Peter Leeds Announces His Penny Stock Guide Has Sold over 350,000 Subscriptions

Peter Leeds’ Penny Stock guide, a popular financial newsletter in North America, has recently sold over 350,000 subscriptions.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- It is well known for providing instant access to new penny stock picks, daily updates, buy and sell prices and more with a mere subscription of $195/year. The newsletter has emerged as one of the highest subscribed financial newsletters in North America.

Peter Leeds, the publisher of the guide and expert investor, has a superb track record in both fundamental and technical analysis. He along with his professional and dedicated team informs their subscribers of quality penny stocks which will help them potentially make a profit.

Mr. Leeds says, “A penny stock investment of just $500 can quickly turn into $5000. The secret to making quick profits is by discovering the right penny stocks before the rest of the world catches on.”

He continues by discussing his proprietary Leeds Analysis, “We put thousands of penny stocks through the Leeds Analysis. The result is the elimination of the 95% that don't make the cut. The remaining 5% are the best penny stocks, generally with proven management teams, growing revenues, low debt loads and massive upside potential.”

He sum ups, “We then watch these penny stocks, and reveal these as penny stock picks to our subscribers; the selected hot penny stocks often surge 100%, 300%, as much as 500% in just a few months, even weeks!”

Peter Leeds Penny Stock newsletter is now available for 14 day free trial. With the full subscription, subscribers can take advantage of accessing the deepest research pool of penny stocks. With over 350,000 subscriptions and growing, the Leeds’ team does all the work allowing their subscribers to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

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