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Bright Light Therapy for Treating Sleep Disorder

Gradual Shift in Sleeping Patterns with Photo Therapy


Sherman Oaks, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Sleeping Disorders have become extremely popular amongst different groups of individuals – young, adult and the aged. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome or DSPS is a condition that shifts a normal sleep pattern to an irregular pattern. Individuals who are suffering from this condition might not fall asleep until midnight hours or they might have extreme trouble waking up at regular hours in the morning. This change in sleep cycle might disturb their regular schedule such as going to school or work. Bright Light Therapy is one such therapy that helps patients manage the sleep rhythm disorders. The therapy is believed to shift the sleeping patterns gradually and bring them to normal mode. Light exposure and the time it is exposed play a critical role during the therapy.

Kira Stein, MD, director of The West Coast Life Center in Los Angeles regularly recommends the use of bright light therapy for depression or sleep phase shift disorder. “Usually this involves placing a special 10,000 Lux, diffused, UV-filtered white light indirectly and at arms length from the patient, immediately after awakening.” Sometimes the light is turned on shortly before awakening for the purpose of stimulating dawn; other times is its administered later in the day. A portable visor or a lamp with 5,000-10,000 Lux of white light is used during the light therapy for 30 minutes to 90 minutes either before awakening or at the time of awakening. Sometimes even direct sunlight is also used for treatment. “It is important to be aware that bright light therapy, can trigger mania in people with bipolar disorder,” stated Dr. Stein, “but we can adjust the treatments depending upon the condition of the patient.” Because of potential complications and risks, it is important to be regularly monitored by a psychiatrist while undergoing bright light therapy.

The success levels depend from one patient to another. Some patients many continue with the Bright Light Therapy for the same amount of time for weeks while others might reduce 15 minutes of the treatment time daily. Some patients might find the difference within a week while others might see the difference during the third or fourth week. The therapy also shows positive effects on seasonal depression. “It has been shown to help cognitive performance and improves the mood of some patients suffering with depression and attention-deficit disorders,” added Dr. Stein. It has been found to be very helpful for students who are finding it difficult to concentrate on certain subjects.

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