Zumba & Hip Scarves Help Women in Achieving Their 2013 Fitness Goals


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- Many women begin the New Year with a fresh resolve to tone their body and lose weight. Beginning a fitness routine is often exciting at first, but it quickly turns to boredom as the sessions become increasingly monotonous. Repeating the same stilted movements is not an inspiring way to lose weight. The key to maintaining a fitness program is to find a workout exciting enough to continually generate interest.

Zumba Fitness

Imagine a workout that stays exciting, is fun and teaches skills to nbe used outside the gym. Zumba, an aerobic exercise, incorporates several dance styles with martial arts and traditional aerobic exercises to provide an interesting workout. It’s a fitness class that accommodates all skill levels while maintaining an upbeat, entertaining environment.

A one hour-long Zumba class burns nearly 600 calories. Every professional gym is getting in on the Zumba trend. Additionally, there are numerous home workout videos, and there is even a version you can do on the Xbox 360.

Shake Up the Workout with Hip Scarves

A hip scarf is a fun and stylish accessory that ties at the waist to enhance a workout, or make a fashion statement. Smart Zumba instructors have taken advantage of the extra energy that the hip scarf brings to the classroom and incorporated them into classes. The addition of the soft, filmy fabric and shimmering coins at your hips inspires dance and motion. The awareness of movements created by the scarf allows you to focus on your body and get deeper into the moves. Making your own music with this exotic addition to your workout makes each class fly by. It is so fun to be able to tie your hip scarf tighter each time you go to your Zumba class. Purchasing a hip scarf for your next Zumba class is an absolute must. Don’t forget to buy extra hip scarves for those times you want to be fun and flirty outside of Zumba class.

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