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Businesses Are Turning to the Promotional Experts Gilbert Advertising for Customized Branded Products


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2012 -- Half the battle when running a business is getting people to take notice. That is why so many businesses dedicate a large amount of time and resources to their marketing efforts.

One of the most popular ways of marketing a brand is to customize promotional products with the name or logo of the company. This is a method that is becoming increasingly popular, and businesses are researching their options online.

As a result has been generating a lot of traffic recently. The website is run by Gilbert Advertising, a company with expertise in promotional product advertising.

Gilbert Advertising knows how effective signature products can be, as a spokesperson explained:

“Promotional products are fantastic for branding and in some circumstances a great sales tool. The power of this medium is understood by the commercial sector and non- profit organizations. Charity Organizations have used signature products to create an identity for their cause. LiveStrong’s iconic yellow bracelet and the American Heart Association’s red-dress pin are great examples of using promotional products to build an identity. Both charities use the products as a gift but also as a means for a donor to display their support and gain the social kudos this brings.”

Gilbert Advertising believes they offer the widest range of custom promotional products available. The products are customizable with logos, names or messages and the range covers every conceivable product including patches, clothing, toys, stationery, cell phone cases, trade show cell phone holders and even candy. has streamlined the shopping experience with a new website design. Visitors can search for customizable products by category, price and color. Visitors who are looking for specific items can even use the keyword search bar featured on the website. Each product is replete with high quality digital imagery, full product descriptions and specifications.

The site also features useful editorial content highlighting how different businesses have used promotional items to great effect. The content also includes high quality videos that demonstrate the marketing power of promotional products.

A spokesperson explained what the site hopes to achieve:

“Promotional products are undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing tools available with all major brands utilizing them as part of their marketing campaigns. The great thing about promotional products is that small businesses can also use them to great effect as costs are not prohibitive. No matter how small a business’ marketing budget is we can provide effective promotional products that are high quality and affordable. These products make raising awareness of a brand amazingly simple to implement.”

About is the website for the company Gilbert Advertising, which has a large selection of customized business promotional items and popular branded logo products. The company is an Advertising Specialty Industry (ASI) leader from Cleveland, Ohio.

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