Press Releases From 04/20/2018 Until 05/20/2018

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POS Restaurant Management Systems Market: APEJ to Remain Largest Market

LogoKey players in the (point of sale) POS restaurant management systems market are shifting their focus toward providing customized solutions to restaurant operators and owners, depending on their business operations. In addition, some players in the market are offering innovative POS systems for staying at the market's forefront. For example ?€" Intuit and Revel systems entered into a partnership for developing QuickBooks, a point of sales restaurant system that enables a restaurant in spontaneously syncing its payroll, inventory, sales payment, and CRM information.

Process Safety System Market: Powered by China and India, Asia Pacific to Report Stellar Growth

LogoA fresh market intelligence study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) says that the global process safety system (PSS) market is highly fragmented with the presence of large number of companies of varying sizes. Despite a high degree of fragmentation, General Electric Company and Rockwell Automation Inc. have established themselves as clear leaders. In this competitive market, leading players are hard-focused on devising new and innovative technologies in a bid to offer differentiator process safety system (PSS) products. For this, companies in this market are adopting the inorganic growth route by entering into various strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. They are also focused on expanding their business via service additions and by expanding geographical presence.

Robot Operating System Market: Industrial Robots See Maximum Uptake Due to Efficiency They Accord

LogoCompetition in the global robot operating system (ROS) market is heating up on the back of rising investments for developing new robotic capabilities. The increased competition is also expected to put a downward pressure on prices. A noticeable trend in the market is the emergence of a large number of startups who are taking advantage of the open source to build robots having new features and functionalities. They are also being encouraged by the easy availability of funding from venture capital companies.

Ultra Mobile Devices (UMD) Market: Lucrative Opportunities Across Globe

LogoUltra-mobile devices (UMD) are on the verge of becoming mainstream from being a niche product category. Their sales are soaring with companies banking on new product launches to entice the rising crop of tech savvy consumers. A prominent characteristic of the global ultra-mobile devices market is the presence of numerous suppliers for similar components which makes it easier for buyers to switch suppliers at low costs.

Factors Driving the Market Growth of Returnable Transport Assets Management System with Regional Analysis, Competitive Strategies, Investment Feasibility and Forecast

Logo"Global Returnable Transport Assets Management System Market" is the latest report added in the large report database of IT Intelligence Markets The objective of the report is to gather important market data and offer insights about the trends and opportunities of the global market to the readers. The report categorizes the market in a detailed manner to offer thorough insights about the facets responsible for augmenting as well as restraining the market growth. The research report on global market also inspects the indicators in the market that are vital to represent the revenue forecast of the market over the given forecast period.

Precise Study on Building Automation Software Market 2018: Professional Survey, Growth, Shares, Opportunities and Forecast

LogoIT Intelligence Markets has added a report, titled "Global Building Automation Software Market Size, Status and Forecast," which provides an overview of the various factors enabling growth in the market. It also presents insights into various restraints that pose threat and highlights opportunities that will help the market pick pace in the forthcoming years. The report accumulates exhaustive information obtained via proven research methodologies and from trusted sources within the industries. It also includes expert opinions to provide readers a clearer perspective regarding the global market.

Pediatric Software Market Insights: Emerging Technology, Global Perspective, Future Scope and Growth by Top Players Like Meditab Software, AllegianceMD, Nexsyis

LogoIT Intelligence Markets is proud to announce the availability of a fresh new report in its repository that gauges the potential of the global market across various countries, applications, & types, and reveals the shares established companies have already reserved. The report, titled "Global Pediatric Software Market Forecast 2022," has been developed with the sole purpose of serving as a credible business tool for its targeted audiences.

Cloud Enterprise Application Software Is Estimated to Grow Steadily at a Healthy CAGR of +13% by 2022

LogoThe report titled Global Cloud Enterprise Application Software market studies the dynamics and growth prospects of the global market. The report evaluates the growth exhibited by the market in the historical study period and includes information covering definition, classification, industry overview, industry chain structure, policy analysis, application, and ongoing trends in the market. An information is sourced through in-depth primary and secondary research to present a comprehensive landscape of the market. The report has been compiled with the intent of informing stakeholders about the growth opportunities in the market. It presents a detailed global market's statistics and trends to study the Cloud Enterprise Application Software market's growth trajectory.

Future Prospects for Financial Services Application Market with Competitive Landscape, Top Vendors, Segmentation by Region and Latest Trends

LogoIT Intelligence Markets has added a report, titled "Global Financial Services Application Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022," which provides an overview of the various factors enabling growth in the market. It also presents insights into various restraints that pose threat and highlights opportunities that will help the market pick pace in the forthcoming years. The report compiles exhaustive information obtained via proven research methodologies and from trusted sources from within the industries. It also includes expert opinions to provide readers a clearer perspective regarding the global market.

Multi-Factor Authentication Market: Dell, SecureAuth, CA, Okta, Symantec, Ping Identity

LogoIT Intelligence Markets announces the addition of a new study to its growing market intelligence depository. The report assesses the figures of the global market and presents reliable forecasts as to the market's growth prospects over the coming years. The historical improvement trajectory of the global Multi-factor Authentication market is examined in the report, lending solid factual support to the analysis and estimations presented in the report.

Comprehensive Study of the Global Market for Server Storage Area Network Industry: Market Is Set to Grow at an Impressive CAGR of +46% with Rising Demand

LogoIT Intelligence Markets announces the addition of a new research report, titled "Global Server Storage Area Network Market." This report presents an in-depth overview of the prime segments in this market. The currently leading segment and the segment predicted to lead the market in the forecast period have also been encapsulated in this study. In addition, an up-to-date information on the key products introduced by the prime companies operating in the market has also been presented through this study. Likewise, the sales and revenue figures of these products also form a key part of this study.

Physical Therapy Software Market Insights: A Global Perspective, Regional Analysis, Opportunities and Key Players Like MPN Software Systems, PT Practice Pro, TherapySync

LogoA report added to the vast data repository of IT Intelligence Markets, titled "Global Physical Therapy Software Market", offers a 360-degree overview of the global market. Estimations regarding the market values over the forecast period are based on extensive research and data gathered through both primary and secondary sources. The authentic processes followed to various aspects of the market make the data more reliable.

Global Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Market Is Expected to Grow at an Impressive CAGR of More Than +14%

LogoGlobal Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Market is witnessing demand owing to the rise in manufacturing activities. The market is driven by factors such as strong growth in the demand from the food & beverage and pharmaceutical & healthcare sectors. The growing pharmaceutical & healthcare industry and rise in counterfeit products in the market are the major drivers of the anti-counterfeit packaging market.

Global Traffic Management System Market Is Expected to Grow at an Impressive CAGR of More Than +21%

LogoThe demand for traffic management market is driven by factors, such as high demographic growth and hyper urbanization in developing countries, and government initiatives for traffic management under smart cities models. With the increase in the deployment of smart transportation solutions among the smart cities, the traffic management market is expected to gain a major traction during the forecast period.

Biomedical Textiles Market Worth 14.50 Billion USD by 2022

LogoThe rising number of surgeries, rapid growth in aging population, high quality of biomedical textiles, and growing need for advanced wound dressing materials are the significant factors expected to drive the growth of the biomedical textiles market during the forecast period.

Platelet Rich Plasma Market Expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth by 2024

LogoWith a larger pool of players operating domestically and a smaller bunch of international participants, the global Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Market demonstrates a semi-consolidated landscape. The top five players, namely, Harvest Technologies, Arthrex Inc., Zimmer Biomet, DePuy Synthes, and Stryker Corp. accounted for more than 80% of this market in 2015. Most of these are headquartered in North America. However, their focus is likely to shift towards emerging economies across Asia Pacific in the coming years, as this region is expected to offer lucrative opportunities on account of untapped potential.

Cancer Immunotherapy Market to Undertake Strapping Growth by the End 2024

LogoOwing to the presence of a pool of small and large players, the global cancer immunotherapy makes for a fragmented competitive landscape, although Roche Holding AG has managed to stay ahead of the curve in the recent past, according to a business intelligence report by Transparency Market Research (TMR). The report, developed as a reliable decision making tool for stockholders such as drug manufacturers and suppliers as well as research and development companies, has attributed the recent approvals of monoclonal antibody drugs such as Rituxan and Avastin for the flagship position of Roche Holding AG. Some of the other notable players identified by the report in the global Cancer Immunotherapy Market are Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, and Novartis, primarily making a mark in immune checkpoint inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies.

Multiplexed Diagnostics Market to Partake Significant Development by 2024

LogoA handful of players dominated the otherwise fragmented global multiplexed diagnostics market in 2015. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Abbott Laboratories, and Agilent Technologies were the leaders of this market for 2015, with a collective share of 59.5% in terms of value. The market is defined by the presence of these few leaders and then the presence of a large number of small-scale and medium-scale enterprises that hold minor shares. The leaders of the global multiplexed diagnostics market in 2015 all showed a diverse product portfolio, the possession of advanced tech, and a wide area of regional presence.

Vial Adaptors for Reconstitution Drug Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2024

LogoThe global Vial Adaptor for Reconstitution Drug Market is fairly consolidated as top four players hold a leading share in the global market. A report by Transparency Market Research states that West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., Cardinal Health Inc., Baxter International Inc., and Becton, Dickinson & Company collectively held about 67% in the global market in 2015. These companies are expected to focus on enhancing their product portfolio, expanding their geographical presence, and making strategic acquisitions and mergers to stay ahead of the competition in the coming years.

Mass Spectrometer Market Size Estimated to Observe Significant Growth by 2024

LogoThe global Mass Spectrometer Market is moderately concentrated among a small group of players, according to a recent business study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) that targets audiences such as food and beverage testing industries, mass spectrometer manufacturers, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The analysts of the report have identified Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Agilent Technologies, and Shimadzu Corporation as the three leading companies who collectively occupied nearly 49% of the total shares in the global mass spectrometer market in 2015. Under the current circumstances, the possibilities of a new entrant making a mark is bleak, reveals the lead analyst of the report, although companies such as Bruker, PerkinElmer, Waters Corporation, AB SCIEX, and Charles River Laboratories do hold a notable position.

Autologous Matrix-Induced Chondrogenesis Market Poised to Garner Maximum Revenues by 2024

LogoThe global Autologous Matrix-Induced Chondrogenesis (AMIC) Market has been expected in a publication prepared by Transparency Market Research (TMR) to witness strategies aimed toward business expansion in developing economies. Countries such as South Africa, Mexico, China, India, and Brazil could be focused upon by AMIC players for gaining a strategic position in the market. This has been anticipated to help companies reduce their AMIC product costs supported by the hiring of cheap but skilled labor in emerging markets. Compounding a 47.0% share in the market in 2015, Smith & Nephew Plc., Zimmer Biomet Holdings, and Geistlich Pharma AG could be key AMIC players.

Pharmaceutical Hot Melt Extrusion Market Size Will Observe Substantial Growth by 2024

LogoAccording to a new research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the degree of competition in the global Pharmaceutical Hot Melt Extrusion Market is very high. The presence of a large number of participants characterizes the market, which demonstrates a fragmented landscape. Led by Leistritz AG, Milacron Holdings Corp., Xtrutech Ltd., Coperion GmbH, and Gabler GmbH & Co. KG, the market is expected to continue with intense rivalry between them in the near future. The leading players are likely to invest heavily in R&D initiatives over the years to come, in order to meet the demand of consumers by offering innovative products, states the report.

Gastrointestinal Drugs Market to Flourish with an Impressive CAGR by 2024

LogoThe global Gastrointestinal Drugs Market is consolidated with the top three players accounting for a whopping 61% of the market collectively in 2016. These three players are: Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc., Janssen Biotech Inc., and Takeda Pharmaceutical. While the market is moderately competitive at present, future holds much competitiveness among players and thus, the degree of competition is expected to be increase in the forecast period, states a report by Transparency Market Research (TMR). Some of the other players in the market are: Bayer AG, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH Sanofi, Allergan Plc, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Allergan Plc., and Abbott Laboratories.

Sodium Formate Market Expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth over 2024

LogoSodium formate is the sodium salt of formic acid and appears as a white powder. Sodium formate is used in numerous printing and dyeing processes. In addition, it is also used as a buffering agent for mineral acids to increase their pH, as a food additive (E237), and as a de-iceing agent. Sodium florate is non toxic, biodegradable and environmental friendly. In biology, sodium formate is used as a cryoprotectant for X-ray diffraction experiments on protein crystals, which are conducted at a high temperature to reduce the effects of radiation damage.

Matricaria Recutitta Extract Market to Surge at a Robust Pace in Terms of Revenue over 2024

LogoChamomile is the common name of a group of plants that have been used since ancient times as herbal remedy. There are several different species of chamomile; however, Matricaria recutita (German chamomile) and Chamaemelum nobile (Roman chamomile) are widely grown across the world. Matricaria recutita is a hardy plant that can be found in a variety of different soils and climate. The plant has historically been used in teas for treating fevers, flu, digestive disorders, and skin ailments. Chamomile oil, also known as blue oil, is the primary extract of the flowers and flower heads of the chamomile plant.