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Zoo in Devon Utilises Hydroponics to Feed Animals: Hydroponica Comments


Upper Poppleton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2016 -- Since 2009 the Paignton Zoo in Devon has been utilising hydroponic farming to feed a large majority of its animals – not only diversifying animal feed but also vastly increasing nutritional density. The hydroponics system located at the zoo works to grow a range of nutritious crops including spinach and lettuce and the approximately 2000 animals that live at the zoo greatly enjoy these.

The hydroponics project that has been in place at this zoo represents the 1st ever zoo-based sustainable growing lab and showcases how zoos could feed their animals going forward. Growing hydroponically is beneficial for numerous reasons including but not limited to the following:

- Absence of weeds, toxic pesticides and soil-borne pests
- Better use of water
- Better control over oxygen and nutrient intake
- Increased crop quality and nutritional value
- Greater yields
- Shorter grow times
- Low food miles

A spokesperson from Hydroponica, leading hydroponics equipment supplier was keen to comment saying, "It is great to see that a zoo is utilising hydroponics to feed their animals and we are sure that going forward many other zoos around the world are going to follow in their footsteps also.

Hydroponics is becoming more and more popular across the world each and every day as there is a rising emphasis on food security, limited natural resources and implications of climate change on crop production worldwide, and already hydroponics systems are in place in parts of the world where malnutrition and hunger are an issue. We strongly believe here at Hydroponica that the hydroponics industry is only going to continue to grow, and are so happy that is something that we are able to be a part of."

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