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American Holistic Nurses Association: Deborah Shields Receives 2014 Holistic Nursing Service Award

The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) awarded the 2014 Holistic Nursing Service Award to Deborah Shields, PhD, RN, CCRN, AHN-BC at the just-completed AHNA annual conference held in Portland, OR.

The North Face and Facebook Fans Award Paradox Sports $25,000 Explore Fund Grant

After tallying more than 25,000 votes from Facebook fans, The North Face announced Paradox Sports as a winner of the $25,000 2014 Explore Fund grant to spread adaptive climbing clubs all over the nation. Earlier this summer, The North Face Explore Fund awarded $5,000 to 15 projects dedicated to getting more youth outside and connected to nature as part of its annual $250,000 grant program. In addition to this $75,000 commitment, The North Face chose 10 organizations and invited its community to vote on Facebook for the organization of their choice, giving fans a chance to be directly involved in supporting their favorite cause with the largest grants The North Face has ever awarded.

Freddie Ravel, Internationally Acclaimed Keynote Maestro, Joins Speakers Connect

LogoFreddie Ravel is the internationally acclaimed Keynote Maestro that blends his infectious passions for business breakthroughs and the power of music to unlock the minds, hearts and potential of audiences around the world.

Dr Tsvi Vinig, Author of Jewish Entrepreneurs: The 8 Activators for Success, Joins China Speakers Agency

LogoDr Tsvi Vinig, Author of Jewish Entrepreneurs: The 8 Activators for Success, and Former Founding Director of the Science Park Amsterdam Center of Entrepreneurship, joins China Speakers Agency, the international speakers bureau with a China focus.

Converting Videos to iPad Mini Supported Videos Formats Is Easier Than Ever

LogoDigiarty Software (, a leading multimedia program provider, lists all iPad mini supported video formats to react to the FAQ – what video format does iPad mini support. Additionally, it also exposes an easy way to convert virtually all videos to iPad mini acceptable file types in a helpful post.

Strictly Conveyancing Emerges as the Most Trusted Conveyancing Aide in Sydney

LogoStrictly Conveyancing has reportedly emerged as the most trusted conveyancing aide in Sydney. The company extends updated conveyancing assistance for both property buyers and sellers.

Apollo Hi-Fi & Video Centre Announces Massive Clearance Sale on Denon & Marantz Receivers

LogoAussie residents looking for a budgeted buy on quality home theatre receivers need not search further, top home entertainment store Apollo Hi Fi & Video Centre has recently announced massive clearance sale on Denon & Marantz home theatre receivers.

Get Chauffeured Now Expanding Services to Go Australia Wide

The limousine has often been referred to as the ultimate status symbol. The limousine of course requires a chauffeur, whose job it is to serve those in the back by transporting them in luxury and style from point A to point B. Get Chauffeured understands that it is this human connection that makes the difference between simply a fancy car and a premier service, and that’s why they’ve become one of Australia’s most trusted limo companies in which even celebrities trust. The company has found such success that it is now expanding to cover the whole of Australia.

Pecka Products Launches Hot Deals on Hens & Buck Party Supplies

LogoPecka Products has reportedly launched hot deals on hens & bucks party supplies this winter. The leading hens & bucks party accessory online retailer offers express shipping and worldwide delivery.

Australian Company Says Awards Give Pet Industry Life Larger Than a Full Bird Aviary

LogoFor pets like birds, the ultimate luxury hotel experience is to live in a very large aviary. This will let it spread its wings to the maximum with the extra comfort to play as desired. How is this related to this news? According to pet enclosure company Coops and Cages, this scenario can be likened to what is happening in the pet industry right now. Its CEO noted that with the presence of different awards now being organized by several organisations, the pet industry is more radiant than ever.

ProdataKey Implements New Website, Expands Access Control Software

ProdataKey, a leading provider of access control infrastructure, has launched an improved version of its website on October 6, 2013, which offers a powerful yet user-friendly interface designed for better company-client interaction. The website upgrade was preceded several months ago by the launch of the SmartAccess Suite platform, a newer version of the company’s access control software.

Autodesk and System Insights Partner to Deliver Joint Solution for Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

System Insights has teamed with Autodesk to deliver a joint solution based on VIMANA by System Insights and Process Analysis 360 from Autodesk – a world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software and services. Both companies will exhibit IMTS in September to demonstrate the new capability.

Bill to Allocate Federal Lands for Hunting and Shooting Activities - Will the Senate Finally Approve It?

LogoIn the last few years, the proposal by the bipartisan party to allocate federal lands to hunting and shooting activities has been jolting around Congress and a number of proposals were geared towards allowing people to utilize the thousands of acres of land run by the federal government.

Lessons to Learn from Gilbert Hospital's Case of Filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization

LogoLoss of financing, alterations in management, competition from other nearby hospitals, and discouragement from patients due to construction near the hospital – these are all potential factors why one of the most profitable hospitals in the United States and has served as a model hospital when it comes to emergency-room centers, recently filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy reorganization.

Custom Uniform Designer Jana Stern Looks to Garner Funding Support via Kickstarter for the Expansion of JazybyJana

LogoJazybyJana was created for the customer to have a Unique brand and look for their restaurant, hotel, resort, casino, amusement park, spa, anything that has to do with uniforms, but not cheap looking dowdy uniforms. They create uniforms with a retail flare, "when you look good, you feel good then you do good!"

400 Beverly Announces Acquisition of Virga Botanicals

Logo400 Beverly, Inc. today announced it has completed the acquisition of a majority stake of the natural skin and body care brand Virga Botanicals. The acquisition is part of a strategy to acquire prestige beauty and fashion brands to be sold in the United States and internationally. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

FruitHead Wine Plans to Expand Their Winery with Funding Support from Kickstarter

LogoFruitHead Wine has been in the winery business for years and wants to expand their production facility to accommodate their new brand. They feel that once people try this wine, they are going to love it and the company’s current production facility will not be able to keep up with the demand as they are currently structured. FruitHead Wine is currently making only 4 flavors, but with everyone’s help, they want to expand to 8 flavors by the end of the year.

Financial Times Features Ultriva Solution for CareFusion

LogoUltriva, a leading supply chain execution software company, was featured in Financial Times magazine. Jessica Twentyman, authored the article entitled, “Cloud is New Platform for Supply Chain Partners to Get Together.”

Private Makeup Classes Opens Their Doors in New York City to Teach Hair and Makeup on July 29, 2014

For makeup and hairstyling professionals and people who want to become a professional in this rewarding industry, Nina Mua one of New York’s leading makeup and hairstyling companies, are opening their doors to train people in the art of hairstyling and makeup.

New Market Report: Deodorants in Slovenia

LogoDeodorants in Slovenia is characterised by foreign manufacturers which set the trends in the country. There were a number of new product launches in 2013 which mainly focused on adding features to products, such as stain prevention, ingredients for sensitive skin or anti-stress, in an attempt to differentiate themselves from the crowd. However, as the negative economic situation deepened in 2013 and further limited consumer purchasing power, many companies found it inconvenient to invest in expensive advertising campaigns and rather focused on their price strategies, using discounts, special offers and prize games. Nevertheless, the level of advertising and marketing activities remained high in deodorants in 2013.

Now Available: Home Insecticides in Denmark

LogoThe home insecticides industry in Denmark does not often see new innovations as the process of producing a new product is very time consuming and costly. The EU's regulations have a strong influence on the industry, and manufacturers have to fulfil many criteria before being able to launch their products. Increasingly, the Danes are tending to prefer to buy products that are less harmful to the environment, and this has a negative influence on spray/aerosol products and a positive influence on sales of insecticide baits.

Consumer Electronics in Sweden - New Market Research Report

LogoConsumer Electronics in Sweden industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market size (value 2009-13, and forecast to 2018). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the Sweden consumer electronics market. Includes market size and segmentation data, textual and graphical analysis of market growth trends, leading companies and macroeconomic information.

Irons in Hong Kong, China - New Market Report

LogoIrons registered slightly slower volume growth in 2013 versus 2012. This was mainly due to the already high penetration rate of irons in Hong Kong. Consumers' demand for convenience drove the evolution of smart casual clothes that reduced their need to iron. However, the rising popularity of steam ironing systems for added convenience managed to benefit the current value as well as volume growth of irons in 2013.

New Market Report: ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investment Report

LogoThe ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investments report includes business description, detailed reports on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), divestments, capital raisings, venture capital investments, ownership and partnership transactions undertaken by ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG since January 2007.

Report Published: "EndoChoice Inc. - Product Pipeline Analysis, 2014 Update"

LogoEndoChoice Inc. (EndoChoice) is a medical device company. The company manufactures and commercializes platform technologies including devices, diagnostics, infection control and endoscopic imaging for specialists treating a wide range of gastrointestinal disease. Its devices include band ligators, biopsy forceps, bipolar probes, bite blocks, cytology brushes, electrosurgical supplies, metal stents, needles, retrieval devices, and snares. EndoChoice also supplies biopsy valves, bite blocks, cinchpad, cleaning brushes, electrosurgical supplies, lubricants, personal protection, polyp traps, scope reprocessing, sponges, suction supplies and surface disinfectant. The company has various distribution partners across the world. EndoChoice is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, the US.

Toilet Care in Japan - New Market Research Report

LogoLeading player Kobayashi sought to bring the scent trend into toilet care in September 2013 with its launch of Bluelet Kaoru Toilet Senzai in in-cistern devices. This sought to blur the distinctions between air care and toilet care by offering a strong scent. The company thus sought to make toilet care more enjoyable. However, while this launch saw Kobayashi gain share, it failed to halt decline for in-cistern devices, which saw volume and current value decline by 1% and 2% respectively in 2013. This was partly due to competition from rim blocks and bleach. However, the brand also faces strong competition from air care, which offers a considerably wider range of scents and remained more likely to appeal to fragrance enthusiasts than toilet liquids.

"The Future of Car Rental in Australia to 2018: Market Profile" Published

LogoThe Future of Car Rental in Australia to 2018: Market Profile is the result of extensive research on the travel and tourism industry covering the car rental market in Australia. It provides detailed analysis on key trends and issues, market size and forecasts, key performance indicators and competitive landscape in the Australia airlines market. The report also includes an overview of the Australian travel and tourism industry covering key trends, barriers to tourism and tourist attractions with a detailed SWOT analysis of the tourism industry in Australia. Review and forecast data for tourism demand factors and market indicators has also been included in the report. This report also provides an overview of the leading companies in the car rental market in Australia.