Zojo Black Keeps It Real While Hitting the Studio for Anticipated Sophomore Album

Zojo are currently working on their sophomore album, a much-anticipated follow-up to their successful self-titled debut.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- Zojo Black, hailing from Alberta, Canada, is in the studio recording their much-anticipated follow-up album to their self-titled debut and is keeping it real as they let their creative process shine through. With a sound that combines blues, indie and jam rock, Zojo Black has most often been compared to Los Lobos and even Eric Clapton. Their musical influences include classic rock kingpins like The

Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few.

The group is comprised of some of Southern Alberta’s premier musicians, including Greg Gomola on vocals and guitars, who is also the lead songwriter, Paul Kype on vocals and guitars, Tyson Maiko on bass and Brady Valgardson on drums.

Zojo Black believe in what they call the true vibe or freedom of musical expression as they venture to captivate their audience with both soulful lyrics and mesmerizing musical efforts. Their ultimate aim is to “keep it real” both in life and in their own music.

Their current flagship song, “Keep It Real” is a bright, medium-paced song with ska-like, upbeat strumming and a jam band sound with bluesy lyrics about a guy who pledges to keep his feelings real and take care of his love. The guitar solo rips with a slower but soulful melody throughout, showing off the technical ability of the guitarist while continuing in the overall feeling of the song before taking it to the end with one more round of choruses.

“Hey Hey Hey” has an even brighter point of view with a faster tempo and more urgent and driving lyrics. In this song, the guitar solo really shreds with an intensity to match the song that then slows down back into the next verse. The female vocal contribution from Anna VanderHeide, particularly in the choruses and her own solo that takes the track to its end, is another stand-out element of this track. “Modern Day Marilyn Monroe” is a similarly bright and fast-paced song that couples well with this song live.

In contrast, their song “Gone Away” is a softer, slower and more melancholy song, desperate for hope and sunshine to take the pain and sadness away: “Don’t tell me how to make things feel better/Don’t tell me that all the troubles have gone away/Don’t tell me that there’s hope and that there’s something to believe in/Before I’m gone/I feel the sunshine on its way/I hope it stays and never goes away.” After a long string of similar poignant lyrics, a mellow, saddened guitar solo for the outro begins but gets lighter and more hopeful as its nears the end of the song.

These are tracks you can find on Zojo Black’s self-titled debut album released in early 2012. They consider their greatest musical accomplishment to be composing and releasing the album as well as signing licensing contracts for it with Fox TV, MTV and the Discovery Network, a huge feat for a band’s first album.

Now they’re hitting the studio once again to record and release their next much-anticipated LP. Zojo Black continue to evolve as musicians and songwriters, and they plan to showcase that evolution in this EP. They dream of having this sophomore effort lead them to bigger shows at bigger venues sometime in the near future. In preparation, frontman Gomola and bassist Maiko have been spending a lotof time playing around with their creative arrangements to achieve the best and most unique sound possible, which they hope to be a pinnacle of their success.

You can find their music on their website and ReverbNation profile. To hear them live, check out some of their upcoming shows: Shaw Global Conference Centre on Dec. 21st and Rose and Crown Pub in Banff, Alberta Jan. 1st through 4th. They’re also playing a private gig on Jan. 18th.

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