ZixOne Ensures Optimal Bring-Your-Own Device Protection for Companies Across the United States

Email Data Protection Provider Meets Secure Mobility Needs with a No-Data-on-the-Device App


Cornelia, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2016 -- The impact that mobile devices have had in both the personal and work realm is virtually incalculable and continues to grow and evolve at an astounding rate. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon has taken shape as a result of businesses becoming privy to their employees' preferences for using their own smartphones or tablets to access corporate data and perform their daily tasks. With the massive influx (within this year, 38 percent of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers [1]), there are tremendous challenges in terms of finding an effective BYOD solution that meets company data security needs.

ZixOne, a mobile app built by Zix and offered by ZixMailEncryption, a Zix MSP Premier Partner, simplifies the BYOD challenge, enabling easy and secure access to email. Of all activities performed on mobile devices, email still remains the most popular with 79 percent use for smartphones and 72 percent for tablets (2). By focusing on business' greatest exposure, ZixOne provides the ultimate BYOD solution with uncompromised benefits for both companies and employees, complete with a simple per user price.

Many current BYOD solutions either jeopardize corporate data by allowing data to be housed on the device itself or they sacrifice the user experience. If corporate data is left unsecured on the device, companies are exposed to security and compliance threats. If the user experience is ignored, then the success of the solution will be impaired and workers' original incentives for using their own devices will be lost. The only BYOD solution that can be truly effective is one that meets both business needs and employee demands.

ZixMailEncryption, a division of Omega Technology Group, has been a premier partner and reseller of Zix solutions since 2008. "Our aim in partnering with Zix has – from the beginning – been all about offering solutions that offer the highest level of security while still being extremely user friendly," shared ZixMailEncryption President, Chip Brooks. "BYOD solutions from Zix are a shining example of what a forward-thinking product looks like in that it provides both the client and the clients' users with a product that serves each of their needs equally and puts in place an efficient process that takes away stress in terms of functionality, effectiveness, and regulatory compliance."

To learn more about ZixOne's effective tool, visit ZixMailEncryption's website.

ZixMailEncryption offers all of Zix's industry-leading solutions, including ZixMail (Desktop Email Encryption), ZixGateway (Email Encryption Appliance), ZixPort (Secure Messaging Portal), and ZixQuarantine (Email Data Loss Prevention Solution). No matter which solution makes sense for one's business or industry, Zix customers receive comprehensive products and unsurpassed customer service and ease of use.

(1) "Bring Your Own Device: The Facts and the Future." Gartner Research. April 2013
(2) Adobe Digital Publishing Report. January 2013.

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