Zmartframe Adds Touch Input to Existing Systems

Indiegogo push will fund full-scale production of PC overlay


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- Zmartframe innovation by a group of young technology development and marketing experts will twin existing computer systems with touch input for Android or Windows PC. This amounts to an upgrade that does not require scrapping an existing system and filling landfills with more outdated technology. The Zmartframe is really doubly smart, in that it protects our environment by enabling users to upgrade their existing systems using an overlay frame, and by providing the touch technology that enhances the computer experience. Fingertip technology is the new horizon of the computer world, and it can be used for gaming, navigating images, messaging, web surfing, watching videos and other applications and functions that PCs provide. The Zmartframe also operates as a stand-alone Android touch PC.

This upgrading and empowering overlay frame will available in 19” and 22” and can be easily fit and connect to non-touch monitors. The working mode options available are Windows Touch operating system or Android Touch operating systems. The frame comes with WiFi and other high use capabilities. Keyboards, mouse or USB memory drives can also be attached to the system.

PC Magazine explains how, instead of a fixed set of buttons, touch screens enables users to have an unlimited number of ways that they can use the computer because the point of contact is digitized.

PC Magazine Encyclopedia defines Android as the leading platform worldwide and as a platform that is possible through Google-sponsored Open Handset Alliance. Windows is a Microsoft platform. Microsoft was formed as a partnership by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. By making the Zmartframe available in these two modes, the innovators are enabling a large percentage of existing PC users to convert to touch technology without having to buy a whole new system.

Contributors to the campaign will join as a team of eco-fighters, who will make available technology that protects the environment. At some pledge levels, contributors will receive a Zmartframe as a perk for contributing to the roll-out of this new product. The success of this campaign will help bring the product from prototype to mass production.


In support of its Crowdfunding campaign, Zmartframe innovators are committed to:
-Going to full-scale production with the finished product
-Making the device available on the open marketplace while saving landfills
-Providing all promised perks to reward supporters of the campaign

The Indiegogo campaign’s initial goal of $200,000 is currently active and runs through August 8, 2014 at 11:59 Pacific Time. Full details about the Indiegogo campaign including sponsorship and involvement levels can be found at:

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