A Noted Health Expert Releases New mHealth App for Prostate Health


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- Graham Player ( Ph.D. in Health Sciences), author of many scholarly articles and books on health, has just released his newest work “ 27 Most Important Health Questions About Prostate Health” which will be offered in e-Book on Amazon Kindle and in mobile app on Google Play Store. Player is a 30-year medical researcher, nutrition specialist and health consultant. He began clinical practice in 1979 and has continued to specialize in Chinese medicine in Hong Kong and Australia.

“This is very important mHealth app for men,” Player said, “Past the age of 50 the prostate becomes a central health issue for men. Knowing more about it will help them live longer and happier lives”

Among the topics covered in the mHealth apps are:

27 Most Important Health Questions on Prostate Health, researched from 1,000 questions

7 Chinese herbs effective for Prostate Treatment and Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine(“ TCM”) for Prostate Health, researched from Player’s experience in TCM

21 Key Nutrients available to treat Prostate Cancer, researched from the best science world wide

There are 20,000 health apps on the web. Among these many apps, Player’s apps offer a unique combination of video, audio and Fast News Updates on Prostate Health for Smartphones.

“I am pleased with the development of our FREE mHealth apps which allow a user to listen to two 60 minute audio books on nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine and get Quick Answers to prevent prostate cancer ” Player said.

Contact Information:
Graham Player Ph.D.
New Victory House
Hong Kong
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