Can an Online Fitness Program Help to Lose Weight in 7 Minutes? 7 Minute Workout Seems to Think So


Kamas, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Founders Joel Therien (Champion natural bodybuilder) and Chris Reid (World Taekwon-Do Champion) have spent their lives competing worldwide and have credited their success on the philosophy that one can achieve total physical fitness, lose and keep unwanted weight off, and build muscle all by exercising only 7 minutes a day, 3 days a week, and they have put the program that they have used for years into an online fitness program called 7 minute workout.

7 Minute Workout offers an online fitness program designed to work by exercising 7 minutes a day, 3 days a week. The website guarantees that muscle breakdown is completely achieved in 7 minutes or less, which is a great means for those who care for fitness, but don’t have enough time to follow it up properly, to achieve the body they have always wanted.

With more and more people being overweight and obese and the busy lifestyles everyone now lives, getting into shape has not been easier.  The online fitness program they have created has everything laid out for busy individuals.  Versatility and simplicity are part of the program. It imparts a high level of professionalism and level of education that can benefit those who want to get into shape.  As Joel stated: "Learn from our years of trial and error, from hours and hours of over training and diminished returns. Not to mention injuries due to over training.  Once we discovered that training only 7 to 10 minutes a day three times per week was the ideal work load, only then were we able to enjoy exercise to its fullest and reap the rewards of becoming world class athletes!"

This unique online fitness program stimulates interval training. The user’s heart rate will spike during the routine as he/she performs an exercise to obtain the point of muscle failure and let it subside as he rests before his exercise. The cycle repeats itself, which improves the user’s cardio power as a normal side effect. This program can be used by beginners as it takes into account the fact that there are people who need exercises other than pushups since they can’t do even one proper pushup. 7 minute workout considers that some of its clients can’t even get onto the floor by themselves. The site offers personalized programs for beginners, skilled athletes and everything in between.  The program also includes: an activity tracker, a food tracker, a healthy recipes section, and your own personal blog so that you can chart your progress and share it with the supportive online community.

Users are also allowed to do other exercises aside from resistance training. They may take martial arts classes and even yoga sessions.  With the philosophy being, that once one becomes fit they will become more active and able to do more than to just sit around on the couch. The site provides everyone an opportunity to discover a gateway to enjoyable and healthy activities that are beyond expectations for people who aren’t physically fit.

About 7 Minute Workout
With an aim to put an end to obesity and the health problems associated with it, along with getting fit, losing weight and building muscle, 7 minute workout offers an online fitness program that is designed to work by exercising 7 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

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