Houston Startup Loves the Intoxicating Fumes of Explosion in E-Cigarette Industry


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- The duo hopes to send out their first orders to their members by early Summer 2014. Their pre-orders are finally available. A duo in Houston aims to bring undiscovered vapor e-liquids in the form of subscription boxes delivered to the door every month.

Tom Huynh and Tri Nguyen met together at Startup Weekend Houston in November 2013 where they competed and won third. Their idea was a revolutionary app that would connect restaurants with food shelters to save leftover food. Although the idea didn’t catch on, their new startup, Zodist is catching the eyes of many smokers.

Zodist provides value by curating seemingly endless different e-liquids and hand selects 5 every single month to send to their members. They aim to eventually curate every single box to the flavor palette of each member.

“The amount of feedback we’ve received for something like this has been overwhelming,” says Nguyen, “we’ve been doing a lot of R&D and tinkering to get our first release right. We only accept the best because we know that’s what our members expect.”

The amounts of people who have switched over from cigarettes to E-Cigarettes have been astonishing. The already billion dollar industry is catching on to smokers who seek a healthier alternative that doesn’t take away from their lifestyle. E-cigarettes range from off the shelf replaceable products, to more artisan crafts such as mechanical mods. Zodist aims to bring value to people who take vaping seriously, and smoke to enjoy it.

“The reason why we started this came out of the need for this,” says Huynh, “a lot of vapers go through $100, $200 easy trying to find their next ADV (all day vape, a term used to describe a e-liquid that they really enjoy) and we wanted to create a way to make sure every person gets the flavor they enjoy. We aren’t looking to steal sales from other retailers. Rather, we want to introduce people to flavors they’ve never discovered and potentially love it.”

Visit http://www.zodist.com to learn more about the company

About Zodist LLC
Zodist LLC (http://www.zodist.com) is a small startup based out of Houston, Texas run by three ambitious entrepreneurs. We deliver high end e-liquids in subscription boxes based on algorithm to find each person’s flavor profile. We are currently taking preorders starting Jan 10, 2014 and begin fulfillment as soon as possible.

For all inquiries, contact:

Tom Edison
2304 Sperber Ln, Houston TX 77041
Houston, Texas
Ph: (281) 624-6001