Atipico Looks to Raise Fund via Kickstarter for the First Production Run of Their Colored Dress Shoe Laces

Atipico cares about people’s feet. This is why their laces are simple and sleek, made in Italy and come in an incredible range of Pantone colors.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- Atipico comprises of people who are not ordinary by any means. They want to bring color and quality into people’s lives in order to celebrate the real Summer Spirit. They had this simple idea to make products that are fun and beautiful, designed to give users’ outfit a stylish twist and make them smile with very little effort.

As proud Italians, this team cares about quality, which is why they guarantee that their Shoe Laces are crafted in Italy from the very finest cotton using traditional Italian manufacturing processes.

There’s nothing quite like the Italian Summer Spirit, which is why it’s the inspiration for Atipico’s color palette. They see true beauty and life in Italian colors. The blue of the clear Portofino sky, the warm yellow of Sorrento lemons, or the rich brown of a morning cappuccino.

Atipico has been on a year-long journey, prototyping and testing their shoelaces for color, style, finish, leant and durability. They’re happy to announce that they now have 14 different colors - complete with packaging - ready to go, and all they need now is a bit of support to make it happen.

This project will only be funded if at least £5,000 is pledged by Thu, May 22 2014 7:11 PM +05:30.

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