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Zoom Alternative Putting Dental Office Needs First Says Smile Perfected

Making a smash in dentistry is the new 20-Minute teeth whitening dental product, which was created after Dentist founder of Smile Perfected asked, "Is Zoom worth it?" and decided to create a Zoom alternative.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2016 -- The company behind the 20-Minute teeth whitening system™, Smile Perfected, revealed their popular Prophy Plus™ system came close to never being created at all.

In fact, the company, whose founder and CEO was a successful practicing DDS, has revealed he set out to create an alternative to Zoom for the dental office only after asking if offering Zoom in his own practice was really worth all the trouble.

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According to Dr. Balanoff, he had Zoom whitening systems in a number of his successful dental offices, but the system didn't offer what he wanted as a Doctor and practice owner. "The product was too costly to the patient, and it tied up valuable chair time for too long. As a practice owner trying to maximize valuable doctor and chair time, this is a serious problem," said Dr. Balanoff.

However, after performing a Zoom whitening treatment on himself, he finally had enough. "The pain I experienced was intense. It was becoming unbearable waiting for the recommended treatment time to complete!" Dr. Balanoff added. He made up his mind after that experience, and set out to create an alternative to Zoom which Dentists could use without the frustrations he ran into as a dental office owner.

In response, he developed the Smile Perfected 20-Minute Whitening System, designed with the needs of a dental office in mind, and making patient satisfaction a priority. It offers dental offices an in-office whitening treatment that is pain & sensitivity free for patients, at a recommended $99 cost they can afford.

Designed to fit seamlessly into a patient's Prophy visit, the Smile Perfected formula was developed to be more effective than at-home white strips and treatments, but not so strong as to be caustic and damaging to gum tissue and teeth. It's the perfect fit between at-home teeth whitening and expensive and painful alternatives according to the company.

What about the benefits to the dental office? Dr. Balanoff shared some of the considerations which went into the development of the popular dental product. The treatment is simple to apply for the hygienist, doesn't require the use of the Doctor's time, and takes just 20-minutes to effectively get the results patients want. For a busy dental office, increasing hygiene revenues without tying up valuable chair time so they can be used for the next patient is critical.

Successful practice owners know, maximizing doctor time and chair time is paramount, and should be optimized. Plus, happy hygienists are key to success shares Smile Perfected. Dental products need to understand its the people in the office interacting with the patients which will determine success. It's a teeth whitening system the hygienists love, because patients love it - that's the key to Smile Perfected's success, shared Dr. Balanoff. When something gives the patients what they want, while exceeding the needs and expectations of Doctors, staff and practice owner. That's a Zoom alternative we can get excited about.

About Smile Perfected
Smile Perfected was established in 2014 by Dr. William Balanoff. Dental products include the Smile Perfected 20 Minute Whitening System™, designed to fit seamlessly into an offices current patient process after a prophy. Imagine a patient getting a quick, noticeably whiter smile with a non-invasive dental service…no drilling, no shots… just whiter teeth in 20 minutes for a recommended cost to the patient of $99. The Prophy Plus™ process dramatically increases hygiene revenue with no additional Doctor time, and is sensitivity free, patients love it.

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