7 SEO Predictions for 2014


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- There is no question that the last year was a roller coaster of changes for SEO gurus due to constant updates of search engine algorithms from Google. While exciting and new updates are still planned for 2014, there is one feature that is remaining constant: fresh and high-quality content is a must for any website that plans to rank. SEO is not dying, but it is evolving.

Seven expectations for 2014 in SEO are highlighted here.

Number 1: Crackdown on Spam
Most web marketers have likely heard the popular idiom, “Cheaters never prosper.” Shortcuts are not going to cut it any longer. There is no comparison to old fashioned hard work. If methods for cheating are continued to be used, the site will lose reputation and credibility in 2014; eventually failing completely.

Number 2: Avoid Negative SEO Attacks
A negative attack is one when a competitor works to destabilize another sites organic visibility. There are some experts that are anticipating a growth in the attacks in 2014. However, there are a number of unscrupulous tactics that will be shut-down by Google right away, which means if a site practices these tactics it may be penalized significantly.

Number 3: Google+ and Social Media
There is no question that social media is the cornerstone of superior search engine optimization. If Google+ is not used regularly for positing media and new content, then businesses and websites are missing out on a significant SEO opportunity.

Number 4: Using Long Tail Keywords
Long tail keywords are likely to grow in popularity significantly in 2014. These keywords will need to consist of three to five words and be targeted to relevant and specific topics with the addition of targeted content.

Number 5: Linking is not Really Dead
Even though the popular thought is that link building for SEO is completely dead, Google says that is not true. Since Google does not agree with this, the fact is that sites should consider using it. This is because when link building is used for SEO it is beneficial because the search engines need to have context regarding the content that is being publishing.

Number 6: Integrate a Responsive Design
As 2014 progresses, mobile web surfing will also increase. This is due to people moving further from desktops and laptops in favor of mobile devices. This means that sites need to have a responsive design that will help to make a site a true winner. This means that it is imperative that all content online is optimized for easy and efficient mobile viewing.

Number 7: Local Based Mobile Searching will Increase
There is no doubt that mobile users are on the rise. This is so significant that without having a localized site will make it virtually invisible to targeted customers.

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