Aerospace and Defense Press Releases

DWC Supports Quake Relief in Nepal: Helps Airlift 120 Tonnes of Time-Critical Freight for National Air Cargo

DELTA WORLD CHARTER (the "Company") on 13 May 2015 successfully operated a series of cargo relief flights from Al Maktoum International Airport and New Delhi to Kathmandu, to help with one of the most catastrophic earthquake of the century. The relief flights were operated for National Air Cargo, Dubai. Headquartered in Florida, United States, the company has emerged as a global freight forwarder.

AeroBase Group Owes Strategic Alliances for Outstanding Growth in 2015

Leading aircraft parts supplier AeroBase today announced the company experienced massive growth during 2014, and expects that trend to continue through 2015 due in large part to the many key partnerships the company has throughout the aerospace community.

A Comparison of the Nightforce ATACR with NXS Model

Nightforce Optics considered one of the most renowned and premier scope manufacturers for military grade tactical optics. Due to its durability and high-quality scopes, Special Operations Groups use it. In 2013, Nightforce Optics brought two new scopes the Advanced TACtical Riflescope (ATACR) and Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology (BEAST). Both of these scopes complement the NXS and F1 models. The ATACR 5-25x56mm scope is taking excellent foundation of NXS scope and build on it using some modern advanced features.

A&P Self Defense Launches Their Online Store for Personal and Home Protection Equipment

After a peak in the 1990’s, crime in the US has been on a steep decline over the past twenty years. Alarming, however, is the fact that the country still has some of the highest rates of murder and violent crime, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault in the world. As a result, people are right to want to protect themselves. That's where A&P Self Defense steps in. A&P Self Defense has announced the grand opening of their online store to help people get the right non-lethal protection options to stay safe.

Aviation Triad and Purolator Advanced Filtration Partner in Promoting Aerospace Jobs in NC

Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem, three North Carolina cities also known as the Piedmont Triad, have added a new partner to their Aviation Triad coalition. Purolator Advanced Filtration is now one of 17 businesses and organizations partnering with the flight school North Carolina to promote, build and support the Triad’s aviation industry including maintenance, supply chain, and flight training opportunities.

Metamagnetics to Showcase Ferrite Based Self-Biasing Circulator Technology at Satellite 2014

LogoMetamagnetics Inc. will be showcasing their new product offerings including the introduction of their self-biasing circulators at Satellite 2014 from March 11-13, 2014 in Washington, DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (Booth # 8119). The circulators are a low loss, low profile and low weight ferrite design, for use in high frequency applications, and thanks to their self-biasing design, require no external magnet. Metamagnetics develops and markets advanced ferrite-based solutions to enhance the performance and effectiveness of mission-critical security, surveillance and communication systems. It partners with top security and defense organizations to design and deploy leading-edge commercial and defense products.

HQ Aviation Offers One of the Best Instrument Ratings in the R66 Florida from Their Experienced Instructors

HQ Aviation gives special attention to those who are keen to improve their skill and gain an instrument rating. They can offer instrument ratings in the R22, R44 and R66 Florida by their experienced instructors. Instructor rating is one of the biggest privileged in the aviation industry and is able to teach skills and also share passion for high quality training to new students.

Low Cost Right Angle Planetary Gearboxes for Size Restricted Applications

LogoMotion Marketplace is a California based distributor of motion control products. They have just expanded their line of planetary gearboxes, and now offer an exclusive line of high precision low cost right angle gearboxes. This line of economical planetary gearboxes offers the industries highest torque ratings, with four planets used in the output stage to boost the load capacity. This line is ideal for the most size restricted complex applications.

New Website and Business Launch Announcing MAGS Monthly (MAGSly.Com) is launching a fast, convenient and secure way of ordering magazines for all kinds of guns. They offer “a different kind of magazine subscription.” Their custom site will allow avid hunters and gun owners to gun magazines through a subscription basis. The magazines will be delivered at a competitive price point straight to your front door. is pleased to introduce this service to all gun lovers with the sincere hope that they will see that it is tailored especially with them in mind.

Explosive Detectors HEDD1 and SniffexPlus Performed Very Well in a Series of Tests and Presentations

A spokesperson for the HEDD1 and SniffexPlus explosive detectors has just announced that the two devices once again performed exceptionally well locating explosives and ammunition during a series of tests and presentations that were conducted in different countries throughout the world.

BoldIQ Completes UAV Comparative Analysis

LogoBye Aerospace, Inc. and BoldIQ, Inc. concluded an extensive analysis that projects the long endurance Silent Guardian, a solar-electric hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), deployed with BoldIQ’s dynamic operations optimization software, offers twice the mission productivity (effective time on station versus total sortie flight hours) at less than half the operating costs.

Bobcat Brass Announces Once Fired Brass Blowout

Trade the ringing of New Year's bells for the ringing blasts of top quality ammo from Bobcat Brass. They have announced a New Year blowout on their entire stock of .223/5.56 Lake City brass at . This brass has been meticulously cleaned and is prepped for processing.

Sinclair Law Raises Awareness About Aviation Safety

LogoSinclair Law has long been known as a crusader for aviation accidents. There are hundreds of people a year who are injured or even killed in aviation accidents, and Sinclair Law is proud to announce that it is working actively toward promoting aviation safety by teaming up with clients and bringing their message to the world.

Pilgrim Aviation Spreads Its Wings at Taunton Municipal Airport

LogoPilgrim Aviation is expanding in Massachusetts by adding a new base of operation for flight training in Taunton. An authorized Cessna Pilot Center headquartered at Plymouth Municipal Airport (PYM) with additional flight school operations at Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK), Pilgrim is now opening offices on 2 Westcoat Drive at Taunton Municipal Airport (TAN).

Corporate Whistleblower Center Encourages Insiders to Call Them About Rewards if They Can Prove Their Company Is Skirting Anti-Dumping Import Laws by Transshipping

LogoThe Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “Dumping” occurs when companies export products at prices lower than what they normally charge in their own country. Antidumping duties are in place to protect US businesses from this unfair practice. Companies often circumvent these duties by transshipping. Transshipping occurs when a company ships products from one country, such as China, to a different country for repackaging, to then claim that country is the country of origin to avoid the antidumping duties. There can be significant rewards for well documented proof of transshipping, as we would like to explain with one call to 866-714-6466." http://CorporateWhistleblowerCenter.Com

GeoBat Saucer Aircraft Now Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Aviation is an exciting industry, which requires many years of study in order to understand the way it works. Aerobat Aviation, Inc. is a California based company that has been working on an exclusive aviation project for quite some time. Now crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the project is seeking funding in order to bring this historic innovation to market. The product being developed by the aviation company is known as the ‘GeoBat Saucer Aircraft’. The low aspect wing ratio design makes the aircraft all the more appealing and stable looking. The thing which tends to make the aircraft all the more different from all the other ones which are already available in the market is the ability to enable people to remotely fly from any country to another, which is their destination. A good example would be of remotely flying from New York to Paris. Dr. Dean Goedde is the senior engineer of the aviation company and a huge staff of technical professionals is present in order to make the dream project come true in a short period of time. The main purpose for acquiring the donation in the beginning is to spend it on the project in order to achieve promising results. The senior engineer has been designing autopilots and airframes since a good amount of years, which only makes it better for the end result of the exclusive aviation based project.

HQ Aviation, a Trusted Helicopter Training School Now Provides Helicopter for Hire in Florida

HQ Aviation after establishing its eminence in the UK is now fortifying itself in the USA and has emerged as a trusted helicopter training school. It is now providing helicopters For Hire in Florida with its base at Orlando Executive Airport. The fleet that HQ provides for Self Fly Hire consists of R22, R44 and R66 Helicopters. The new HQ hirers are needed to go for a currency check with one of HQ's instructors after which they can rent all machines.

Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges Insiders at Software or IT Companies with Proof Their Company Is Defrauding the Government to Call About Reward Programs

LogoThe Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “Unfortunately, we beleive the number of private contractors who overbill or defraud the federal government is astronomical. We believe if more people knew the reward potential for coming forward, it would help curb this abuse of taxpayer dollars. These rewards can frequently be in the millions of dollars. Government contractor fraud can occur with almost any type of company.”

Mesothelioma Compensation Center Now Offers a Better Plan for Victims of Mesothelioma Focused on Mesothelioma Attorneys Who Get the Best Compensation Results

LogoThe Mesothelioma Compensation Center says, "We are the most passionate group financial compensation for diagnosed victims of mesothelioma. We also believe that every single mesothelioma victim should have instant access to the nation's top mesothelioma compensation attorneys, because the incredibly skilled legal experts we suggest consistently get the best mesothelioma compensation settlement results for their clients. There is no second chance at mesothelioma compensation. More specifically there isn't a second chance to rehire a more experienced attorney after having hired a unqualified lawyer, once the mesothelioma compensation claim's process has begun."

TGH Aviation Raises Funds for the Bud Anderson Memorial Monument

Bud Anderson, a World War 2 pilot and American hero, served two combat tours, escorting heavy bombers over Europe, and the City of Auburn, along with other community volunteers, is working to honor his service. "Thanks to the work of Douglas Van Howd, a local artist, a life size statue has been created, depicting Col. Anderson and his famous P-51 Mustang. TGH Aviation continues to work with the Auburn Airport Business Park Association, the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce and The City of Auburn, along with many others, to fund the completion and placement of the statue at the Auburn Airport," Richard Anderson of TGH Aviation explains.

908 Devices' Ground-Breaking High Pressure Mass Spectrometry Technology Wins the Analytical Scientist Innovation Award (TASIA) 2013

Logo908 Devices, an innovator in point-of-need chemical analysis, is delighted to announce that M908, the world’s first and only handheld high pressure mass spectrometer, has been voted first place winner in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2013. The awards select a single winner and recognize a short-list of the top 15 advances from across the broad field of analytical sciences. Showcasing the wide range and level of progress across the industry, the awards include diverse breakthroughs as 3D Gas Chromatography systems, live cell RNA detection innovations and new laboratory MS platforms. In singling out 908 Devices’ initial product, the award demonstrates the impact small, simple and robust mass spec analysis will have for first responders in safety and security and HAZMAT applications today as well as the future transformative impact HPMS will have on a range of research and industrial applications.

AeroBase Group, Inc. Is a Stocking Distributor of Nut Plates

Nut plates has been used in many devices over the years. Originally designed for primarily the aerospace industry, they are also regularly used in motorsports today for their strength and versatility. Nut plates offer an extremely important part of the aircraft, giving support when finding something suitable was extremely difficult.

GO-Science to Welcome over 100 Families to Free Hands-on Learning Event

LogoOver 100 families will join GO-Science on a Journey Through Space and Time on Sunday, November 24th from 2 to 4 PM at the Tipsy Teapot in Greenville, NC to celebrate two new exciting GO-Science programs.

Metamagnetics Wins Massachusetts State Grants

LogoMassVentures, the venture capital arm of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, named Metamagnetics as one of 10 winners of the 2013 START program. START is a $6 million initiative to help growing companies commercialize technologies developed under Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contracts. Selected from more than 90 applicants, Metamagnetics received a grant of $100,000 under the 2013 Stage I program for its high frequency self-biased circulators. This is the second Stage I award for Metamagnetics. In 2012, the company won for its high frequency power cores program. Based on its success towards commercialization with the 2012 Stage I grant, it was one of five companies to receive a follow-on $200,000 START Stage II grant.

Metamagnetics Wins Multiple Federal Contracts This Year

LogoMetamagnetics, Inc. was recently awarded three new Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I grants from the NASA, NAVSEA and the Office of Naval Research. The company has won 10 SBIR contracts since 2010. Based on the results achieved in Phase I, which include establishing the scientific and technical merit, feasibility and commercial potential of the proposed R&D efforts by the small business awardees’, federal agencies provide further support in the form of Phase II awards. Metamagnetics has a 100% success rate transitioning from Phase I to Phase II for its five Navy SBIR awards. Below are the three recently funded SBIR projects with Metamagnetics as the primary contractor:

Metamagnetics Wins Multiple Federal Contracts This Year

LogoMetamagnetics, Inc. was recently awarded three new Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I grants from the NASA, NAVSEA and the Office of Naval Research. The company has won 10 SBIR contracts since 2010. Based on the results achieved in Phase I, which include establishing the scientific and technical merit, feasibility and commercial potential of the proposed R&D efforts by the small business awardees’, federal agencies provide further support in the form of Phase II awards. Metamagnetics has a 100% success rate transitioning from Phase I to Phase II for its five Navy SBIR awards. Below are the three recently funded SBIR projects with Metamagnetics as the primary contractor:

Aerospace Jobs NC Residents Will Benefit from Are Now Available at North State Aviation

North State Aviation, recognized for providing some of the best aerospace jobs NC has to offer, recently announced that they have landed a new contract with their largest customer, United Airlines. As a result of this recent deal, at least 60 new jobs will be coming to the Winston-Salem area, augmenting the North State Aviation’s existing employment base of over 200 people. Right now is an ideal time for anyone in the aviation industry to apply for high paying North Carolina aviation jobs with great benefits at North State Aviation.