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Zoho to Insightly: Data2CRM Announces New Dawn of CRM Migration


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- Data2CRM is an innovative service that enhances the troubles and reduces the time spend on the CRM data switch from one CRM software to another. This automated solution prevents any side interference or impacts on the data and existing platform. The service recently announced about a new beneficial and advanced opportunity of a fast, direct and secure Zoho to Insightly migration.

Automated Migration: Aspect and Merits

In order to cover the growing demands for a high-quality and swift CRM data migration, Data2CRM incorporates an approach that may transfer company’s records in two directions. As long as, the SaaS has an automated nature, it excludes any human interaction and ensures data privacy and security. The service eliminates any manual approaches such as coding or copy/paste. The uptime of the current CRM software is free from any impacts during a migration process. The solution has an intuitive user interface that requires no technical background.

Data2CRM may migrate such CRM modules from Zoho to Insightly:

1. Leads
2. Accounts
3. Contacts
4. Tasks
5. Opportunities

With the aim to improve and facilitate the process, the SaaS supplemented its features with the following relations:

1. Account (Member of)
2. Contact (Account name, reports to, organization name)
3. Task (Contact name, related to)
4. Opportunity (Account name, related to)

Data2CRM: Qualities of Migration Service

The service empowers its users with a quick, accurate and secure Zoho to Insightly migration. Apart from the speed and flawlessness, Data2CRM provides such advantageous opportunities of CRM data transference as

- Effortless performance. The service requires registration, source platform details and desired software information. There is no need in technical skills or extra installations.
- Precise work. Data2CRM is a web-based and automated solution that deprives any data impacts or break off the uptime of the existing CRM platform.
- Technical assistance. The service provides you with a pre and during migration live-chat support.

For more detailed information on Zoho to Insightly migration, go to:

The enhancing of the strains and obstacles of CRM data migration is the focal point of Data2CRM. Its team keeps to polishing the existing features and works on developing new improvements. Subsequently, the two-way automated Zoho to Insightly migration is just one of the interim points of the service. Up to this moment, the solution offers the migration across such CRM platforms as SugarCRM (on-premise and on-demand), Vtiger (on-premise and on-demand), SuiteCRM, OroCRM, Salesforce, Zoho CRM and Insightly. Nevertheless, Data2CRM is working out the number of supported platforms and in the nearest future new migration options will be released.

About Data2CRM
Data2CRM is a web-based migration service, designed for accurate and fast CRM data switch between various platforms. This service is developed for hassle-free and flawless migration of leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, tasks to the dream CRM system in a fully automated way.

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Ternopil, Ukraine