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Comprehensive Reviews Recommends Nuwave's Newest Induction Heating Device

In a statement released to the press, Comprehensive Reviews has endorsed the Nuwave PIC, after enlisting top experts to conduct their investigations.


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- Home cooking is often the last of the major cooking environments to experience changes brought about through innovation, after industrial kitchens and restaurants makes the technology more viable to be released to the general consumer market. Nuwave, who first made waves with their infrared oven, have now sought to make induction heating available to the masses with the Nuwave PIC, or Precision Induction Cooktop. Comprehensive Reviews became aware of the product and has released the results of their investigation to the press, concluding that the technology represents an exciting leap forward in home cooking.

The information released to the press ( explains that expert David Kunert, professional chef Lee Davies and home cook Linda Cox were among their trial group for the new device, to ensure the broadest range of opinion with which to inform the review. Their evaluations were then collated and reflected in the final deconstruction of the Nuwave PIC.

Comprehensive Reviews are well known for living up to their name and this is no exception, which is why the press eagerly await either endorsement or condemnation by the site before backing a product as a future hit. In this way they are fast becoming the litmus test for products.

A spokesperson for Comprehensive Reviews explained, “Our reviewer has asked a broad spectrum of users how they found the Nuwave PIC to get the most information together to collate the most comprehensive review. They we always place a heavy emphasis on expert investigation and testimony, the truth is that emerging technologies are often less accessible to the average user, requiring specialist knowledge or processes. Fortunately for the Nuwave PIC it has been found to be accessible to all and broadly endorsed by users ranging from homemakers to Michelin starred chefs. More details can be found in our review.”

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