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Chef Pete Hilcke Joins Seafood Industry in an Effort to Uphold It

This sustainable industry is being ignored by the latest policy of the Government


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2015 -- Australian cuisine has been renowned for its seafood and in an effort to continue this tradition; Chef Pete Hilcke has agreed to challenge the changes in the fishing policy. These modifications are said to bring about difficulties in all the local seafood markets by making the merchandise inaccessible. There are a number of fish types which are available in the Port Phillip Bay and hence, this movement is an effort to help the same reach the people of Australia.

The new policy introduced by the Government gives the benefit to those who wish to fish as a hobby and makes it harder for those who do it for a livelihood. This will result in a lesser produce and hence, not enough for everyone to enjoy their seafood extensively. Chef Pete Hilcke is one of the many prominent names in Melbourne who have pledged their support for this cause.

Apart from running a successful pop up seafood restaurant in Melbourne, Chef Pete Hilcke is the host chef on two Foxtel shows as well. His specialty is sustainable seafood and he is worried that the people in Victoria will not have enough of the same. He maintains that the current policy is aimed to please only a certain class of people and all those whose livelihood depends on the local fish markets, will suffer a lot.

According to the chef's videos at, "It is indeed a very sad time for people who love their fish. In order for professional fishermen to gain access at Port Phillip Bay and help restaurateurs carry on with their gastronomical experiments, it is important for the current policies to be modified. There will not be an array of seafood waiting on your table if this continues."

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The website claims that this industry which has been active for the past 170 years needs to continue its former glory. People from different parts of the world visit Australia to enjoy the seafood and hence, it is important to take heed of the situation. The Executive Director of Seafood Industry Victoria is also quite saddened by it.

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