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Portland, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2012 -- With the increase of zombie attacks in the news, and popular interest in zombie movies and TV – surviving zombie apocalypse has become a working metaphor for preppers and survivalists around the globe. Recent incidents have made people aware of the reality that drugs and viruses might create zombie-like effects creating a condition that neuroscientists and the police have dubbed “excited delirium”.

The Zombie Prep Network is aimed at providing real survival information to preppers and preparing them for an impending zombie apocalypse. Zombies, defined as mindlessly aggressive humans driven by drugs or biological infection, can be violent, cannibalistic, and perhaps contagious. Virologists agree that viruses causing zombie-like delirium actually exist and could spread all across the globe and affect millions of people. A zombie virus (like a variant of rabies) would have the capability of causing violence, bloodshed and cannibalism.

ZombiePrepNetwork.com offers zombie survival product and industry news, reviews and training. They also provide useful articles and editorials to prepare people for disasters or situations where their locale may be without rule of law. The website teaches their readers many useful tricks, important to survive a fictional or real zombie apocalypse. The founders furnish zombie research and survival tactics via free online video. Those preparing for zombie survival in case of any disaster or societal disruption will become an asset to one’s family and neighbors. The first thing to do when struck in the midst of any kind of attack or disaster is to find a safe shelter for refuge. If you do not find shelter, you should make one to protect yourself and your family members.

Prepare a survival kit or buy bug-out bag ahead of time, which contains all necessary items to survive for 72 hours. Learn how to use melee weapons like blades, knives, swords, crossbows, etc. Get training to master firearms such as handguns, shotguns and rifles. It’s wise to choose a weapon according to the situation because you could be faced with a breakdown in law, whether the disaster involves zombies or not.

During zombie attacks or other self-defense situations, keep calm and try to identify individuals who may be threats. Anyone might become a threat if the zombie infection is biological (like a virus). Use melee weapons or firearms safely. Collect as many supplies as possible to survive. If you can acquire reliable transportation, it will be ticket to survival. If possible, stay away from population centers and infected areas.***

The ZombiePrepNetwork.com team is consists of martial arts experts and certified personal trainers who teach zombie survival tactics.

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