Zrcenovalja Offers Spring Break Events Showcased in Novalja


Ljubljana, Slovenia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- If one is looking for an escape by going on a holiday, there is one advisable place recommended, Novalja, a town found in Pag Island, Croatia.

This place is known for its perfect beaches that feature azure water. Its beaches have been bringing lots of travelers in the place every year. All of Novalja’s beaches are giving great contribution to the tourism industry of Europe as a whole.

Of all its beaches, the beach in Zrce that is located in the North Croatian coast is the one that has been getting high regard from the tourists because of the lively atmosphere it provides. It’s been considered as the grandest summer location for the party-goers. In here, one can experience continuous parties and celebrations accompanied by loud music played by the best DJs in town. In those parties, there will be talking, drinking, and dancing with both normal and famous people.

Apart from the parties, this beach offers more activities to the vacationers. Among the things to do while staying there are surfing, canoeing, catering, and boating. While doing those recreational activities, watching are life guards, hence the assurance that you are protected. With the long list of itineraries, probably a day of stay there is not enough.

Tourists also love the events that are being held in different parts of Novalja. Some of the events there are Croatia Spring Break, Jupiter Spring Break and After Beach Arena, which are being held in Club Aquarius, and Papaya Opening Weekend. When these happenings arrive, expect crazy and fun environment for the whole 24 hours or even more.

As for accommodations, need not to worry because they also offer for rent places for the tourists. For instance is their private lodging, which covers 5 days and 4 nights of stay plus the coverage of kitchen, shower, balcony, and parking area. They also have apartment that can house two to ten people, but they are limited so be sure to book ahead of time.

As of now, the number of people who are reserving for a holiday in Novalja is on the rise. If you want to make sure that you’ll be able to make it to the most anticipated events, book your tickets now. Get ready to fly in the Novalja and experience a vacation that will never be forgotten.

Daniel Vanhoutte
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