Press Releases From 06/18/2018 Until 07/18/2018

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Equigerminal Team Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Counter New Equine Virus

New Equine Virus or NEV is a horse equivalent of HIV and is becoming an increasingly serious threat to at least 10 percent of the global horse population. To counter this emerging threat, Equigerminal Team has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and support for the development of tests and antivirals to control this threat. The team of scientists is now welcoming everyone to generously support this fundraising campaign and their goal is to raise a sum of EUR 15,000.

A Cancer Survivor Launches Indiegogo Campaign for a Documentary Film on His Life

Matthew J. Purzycki is an inspiring American cancer survivor, who survived leukemia, 3 relapses and 2 bone marrow transplants before the age of five. He has recently decided to create a documentary film in order to inspire people with hope and positivity through his own journey of survival. Matt is now sharing his story with the world and his documentary film is titled 'Thirty Years Later', and he is raising funds and support for this project on Indiegogo's crowdfunding platform.

Hydrofluoric Acid Market Worth 2.1 Million Tons by 2023

LogoThe hydrofluoric acid market is driven by the rising demand for hydrofluoric acid from the fluorocarbon and fluorinated derivative production, metal pickling, glass etching and cleaning, oil refining, and uranium fuel production applications

Geocomposites Market Worth 740.0 Million USD by 2023

LogoThe growing infrastructure activities with supportive government policies and evolving environmental protection regulations are driving the geocomposites market, as they offer better properties and are cost-effective.

Premier Plumbing and Air Now Provides 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Services

Premier Plumbing and Air, Inc. has just extended their line of plumbing services to include 24 hour emergency plumbing services. These new plumbing services are available to homeowners and business owners in Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, and Hobe Sound. They will be available starting July 30th 2018.

IT's Hurricane Season, Check the Policy Coverage

LogoHomeowners should know that just because their home is insured, it doesn't necessarily mean the home is covered in full. Homeowners should carefully examine their policy terms as it may only cover interior damage or exterior damage. Supplemental policies may also be worth considering as it can cover storm damage, spoiled food, and storm surge. These policies can help out tremendously as they may cover situations that sometimes go unconsidered.

Supply Chain Analytics Market - Projected to Witness High Growth in the Next Few Years

LogoThe global market for supply chain analytics has been gaining traction in the last few years and is projected to witness high growth in the next few years. The North America market for supply chain analytics is projected to witness high growth in the coming years. The high growth of this region can be attributed to the presence of several leading players in this region. Furthermore, Asia Pacific is anticipated to emerge as a potential region for robust growth, thanks to the rising manufacturing activities.

Add Privacy to Any Space with Window Shades

LogoRoller shade screens are a fantastic choice for any environment that could use some privacy such as a bedroom, dining room, or kitchen. These shades can be used with sunscreens or they can be ordered and customized with blackout materials to prevent any light from coming in. The screens also help with controlling the amount of light coming in through a window. With roller shade screens, customers don't have to give up style for privacy. These screens are available in a wide array of options for ultimate customization.

Predictive Analytics Market - Positive Outlook for Industry Opportunities & Trends for Expansion in 2019

LogoPredictive analytics is a kind of business intelligence innovation that creates a predictive score for every client or other element of the company. Predictive analytics utilizes a kind of modelling methods and statistics, and uses business intelligence tools, data mining, and machine data, to make forecasts. The development of huge amount of unstructured or structured information and notable innovation deployment are the key factors for the predictive analytics market.

E-Commerce Logistics Market - Vendors Are Anticipated to Experience a High Level of Efficiency and Transparency Bolster Growth

LogoThe rise in adoption of e-commerce websites all over the world, is expected to cause a surge in demand for e-commerce logistics in the global market. The market is also foreseen to be fueled by easy availability of cost- effective cargo. Moreover, the emergence of C2C and B2C e-commerce sites has resulted in a high demand with respect to international and domestic logistics, both.

Intelligent Emergency Response and Infrastructure Market - Fast Adoption in Developed Countries and Urban Regions Is Driving Growth

LogoBoth human catastrophe as well as naturally occurring calamities like floods, hijacking, fire, earthquakes, terrorist attack etc are something that has resulted in heavy loss both economicaly as well as to human life throughout the globe in the last few years. In times of such emergencies, urgent medical help as well as readily available security measures are of utmost importance. These days, intelligent emergency response systems have gained popularity for handling such emergency situations.

Intelligent Building Management Systems Market - Changing Customer Mindset Helps to Boost the Awareness About Innovative Technological Solutions

LogoIntelligent building management systems (IBMS) are used to manage the technology involved in modern buildings. Building management systems are further developed with the help of Internet and related IT infrastructure to create IBMS. All the management systems installed in a building are integrated in the IBMS with help of Internet protocol (IP) network. It helps in reducing the energy consumption rate and carbon footprint for the building.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Market to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2028

LogoIncreasing demand for healthy alternative tea-based products over the global market is expected to drive the growth of the overall essential tea market which is expected to fuel demand for the butterfly pea flower tea over the forecast period. Butterfly pea flower also is known as Clitoria Ternatea, carries a huge amount of anti-oxidants and flavonoids and no caffeine whose benefits have a positive impact on human metabolism. This is attributed to fuel demand for the butterfly pea flower tea over the forecast period. Increasing know-how about traditional based food through various internet platforms have driven consumers in developed regions to opt for non-traditional food and beverages which is expected to boost demand for butterfly pea flower tea in North America and Europe region. Owing to greater nutritional value, the butterfly pea flower tea is expected to form strong consumer base in the herbal tea market. Increasing per capita food spending and expanding retail sector is expected to help butterfly pea flower tea market to gain traction quickly in developing regions of the Asia Pacific and Latin America as a premium offering. Organic butterfly pea flower tea segment is expected to experience faster growth rates in the global butterfly pea flower tea market.

Global Black Sapote Market Set for Rapid Growth and Trend, by 2028

LogoModern lifestyle has completely overtaken one's food habits. Increased awareness on health & nutrition made people switch over healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious & balanced diet. Consumption of fruits is increasing rapidly over the years due to growing awareness of well-being. The black sapote is one such fruit which is consumed widely in recent years. It is an evergreen subtropical fruit tree, which is native to Central America and Mexico. It takes about 5 years for the Black sapote to grow as a fruit from seedling, however, it can yield up to 500kg fruit pulps from a single tree. It is best known for its taste as it tangs like chocolate hence called as 'Chocolate pudding fruit'. It is generally taken as a raw pulp or with milk. Due to its tempting taste, it is further utilized as Dessert, bread, in fruit wines, as a fruit extracts thereby creating a huge demand. It can be grown in any soil with adequate moist in it & can withstand extreme weather conditions such as flood, light frosts, making it an adaptive one. Due to this factor, Black sapote is now cultivated in the marshy regions of Philippines, Florida, Australia with different varieties according to market needs. It has also germinated in various parts of Asia Pacific & Europe where there are many emerging food industries.

Elmwood Park Zoo Is Looking Forward to Their Wine Safari This Summer

LogoElmwood Park Zoo, home to ropes courses for adults in Philadelphia, is looking forward to their annual Wine Safari night. On Friday, August 3, 2018, from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m., the third annual Wine Safari will take place for those looking to unwind after a long week of work.

Guanabana Market Trends, Regulations and Competitive Landscape Outlook to 2028

LogoIn the recent years, there is a massive market growth in fruit & its processing industries due to increased organic demand among the people. Especially there is huge demand & interests for tropical & sub-tropical fruits as it consists of more antioxidants & medicinal values. Guanabana is one such tropical fruit, commonly known as Soursop because of its slightly acidic taste. It is an evergreen plant which is native to tropical regions of North & Latin America, however, Guanabana is now widely consumed around the world. Guanabana is adaptable to regions with high humidity and relatively warm winters, accounting for its high production. Generally, Guanabana is consumed as a fresh pulp or fruit extracts & desserts further it is commercially used to prepare juice, candy, tea, oil, sorbet and ice cream all over the world. Guanabana is widely known for its cytotoxic nature due to the presence of an active compound called as 'acetogenin' which helps in reducing the growth of cancer cells. As Guanabana leaves are rich in vitamin A & vitamin C it is highly utilized in Cosmetic & personal care. Due to increased production of Guanabana in organic farms of Brazil, Columbia, Bolivia & Mexico, there is an emerging market growth in its value-added products.

Ultrafiltered Milk Market to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2028

LogoNowadays, the dairy industry is dealing with various challenges such as slow-down in demand from developing countries, fluctuation in the pricing system, and rampant corruption in the dairy industry. Despite this, the long-term outlook for the dairy industry seems positive due to rising population, changing lifestyle, and increasing demand for health and nutritional food products globally. Milk is the one of the most produced and appreciated agricultural commodities globally owing to rising disposable income in emerging markets, growing demand for healthy and clean label products, and accelerating demand for protein consumption which will drive the innovation in the market. Before 2017, Canada changed its policy and stopped importing milk from the U.S., owing to which there has been an oversupply of milk in the U.S. for over a year resulting in financial pressure for dairy farmers. However, this supply and demand imbalance lead to increase in the production of ultrafiltered milk and create a new marketplace for ample milk supplies. Ultrafiltered milk is also known as diafiltered milk which is a subcategory of milk protein concentrate which has become a more widely available product in the market. Ultrafiltered milk offers various health benefits such as it contain more protein, calcium, vitamins & minerals, lactose-free, and less sugar than ordinary milk, thus the product offering resonates well with the consumer's growing demand. Changing consumer preferences, and demanding for nutritional products has created a new platform for ultrafiltered milk in the market. It can be used to produce fresh dairy-based food and beverages that are rich in protein, lower sugar, and carbohydrates than ordinary milk.

Market Research on Lucuma Fruit Sugar Market 2018 and Analysis to 2028

LogoDespite being a mature market, the global food additive market continues to grow at a significant rate in terms of value sales. Surging demand from the food and beverages manufacturer due to the large-scale application such as taste enhancement, food safety, appearance, favoring etc, has been driving the market. Over the years, the food additives such as the sweetener have evolved due to the varying demand and perception of target customers. Sucralose, Aspartame, Cyclamate, Saccharin, Stevia are some of the famously used sweeteners. However, over the past couple of years, consumers are gradually witnessing a change preference for natural food ingredients. Hence owing to this factor, several natural sweeteners such as Lucuma Fruit Sugar have been used on regular basis for the production of several food products.

Big Data in Oil and Gas Market - Need for Enhanced Oil Exploration and Production Technologies

LogoAccording to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research, the global Big Data in Oil and Gas market is expected to reach a value of US$ 10,935.2 Mn by 2026 on account of digitization across the oil and gas industry. The market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 16.6% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026. North America is anticipated to be the dominant region in the Big Data in Oil and Gas market followed by Middle East & Africa during the forecast period.The upstream application segment is expected to see flourishing growth due to rising need for enhanced oil exploration and production.

Beacon Market - Growing Adoption of Proximity Marketing in Offline Shops

LogoThe global beacon market was valued at US$ 1,124.5 Mn in 2016 and is projected to register compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 16.05% from 2018 to 2026, according to a new report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) titled "Beacon Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2018–2026." The beacon market is expected to grow significantly due to increased cost efficiency and long life duration. The report suggests that the rising integration of IoT and beacon technology is expected to boost the beacon market at the global level for the forecast period 2018-2026.

AWS Managed Services Market - the Acquisition of Managed Hosting and Cloud Computing Services

LogoThe global AWS Managed Services market was valued at US$ 559.4 Mn in 2017 and is projected to expand at a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 13.0% from 2018 to 2026, according to a new report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) titled "AWS Managed Services market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2018–2026." Rise in the number of AWS customers and the increasing importance of AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) status are primary factors that are expected to boost the market during the forecast period. For instance, more than 2000 government agencies from various regions are using Amazon Web Services to power the cloud momentum. Moreover, in February 2018, the United States DoD (Department of Defense) signed a US$ 950 Mn cloud agreement with AWS partner REAN Cloud LLC. Additionally, AWS MSP partner status provides an assurance of standard quality service to customers and is gaining significant importance and attention from industry players, which in turn is expected to drive the market during the forecast period.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Industry Is Booming Across the Globe Explored in Latest Research by 2025

LogoHydrogenated Vegetable Oils are processed through chemically adding up the hydrogen to an edible vegetable oil with the aid of any catalyst. This process is known as hydrogenation and it yields out a semi-solid fat. A powdered Nickel compound is one among the multiple catalysts used for the commercial formulation of hydrogenated vegetable oils. The process of hydrogenation is carried out by agitating the vegetable oil at a high temperature & pressure with hydrogen in presence of a catalyst. The main motive behind this processing of vegetable oil is to enhance the ability of the oil to resist oxidation which is called as rancidity. This allows the hydrogenated vegetable oils to sustain for a longer period and offer an expanded shelf life for edible products which use oil as an ingredient such as in packaged snacks. Moreover, the hydrogenated vegetable oil finds application in cosmetics, body care, and skin care products.

Smart Speaker Market: Rising Consumer Preference Toward Technologically Advanced Products

LogoThe global smart speaker market is expected to reach US$ 18,472.1 Mn by 2026. The market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 18.01% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026. According to the report, the global smart speaker market will continue to be influenced by a range of factors such as increasing number of companies proving highly advanced smart speakers around the globe, rising smart homes trend worldwide, and rising disposable income. Asia Pacific will continue to be at the forefront of global demand, with the market in the region growing at above 19% through 2026. smart-speaker-market-industry

Protein Snacks Market Insights 2017: Impressively Growing Opportunities and Global Business Forecast 2025

LogoThe global protein snacks market is growing at a significant rate from the last few years. The rising number of products and their easy availability of these products are the major factors that are predicted to encourage the growth of the overall market in the next few years. The expected rise in the number of players is likely to strengthen the competitive scenario of the global protein snacks market in the coming years. In addition to this, the increasing number of retail outlets and supermarkets have resulted in a significant boost in the demand for different types of protein snacks is projected to encourage the growth of the global market in the next few years.

Rising Demand for Organic Health Supplements to Create an Absolute Opportunity for Sunflower Protein Market

LogoSunflower Protein Market: Drivers and Trends