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A Revolutionary New Device That Keeps Your Devices Alive


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- It’s amazing to think that just a little over a decade ago cell phones had black and white or crude color screens, didn’t have a “G” in the network type, and were big and bulky. Now they’re streamlined computers, in all honesty. They’re sleek, sometimes sexy, beautiful machines. But with all that power comes responsibility, in this case to the battery. And that responsibility acts heavily on that battery, with most devices only providing 4-8 hours of actual talk time. Translate that into apps that may use the processor in heavy quantities, and someone could drain a battery in an hour.

However, one inventor and average cell phone user came up with an ingenious device called “Booster”. It’s a wristband with a solar charger built in, as well as a power reserve cell, and a hidden connection cable that plugs into a device to charge it from the energy stored in the Booster’s reserve cell. The fact that the reserve cell is always charging means there’s always energy on tap for your device courtesy of Booster.

The inventor provides an explanation of how the Booster came to be on the IndieGoGo page. “The history of developing Booster is closely related to my smartphone”, he says. “When I was traveling and I wanted to listen to music, connect to the Internet, or even if I tried to use the GPS, my battery always discharged very fast. So I started thinking how to increase the operating time of my phone. Of course, there were a lot of power banks or solar chargers in the market, that´s true. BUT, each of them needs a recharging cable. As I am a forgetful man, that was absolutely nothing for me. Then I got the idea of making something similar to a watchband, but with a charging cable integrated to one of the bands”.

Although batteries are becoming bigger and better, we’re still a long way off from a cell phone that can hold up for an entire day of the most intense use someone could throw at it. So for now, the Booster is a clever way to fix that problem.

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