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Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2017 -- Zolooz is a new blog focused at writers and publishers who would like to connect with audience with their thoughts. Zolooz focuses on variety of topics and it is a one stop location for both writers and readers who would like to read new ideas and write their thoughts. Zolooz is a great new web portal for the readers.

Zolooz is different from other blogging platforms. Main purpose of Zolooz is not to just put content, but to have quality content online. No content is published without quality check. The writers and publishers check the quality before publishing the articles. With constant effort Zolooz will become the most innovative blog for all readers and writers. Zolooz has started to gain many new audiences and as a result more publishers and writers are attracted to put more content on Zolooz.

Zolooz is organized very nicely. The primary target is the audience so the blog is made in a way which makes it easier for reader to navigate through the content easily. Blog covers various topics from news, health, fashion, technology and relationships. The wide variety of topics makes it the place where readers visit every time they want to see new content. The blog has a very simple layout. The left side has the content to read and the right pane has the links reader would like to visit frequently. There is a search option which lets the reader search through the vast number of topics on the blog. Below the search there is a recent posts section which shows the recently posted articles which reader would like to read. Below this section there is section where the recent comments by readers are shown, this was the readers can know about the other readers comment and can decide whether to read that particular topic and if they have their own thought the reader can put that in comment too. Below comments section there is archives section where the reader can go through the previous month's articles by selection any particular month from that list. Below this is the categories section where the reader can directly jump to a particular category to read articles from. For e.g. the reader can directly jump to the news section to read the articles about news.

About Zolooz
Zolooz is a new blog with informative content. The blog is for the readers who would like to read new innovative articles. The blog has quality content so reader can be sure of that the articles are passed through quality control before publishing. The blog covers vide variety of topics including news, fashion, technology and relationships. Zolooz has proved to an excellent web portal for the readers.

Contact Zolooz

John Portman is the main contact person at Zolooz. The company is located at 175 Flatbush Ave Ext, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Company landline number is 917-725-7902. Company can also be contacted via email at

Contact Person: John Portman
Company: Zolooz
Address: 175 Flatbush Ave Ext, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 917-725-7902