A 79 Cents Reverse Lookup Is Crowned Best Reverse Phone Lookup for the 4th Month in a Row


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- For the 4th straight month a reverse phone lookup costing just 79 cents is given the “best” designation by the reviews and research firm, BestReversePhoneLookupReviews.Com. The best reverse phone lookup designation takes into consideration customer feedback, data accuracy, customer service and cost. Although all rating categories are important for the final rating score, a weighting system is involved. For more information on how ratings were determined please visit or click the following link :

It has become obvious that high cost does not equate to better services within the reverse lookup industry. For the last 12-18 months, the industry has undergone major changes in data gathering and data mining techniques. Gone are the techniques which were highly labor intensive. Techniques such as Facebook, Myspace and Digg mining were actively used 2 years ago, but due to the fact that people do not update cell phone numbers posted on their Digg profiles and Facebook and Myspace pages the moment they change cell phone carriers, these methods became very unreliable. Despite that fact, amazingly over 13 reverse phone lookup sites still use this expensive and unreliable method. A small number however, have abandoned this data gathering method and instituted the new cell phone carrier privacy waiver method. This is a method where cell phone carriers, for a fee, will sell reverse cell phone lookup sites their private subscriber cell phone data.

According to BestReversePhoneLookupReviews.Com’s research, this has been an increasing trend although not all lookup websites endorse this method and thus provide their customers sub par services at high prices. The top 3 sites reviewed at BestReversePhoneLookupReviews.Com all use the carrier privacy waiver method and thus enjoy high accuracy levels and charge lower prices to its customers. Ted Lilly of Data Source LLC states: “Its amazing more lookup sites don’t opt for the carrier method of data collection, which has shown to be far superior,” Mr Lilly adds: “I believe its more because they think they can charge higher prices and boast the fact that they have large data gathering teams, rather than simply offering a better quality service, which should always be the ultimate goal.”

So in looking at customer feedback, customer service, data accuracy and price, BestReversePhoneLookupReviews.Com has analyzed the top 3 services that utilize the more accurate data methods mentioned above and taken the feedback from previous customers as the best determinant for quality service and price. Therefore, despite the fact that the best reverse phone lookup costs just 79 cents, it was determined to carry the best user experience/cost ratio when compared to the other 2 competitors.

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