is to look around for the best wine barrel that they can find. This is because the craftsmanship and the barrel quality determine the quality of the final product. Secondly, dismantle the wine barrel expertly to ensure that there won’t be any damage to the barrel. This is usually tricky because wine barrels are made for durability. As such, dismantling it requires some piece of skill and effort. This may also require cleaning the barrel and letting it dry for a few days. After the barrel has dried, smooth the surface through sanding. This is then followed by staining, after which the direction people take will depend on what wine barrel furniture to make.

Wine barrel furniture is made to invoke the memory of the vineyard and the bliss of the wine making process. The furniture is designed in the arts and crafts of tradition for maximum comfort and durability. What makes the wine barrel furniture unique is its simple beauty and refined rustic appearance that can be an integral part of somebody’s home décor, complimenting their internal and external spaces in style. Wine barrel chairs can be used to add warmth and life to a number of places around a home.

There is a wide variety of furniture that can be made from wine barrels including tables, chairs, chest ice, stools and benches. Wine barrel chairs have gentle curves that make them comfortable and stylish and can be very ideal for relaxation. Whichever wine barrel furniture is preferred, people are always sure to get something that will not only excite, but also give them a unique sense of connection with nature.

Where to get the best wine barrel furniture

The best place to shop for vintage Oak wine barrel furniture is ZinChair.net. This custom furniture store stocks 100% American made wine barrel furniture. Using the natural beauty of the oak wine barrels, ZinChair.net has crafted a unique assortment of authentic wine barrel furniture ranging from wine barrel chairs, tables, ice chest and stools among others that can add vitality and style to any space.

The excellently created custom variations, exhibiting a touch of precision and passion, ensure that shoppers get what they want even without having to think about it. People simply fall in love with it! In the unlikely event that people fail to find wine barrel chairs, or any other furniture that makes them feel different, they can call and tell Zin Chair exactly what they want, and they will be sure to add charm to their house in just a few days.

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Zin Chair is a custom furniture store in Westlake Village, CA. They build handmade indoor and outdoor furniture from reclaimed French oak wine barrels. People can browse their wine barrel furniture by visiting www.ZinChair.net

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