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ArtFusion Media School Partners with Gonzo Studio to Offer Japanese Animation Training in Singapore


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2011 -- Anime is a very popular form of animation that originated in Japan. Worldwide there is a large group of Japanese anime fans, including many in Asia and Singapore.

Until now, students in Singapore who wanted to learn Japanese style character animation at an advanced or professional level had to travel to Japan to receive training. But now, thanks to the partnering of a Singapore-based school with a studio in Japan, anime fans in Singapore will have access to a global anime program.

ArtFusion Media School, an animation school in Singapore, recently launched a new website as the result of its recent rebranding to reflect its broader mission, as epitomized by its partnership with Gonzo Studio of Japan.

ArtFusion, previously known as Egg Story Digital Arts School which was founded in 2007, will now provide Japanese anime style training for the international markets, starting right in Singapore. Hiroyuki Kitakubo, well-known animation director and educator, will help lead the program.

Up until now, most computer graphics animation schools in Singapore focused on teaching western style 3D training. But as the staff at ArtFusion realized, more Japanese game companies have moved to Singapore, leading to an increased need for local students to have Japanese animation training.

The main courses taught at ArtFusion Media School include 3D modelling, character animation, concept art, and digital visual effects. So far, over 300 students have been trained there, many of whom are now working in major Singapore or international digital studios.

“We take pride in offering focused industry oriented programs highly relevant to our students’ professional development and delivering quality learning through our faculty seasoned in industries,” an article on the school’s website explained, adding that the courses are rigorous and taught by a faculty of proven international and local industry practitioners.

“We use state-of-the-art software and hardware platforms. Our real world oriented courseware, constantly updated to keep in pace with industry, is based on actual production pipeline. Our faculty members teach based on their experiences and industry practices. We are committed to providing an effective learning environment for our students' total academic and professional development.”

ArtFusion Media School also limits class size to about 20 students each, thus allowing the pupils to have close interactions with and attention from the staff.

About ArtFusion Media School:
Since 2007, ArtFusion Media School has trained over 300 students in a range of animation and visual effects courses. Recently, the school partnered with Gonzo Studio of Japan to offer Japanese anime style training. The school and studio will co-develop and promote the courses for anime fans in Singapore as well as other international locations. For more information on ArtFusion Media School, please visit http://www.artfusionmedia.edu.sg