Zip Tuning Can Now Create Optimized Car Tuning Files in Under 30 Minutes for Resellers

Zip Tuning can now help dealerships, businesses and individuals offer high quality, fast-turnaround vehicle tuning, turnaround ECU profiles in as little as 30 minutes.


Houten, Utrecht -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2016 -- With technology evolving every day, every car manufactured today has an increasing number of computers built in to manage everything, with the engines themselves also becoming more complex and requiring more management. At the same time, this presents an opportunity, and the increase of the amount of turbo engines together with the fact car manufacturers use the same engine for different power outputs means chip tuning has become a booming business. Zip Tuning has been in this business for 20 years, and is one of the only tuning houses capable of delivering safe ECU tuning files.

These files can be downloaded into the car's on-board computer and can change the way the power is delivered from the engine to the wheels, creating higher performance standards either in favour of speed or efficiency. Due more complicated injection systems and higher emission standards, the ECU software has become more and more complicated since 2008. In current ECU types tuners need to change many maps and limiters to see any increase in torque; one of the many reasons why it is impossible to develop tuning without dynotesting the results. Zip Tuning do this for all their profiles.

These tuning profiles are now available to be installed at home or in businesses by clients, who can upload the car's original ECU tuning file and have a tuning profile updated to their exact needs and requirements, all within just 30 minutes. ECU tuning is a great aftermarket product, with even dealerships like BMW and Volvo offering tuning as an optional extra. Only Zip Tuning can offer the highest standard of tuning for vehicles with guaranteed results and short turnaround times.

A spokesperson for Zip Tuning explained, "Technology is rapidly moving to new heights. Cars are getting more and more unbelievable features and even engines are now more complex. To be able to operate in this market, you need to have a proven track record of years of experience. Ziptuning has that, and we pride ourselves on our high quality tuning files, and we have the widest range of quality tuning files available anywhere. Best of all, these files are available in just 30 minutes, so individuals can be driving a newly optimized car in under an hour."

About Zip Tuning
Zip Tuning is a car tuning studio offering high quality, dynotested tuning files, tuning tools, ECU modifications and high quality tutorials on car tuning, together with engine tuning options for cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks and even agricultural vehicles, to help individuals get the best performance possible out of their automobiles. For more information please visit: http://www.ziptuning.com/