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Zing, Sang, T.J. S: Author Urges Smokers to "Put Down Cigarettes"

Written by Jane Galitello, ‘Zing Sang’ is a powerful self-help book with healing steps and meditation, proven to get people off of smoking for good.


Torrington, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- Jane Galitello is dedicated to working for humanity and helping others. In her new book, she tells of how her own life turned tragic as a result of smoking tobacco and takes readers close to death as she endures lung cancer. It was during this time that Galitello was led by God to study and bring out to readers the study of tobacco - a "killer”. Her book exposes how tobacco is a money maker to harm everyone’s health, life and soul. Zing Sang is reaching out to people everywhere to stop them smoking, now!

Zing, Sang, T. J. s. allows anyone to realize that they can stop smoking, that they are one-of-a-kind and that there’s nobody else like them on the planet. While millions believe that tobacco is their best friend, its ability to cost them their job, family and money ultimately makes it humanity’s worst enemy.


"Much like other smokers, Jane Galitello 's story has an innocent beginning. Trying her first cigarette in high school, she had no idea what world of horrors this tiny paper tube would do to her, In Zing Sang, you will read her path of life Can you stop smoking, Yes you can!"

“I was led to write this book as I have stated, after my lung cancer,” says Galitello. “The highs of tobacco yet fog of the American Indians - Zing Sang is packed with many aspects of life. I thought it was there to relax me and yet it is filled with chemicals to kill people. Know it, believe it, read more about it and then change it. You can do this, with Zing Sang”

Continuing: "Many of our loved ones in life have died from tobacco smoking. I am blessed to be here and I’ve been given another chance to bring Zing Sang T. J. s.to you, Do you want to be healed and live? Or do you want to be sick and die? It’s a call from all others who have passed on by the sickness to death from tobacco. Read in Zing Sang The Cry of Nature.”

‘Zing, Sang’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1jZObEn

About Jane Galitello
Jane Galitello lives in Torrington, Connecticut, at the present time, she grandfather the homeless in Florida, where her work let her to for 24 years counseling the homeless. housing them and guiding them to get well.her work was 100percent positive as she went along her path, Jane Galitello is a older women now and in this time put energy to helping teens find there path for success, and over tobacco. as well as her husband who overcame tobacco as well using the meditation step in this book she hopes to put more books out with the gifts and knowledge gifts and God has given to her to help others with, Donation s from Zing Sang, will go to the cancer societies and other org.