Press Releases From 06/01/2022 Until 06/30/2022

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Germany's Pharmaceutical Industry Sees a 9.5% Rise in IT Recruitment

LogoGermany's Pharmaceutical industry sees a 9.5% rise in IT recruitment

Germany's Financial Markets Opportunities Are Set to Grow by 33.5%

LogoOpportunities in German financial markets look set to expand considerably in the coming month and years. In particular, the embedded finance industry has some very positive forecasts, with 33.5% growth predicted in 2022. Over the period 2022 - 2029, CAGR of 20.3% is forecast with revenues to reach US$14,886.2 million by 2029. Momentum has been growing in Germany's financial sector in the past year with embedded insurance doing exceptionally well. The German market is attracting a wide range of international insurtech firms thanks to the opportunities that exist here. One major contributor to market growth in the coming years is the number of strategic partnerships that are being established between parties in the market in Germany, the goal being to launch innovative products in the coming months. Given that Germany is the largest consumer lending market in the European region the opportunities for businesses operating in this market are significant.

South West Manufacturing Jobs Lead the Way in 2022

LogoFigures from the latest manufacturing survey show that the South West is the region leading the country in job creation in 2022 after an exceptionally positive start to the year. Manufacturers in the UK have enjoyed a boost in domestic orders, which has supported growth in manufacturing jobs and the highest level of recruitment intentions anywhere in the UK. Total output in the South West is the highest anywhere in the UK and almost double that recorded for the final part of 2021. There are a number of reasons for this impressive recovery, not least the spike in domestic orders and stability with respect to the number of international orders. Plus, the South West has benefitted from recovery in the aerospace sector as well as investments made in this part of the country in renewable energy. For those in manufacturing jobs in the UK, the South West is a land of opportunity at the start of 2022.

Bakkavor Creates 1000 Manufacturing and Logistics Jobs Across the UK

LogoThe food manufacturing firm Bakkavor has announced the creation of 1,081 jobs across the UK as part of a nationwide expansion scheme. There are many different roles being created as part of this move, including food production operative, logistics technician and engineering manager. The job opportunities are in locations across the country, from Crewe to Nantwich. Bakkavor is keen to recruit new talent from communities nationwide in the UK and to build its current presence in the country to help the business grow. There are many career development opportunities within the business and all employees across the 23 nationwide sites benefit from training programmes that take into account not just career progression but also individual development. Bakkavor is a partner to some of the best-known supermarkets in the UK, producing a number of freshly prepared products, from meals to desserts. The company already employs 16,000 people across the UK and an additional 3,000 internationally.

SysGroup Acquires Edinburgh Cyber Security Firm in £8.5 Million Deal

LogoSysGroup is a managed IT services provider based in Liverpool, UK. The company has sought to enhance not just its geographic reach in the UK, but also the range of technical services it can offer, through acquisition. In April 2022, SysGroup announced the acquisition of Truststream Security Solutions, which is an Edinburgh-based cyber security firm. The deal is thought to be worth up to £8.5 million, including initial cash consideration of £4.8 million, and will be funded by a combination of existing cash resources and a revolving credit facility. In making the acquisition, SysGroup intends to expand its existing service offering from threat analysis to incident and detection response. It will also give SysGroup considerably more reach in terms of geography, as the company to be acquired is based in Scotland. This isn't the first acquisition that the firm has made in recent times, as it has already bought independent financial services group Zeus, which is based in Manchester.

Brewin Dolphin Takeover Hints at Asset Management Boom

LogoTakeovers by North American buyers have become increasingly common for UK companies in recent years (see also Morrisons and infrastructure investor John Laing). Now, the wealth manager Brewin Dolphin is going to be taken over by the Royal Bank of Canada in a £1.6 billion deal that will create the third-largest wealth management firm in the UK and Ireland - and potentially an asset management boom. Royal Bank of Canada already has a well-established capital markets business in the City and a strong international wealth management business (it is the sixth-largest in the US market and the biggest in Canada). Currently, its wealth management operations in the UK are more modest but that looks set to change thanks to the Brewin Dolphin takeover. Consolidation in the wealth management sector is a current trend, as the Brewin Dolphin takeover isn't the first in recent times. Aviva recently bought Succession Wealth Management for £385 million, for example, and Charles Stanley was taken over by the US-based Raymond James last year.

Banks Publishing Record Numbers of Risk and Compliance Jobs in 2022

LogoAfter a flurry of regulatory initiatives in 2021 - and an increasingly complex regulatory environment for many financial institutions to navigate - UK banks are focused on finding key compliance talent to help get through these challenging times. A new report has revealed that record numbers of risk and compliance jobs are being posted by banks in the UK market - a 98.9% year-on-year increase on the same period in 2020 - with hiring across all levels. In January of this year, banks published 850 risk and compliance roles, which represents an 87% increase on the same month pre-pandemic in 2019. It's not only an increasingly challenging regulatory environment that has triggered this record-breaking rise in posted jobs. Banks that laid people off during the pandemic now need to re-recruit - and to cope with the impact of The Great Resignation. Plus, economic bounce back is creating a general boost in workload for organisations in the banking and financial services sector.

German Manufacturing Sector Growth Momentum

LogoThe German manufacturing sector has had a positive start to the year, according to the latest figures. There is clearly still pressure on supply chains but many manufacturers have reported that this has eased somewhat, with new orders and an uptick in output. A softening of cost inflation to a nine-month low has also made a big difference to the way that manufacturers in Germany now feel about the coming months. Confidence among goods producers has improved in terms of the year ahead and many are now much more positive. In January of this year manufacturing PMI ticked up for the first time in six months, registering a five-month high. While supply-side progress still remains slow - and cost pressures are still a problem - there is a lot for the German manufacturing sector to be positive about when it comes to growth momentum so far this year.

2022 Transformation Trends for Tech Enterprises

LogoThe crisis response of the past two years may have slowed slightly in 2022. However, this is no time for organisations to stop investing in tech transformation. Implementing advantageous technology and going further in terms of strategy and vision, are vital right now. What follows are some of the key transformation trends that many tech enterprises are going to be focused on to make that happen this year. Enterprise tech is going to be playing a game of catch up with consumer tech in 2022 - out of date systems and hard-to-use software will be out this year in favour of enterprise solutions that have a more seamless feel. In addition, the time saving and process streamlining advantages of voice automation will become a clear choice for businesses, especially as many younger generations join the workforce. Plus, we are going to see increasing trends around digital twin technology and more firms embracing the true potential of the hybrid cloud.

Lidl Launches Own Shipping Line to Beat Supply Chain Congestion

LogoThe container crisis has had a huge impact on supply chains, especially for large organisations like Lidl. Now, the retailer has taken steps to help ensure the security of its future deliveries by launching its own shipping line. According to a recent report, Lidl intends to buy its own container ships so that the retailer will no longer be subject to the delays and issues that have resulted from the container crisis worldwide. Lidl is the fifth largest retailer in the world and operates hypermarkets in Europe. The German discount retailer is now in talks with shipping companies where it will be able to use its own sea freight capabilities, when it has them. Once the new operation is established for Lidl, it will be used for transportation and delivery of goods, including cargo transportation and export cargo handling services. Lidl is the latest major player to take this step to secure its supply chain but is unlikely to be the last.

NASDAQ:EVBG Investor Alert: Deadline on June 3, 2022, in Lawsuit Against Everbridge, Inc.

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announced that a deadline is coming up on June 3, 2022, in the lawsuit filed for certain investors of Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ:EVBG).

NASDAQ:TLS Long Term Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Wrongdoing at Telos Corporation

LogoCertain directors of Telos Corporation are under investigation concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties.

NASDAQ:OKTA Investor Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Misleading Statements by Okta, Inc

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ:OKTA), filed a lawsuit over alleged Securities Laws violations by Okta, Inc. in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements.

Tuya Inc. (NYSE:TUYA) Investor Alert: Investigation over Potential Securities Laws Violations

LogoTuya Inc is under investigation over potential securities laws violations by Tuya Inc. and certain of its directors and officers in connection with certain financial statements was announced.

Building Automation System Market Analysis by Size Growth Share Demand

LogoThe building automation system market is projected to reach USD 148.6 billion by 2027 from USD 86.8 billion in 2022; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.4% from 2022 to 2027.

Pressure Transmitter Market Revenue, Forecast and Opportunities

LogoThe global pressure transmitter market size is expected to grow from USD 2.9 billion in 2022 to USD 3.5 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 3.6%.

DDI Market Size, Share 2022-2026 : Growing Demand, Opportunities & Forecast

LogoDDI Market size is expected to grow from $400 million in 2021 to $836 million by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.9%

Network as a Service Market Revenues to Gain $37.5 Billion by 2026

LogoReport categorizes the Network as a Service Market to forecast revenue and analyze trends by Type(LAN and WLAN, WAN, Communication and Collaboration, Network Security), Organization Size, Application, end user, and regions.

FedEx Opens New Memphis Based Global Logistics and Supply Chain Headquarters

LogoIn April this year, FedEx Logistics announced the opening of its new premises in Memphis, which will serve as a global headquarters and a focal point for international operations. FedEx Logistics is a subsidiary of global freight transportation and logistics services provider FedEx and its services include ocean and air cargo, customs brokerage and warehousing and distribution. The premises in Memphis have gone through significant improvement since the site was identified as a potential headquarters location, with $50 million spent on a sustainable renovation. The new building is a 200,000-square-feet former guitar manufacturing facility, which is positioned opposite the FedExForum. It is designed to be a landmark site within the family of FedEx operations and signifies the ambitious plans and vision that the business has for the coming years. The past year has been kind to FedEx - in March the company reported a 10% annual increase in quarterly revenue at $23.6 billion, and a 32% annual gain.

BNSF Acquires Land in Planning Logistics Hub Near Phoenix

LogoA 3,508-acre piece of land in the Phoenix region is soon to be the home of a new, huge intermodal logistics hub for BNSF Railway Co. In April this year, BNSF made the winning bid for the property, which went for more than $49 million at an Arizona State Land Department auction. As well as being the winning bidder, BNSF was also the sole bidder. The property sits right next to the BNSF railway line and is viewed as a smart long-term investment for BNSF. The company intends to focus on how it can best develop the land to transform it into "an economic engine in the West Valley." Although BNSF itself did not reveal details about what it was proposing to do with the land, public records show that it is planning to create a large logistics hub. The land is currently undeveloped and being used for livestock.

Hybrid Working - a Priority for Procurement Headhunters

LogoHybrid working models have taken the world by storm ever since the start of the pandemic forced companies to reassess workforce management. Talent gaps in procurement and supply chain have made it even more important to update the way that opportunities are offered to candidates in order to be able to attract the best people. In fact, according to Gartner, being able to offer hybrid working is now vital for firms to even remain competitive. 61% of industry leaders believe that the pandemic has created permanent hybrid working models in procurement teams. Most employers forecast that the expectations that employees have when it comes to hybrid working will become more demanding and, in order to win the talent war, it will be necessary to take those expectations into account. That's why procurement headhunters today are increasingly focused on the fact that hybrid working is now a priority for enterprises globally.

Skills in Demand for Next Generation of Procurement Professionals

LogoTwo key factors are having a big influence on the nature of procurement jobs going forward: automation in the sector and the increasing prevalence of hybrid working structures. This is changing the way that those who are looking to get ahead in procurement jobs need to approach career development. For example, soft skills are becoming increasingly key in this industry, with the emphasis on being able to demonstrate empathy, an understanding of what customers want and where sector trends are going - as well as being business savvy. Being comfortable with technology is also vital and an area where most young professionals are much more at ease with. Automation is affecting many different areas of procurement jobs, from analytics and distribution to supplier payments and inventory management. It's vital for individuals working in this industry to understand how that will impact an enterprise, and their role within it.

Startups Create Biotech Recruitment Opportunities

LogoThere are many more opportunities in biotech than there have ever been today. This is, in part, thanks to the many start-ups that have begun to dominate the sector, bringing agile working models as well as innovative products and services. Newly founded companies provide options for different ways of working, and moving away from the stereotypes that might have dominated the industry in the past. For those who are willing to take on the uncertainty that can come with working for such a new company, there are options in biotech that go beyond academia or the big pharmaceutical or biotech giants. Biotech start-ups can offer a lifestyle change, and may be much more likely to hire on the basis of aptitude and enthusiasm, as opposed to a list of credentials that has been set in concrete. The number of start-ups in biotech is also rising by the week so the range of opportunities available is getting increasingly broad.

Alira Health Boosts Clinical Operations with Sourcia Acquisition

LogoGlobal healthcare advisory and technology company Alira Health has taken steps to strengthen its operations with a key acquisition. The company announced in April of this year that it had acquired Sourcia, which is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that delivers services for Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials. Sourcia was established in 2012 and the business' focus is on medical devices, biotech and digital therapeutics. It is headquartered in Europe - The Netherlands - and has offices in many different European locations, including Munich in Germany. The integrated outsourcing model that Sourcia provides for clients to manage clinical trials with greater efficiency and trust is well established - and it is this that motivated Alira Health to make Sourcia part of its group with the acquisition. The team at Sourcia is also renowned for being innovative and very experienced and, as Sourcia is such a strong player in the European CRO market, it will give Alira Health's clinical operations a considerable boost.

The Old Dutch Cupboard Offers Healthy Snack Solutions

With fast food available on every corner and processed, sugary foods filling store shelves, it can be hard enough to find tasty farm-to-table snacking options, let alone healthy ones. The Old Dutch Cupboard, a natural and organic food store in Telford, PA, provides some information about healthy options to replace chips, candy, and other snack food vices.