Darwin Fitness: A Certified Personal Trainer to Design Fat Loss Program for People in the Orlando FL Area


Longwood, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- You realize that many people gain weight (FAT) each and every year. Many people are physically inactive, so they lose muscle mass each and every year too. The loss of muscle mass not only decreases the metabolic rate, but also causes the loss of effectiveness of every physiological system in the body. The decrease in metabolic rate means you burn fewer calories and without significant decreases in caloric intake, you will continue to gain more fat. Increasing fat in the abdominal region will create a unique environment where abdominal fat will begin to secrete significant levels of stress and inflammatory hormones that cause additional deterioration of all the body’s systems leading to premature aging, loss of function, vitality, virility and avoidable chronic diseases, disabilities and dysfunctions.

The only true and effective method to reverse this devastating process is to begin a lifestyle change that includes a conscious action plan of daily exercises, healthy nutrition, effective hydration, adequate sleep, controlled caloric intake and serious stress management. Darwin Fitness Personal Training in Longwood FL provides coaching to help you achieve this long term evolution.

According to Darwin Fitness, Personal Trainer in Winter Park FL, the Healthy Lifestyle must include:

-Daily Exercise: a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise/day.

-Strength Training: a minimum of 3 times/week. Strength training has a tremendously positive impact on the Endocrine System that is critically important to every system in the body.

-Keep a Food Diary: you need to become conscious of how many calories you consume per day and how many you expend per day.
-Stay Hydrated.

-Make a conscious effort to determine why you overeat. You may overeat due to anger, anxiety, boredom, depression, envy, frustration, loneliness, or some other emotion. You need to make a conscious effort to discover WHY and then learn to deal with your emotion without resorting to food and overeating. When needed, seek professional help.

-Focus on your HEALTH first, not your weight loss!

-Eat Clean – Eat Natural: the old expression “If GOD did not make it, you shouldn’t eat it!”. The more processed the food the less likely your body is to absorb the nutrients in the food (assuming there are any left)!

-Minimize Fats and Sugars: think of everything you eat as an investment in your body. You want the highest possible Return On Investment (ROI) on most everything you eat! Fatty and sugary goods may taste good, but “Nothing tastes as good as lean and mean feels!” Complex carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables and whole grains are high in nutrients.

-Time Your Meals: never skip meals, especially breakfast! Eat a meal or snack approximately every 3 hours.

-Eat slowly: take smaller bites and chew more (you actually get more nutrients from your food if you chew it more – 40 chews/bite). It takes the brain approximately 20 minutes from the time food first hits your stomach before you will receive signals that you are full. Eating too fast makes you overeat!

-Lose Weight Slowly: rapid weight loss, i.e. – 10 pounds in one week, 10 pounds in 10 days, 30 pounds in 30 days, etc. are programs that “sell” and almost always lead to water and muscle loss that will eventually create rapid weight GAIN or the classic “yo-yo dieting” effect! You can make sure that your “weight loss” is actual “fat loss” by making a goal of losing one or two pounds of weight loss/week.

-Portion Control: a famous study proved that the majority of people underestimate by 40% the amount of calories they consume.

For long term results it is a necessity to conduct your Evolution in a gradual and progressive way (for both nutrition and exercise). That is the core concept of the philosophy developed and promoted by Darwin Fitness personal trainer in Orlando FL. Schedule today a free assessment / consultation with a certified fitness coach

About Darwin Fitness, llc
Jean-Sebastien FABRE is the founder of Darwin Fitness, llc. He was born 41 years ago in Paris. He is a US nationally certified personal trainer through IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association) and also certified as a youth soccer coach by the French Federation of Soccer. He has completed CPR & AED with American Heart Association.

A fan of sports, he is a confirmed and competitive runner from 5K to marathon. His two personal training locations in Winter Park, FL and Longwood, FL allow him to serve a large area: Winter Park, FL; Orlando, FL; Maitland, FL; College Park, FL; Altamonte Springs, FL; Longwood, FL; Apopka, FL; Heathrow FL; and Lake Mary, FL. Besides his personal training activities he also teaches cycling classes.


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