ZixMailEncryption Offers Zix's State-of-the-Art Data Email Encryption and Ultimate Peace of Mind

Industry-Leading Email Encryption Service Ensures Companies Meet Current Regulatory Guidelines


Cornelia, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2016 -- Clicking "Send" on an email may seem like a simple enough gesture but there is much more there than meets the eye. Under the surface, an entire world exists. Beyond the amazing technology itself that makes sending these modern communications possible, threats are abundant and sensitive information is always prey to the myriad of predators constantly seeking to steal and use it for malicious purposes.

There is no doubt that technology has transformed the way that we do business. In conjunction with this, today's companies are called upon to work within regulatory guidelines which have been established to ensure responsible business practices. To that end, compliance with regulations is a priority not only for healthcare, financial services and government organizations, but for a multitude of other organizations and industries as well.

ZixMailEncryption – a Zix MSP Premier Partner – provides a variety of email encryption and email data protection options to satisfy regulatory compliance measures, including Zix's leading email data protection solutions.

ZixMailEncryption offers all of Zix's industry-leading solutions, including ZixMail (Desktop Email Encryption), ZixGateway (Email Encryption Appliance), ZixPort (Secure Messaging Service), and ZixQuarantine (Email DLP). No matter which solution makes sense for one's business or industry, Zix customers receive comprehensive, customizable products and unsurpassed customer service and ease of use.

Emailing confidential data incorrectly has the potential to send a company and its stock into a tailspin, as well as bring forth potential lawsuits, costly fines, or loss of trust from customers. Becoming a Zix customer means being automatically enrolled in the ZixDirectory – the world's largest and only shared email encryption community with tens of millions of members. Gaining access to the ZixDirectory allows customers to seamlessly and transparently send and receive encrypted email messages amongst all other Zix customers. With 100,000 new users joining each week, the value of the ZixDirectory continues to grow. Zix solutions are offered through ZixMailEncryption.

ZixMailEncryption, a division of Omega Technology Group, has been a premier partner and reseller of Zix solutions since 2008. "Whether it's exchanging highly confidential data in the workplace or simply sharing personal info out of the comfort of one's own home, sending secure email has never been so easy and affordable thanks to Zix" said ZixMailEncryption President, Chip Brooks.

About ZixMailEncryption
In the Southeast, ZixMailEncryption is the leader in providing IP Telephony, Data Networking & Cabling Infrastructure, Video Conferencing, Security (Network, data, and physical), and Managed Services solutions to their customers. Their mission is to provide cost effective, integrated solutions that will power business growth for our customers. ZixMailEncryption has a proven track record of analyzing, designing and implementing small and large scale projects that deliver maximum benefits to the businesses they support.