ZQuiet Deemed to Be Most Effective Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces on the Market Today


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2013 -- Researcher for anti-snoring technologies, Mrs. Martina Paluszki reveals “It's not fair to consider this a fad treatment any longer. Anti-snoring mouthpieces are the way of the future and Zquiet stands out as a cut above the rest. It's simply the best option out there today.”

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Snoring is one of the most problematic issues that the majority of us face. Unfortunately, its effects aren't often felt by the snorer him or herself. It's those who have to share a bed (or even the same house) as a snorer who is experiencing restless nights and a poorer quality of sleep. That's not to say snorers don't suffer some ill-health as a result of their snoring; anything but. However, it's the bed partner that often complains about snoring and wants something done about it. Fortunately, as Mrs. Paluszki reveals, it is the forerunner in anti-snoring mouthpieces and confirms her findings through Zquiet reviews.

What are Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces?
Anti-snoring mouthpieces are just a part of the stop snoring technologies that are available on the market today. While users have everything from herbal remedies to surgical procedures, snoring devices are still preferred by many and mouthpieces stand out as one of the best possible solutions. This is because the mouthpiece itself holds the jaw in a more open and relaxed position throughout the night. This allows the airway to rest in a more natural position that relieves airway constriction. This is usually the cause behind a lot of problematic snoring, so just wearing a mouthpiece can be all of what a snorer needs to eliminate his snoring.

Unfortunately, not all anti-snoring mouthpieces are created equally. They are made with a certain mold in mind and conform to an ideal mouth. This can result in a poor fit for many users, which makes mouthpieces prone to slipping out of the wearer's mouth; making the mouthpiece completely useless!

Does It Actually Work?
According to Mrs. Paluszki, “Yes, in trials with patients in the United States, ZQuiet not only works, but is the preferred mouthpiece of users. I put this down to the ability to adjust its size. This makes the wearing of a mouthpiece far more comfortable than other options that are available on the market today and painful or awkward feelings while wearing a mouthpiece is one of the most common complaints I hear about when discussing anti-snoring mouthpieces”

It's not hard to support Mrs. Paluszki's findings. Her sentiments are echoed throughout the Internet and many positive reviews can be sourced through a simple web search. There are actually few problems with the device, too, making it a reliable solution for those who experience chronic snoring.

A Word of Caution
Mrs. Paluszki warns “it's not enough to buy a Zquiet anywhere on the Internet and hope for the best. There are several counterfeit models on the market and they're being sent in comparable packaging. If patients can't source a genuine one from their family doctor, then it's best to order the device from its official website. This helps avoid getting stuck with a sub-par item. The only place that offers a 30-day money back trial offer and includes a couple of free gifts also happens to be the official ZQuiet site

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