Joe Bragg Proves It's Possible to Recover from a Google Unnatural Link Penalty


Fort Atkinson, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- Search engine optimization is all about developing a healthy relationship between Google and a particular website. But what happens when that relationship goes bad? Google can penalize sites for all sorts of different reasons, and when that happens, search engine rankings plummet.

One of the worst penalties that any site can receive is the Google unnatural link penalty. Under this penalty, sites can drop several hundred spots in search engine rankings, effectively taking away any sort of traffic to the site. Many people have tried to reverse the effects of this penalty, and unfortunately, many of those people have failed.

One webmaster wants to tell the story of how his website overcame a Google unnatural link penalty. At his website, Coty Lance describes the step-by-step process he used to remove a penalty directed at his site.

Removing the penalty wasn’t easy. It took several reconsideration request emails to Google and a significant amount of manual effort to remove the suspicious backlinks. Nevertheless, the fact that Coty was able to remove the link penalty is noteworthy to the SEO community.

Coty Lance’s website drew the attention of Google after he paid for backlinks from an internet marketing forum. Google took notice of this activity and sent Coty a message warning him of his site’s “unnatural” link building activities.

Instead of sitting back and accepting defeat, Coty took a different approach. He started to remove all suspicious backlinks pointing towards his website. After several emails back and forth with Google, Coty’s backlink profile was eventually declared to be clean. Coty’s website had officially recovered from unnatural link penalty. wants to do more than tell people how to fix Google penalties; the website also provides reviews of some of the world’s most popular web hosts. Coty wants his reviews to be a valuable resource for both experienced and novice web developers:

“Finding the right web host can be difficult. There are so many different options out there that many people have no idea which one would work best for their needs. I want people to use my reviews to find the perfect web host.”

For those looking for web hosting reviews, seeks to establish itself as a valuable source of well-researched information.

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