Press Releases From 12/17/2018 Until 01/16/2019

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Population Health Management Market 2019 Will Touch a New Level in Upcoming Year 2023 – Key Players Like Cerner Corp, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc., McKesson Corp

LogoThe global population health management market which was represented a CAGR of approximately +21% in the midst of the estimate time span of 2019-2023.

Photostability Chamber Market Revenue to Record Stellar Growth Rate During 2018-2028

LogoPhotostability chamber is specially designed to operate near ultraviolet and visual light examination with fluorescent lamps. The Photostability chamber also regulates light and temperature conditions through simple to use touch tablet interface. The primary principle on which photostability chamber works as it caters uniform distribution of light and allows high-intensity levels to the pharmaceutical products. The photostability chamber allows confirmatory studies and degradation testing to check any physical changes in the dosage. Furthermore, increasing use of plastics in various sectors such as automotive, electronic & electrical industries, industrial applications, medical areas, and others. The global market for photostability chamber is estimated to grow in the forecast period as the demand for plastics and polymeric materials is continuously increasing.

Report Explores the Floating Covers Market Likely to Emerge over a Period of 2018-2027

LogoAs indicated in a new market research study by Future Market Insights, the roughly US$ 850 million floating covers market is likely to display around 4.5% yearly growth in the revenue, in 2019. The report projects steady revenue growth prospects for global floating covers landscape over the next few years, predominantly driven by sustained demand for an increasing number of wastewater treatment plants.

2019-2023 Trading Software Market Application, Business Analysis and Key Players Like ActForex, Market Traders Institute, Day Trade the World

LogoTrading Software Market is the software that helps you analyses, decide on, and make a trade. It may grant you access to all the technical analysis and indicator tools and resources you need. The best software may also identify trades and even automate or execute them in line with your strategy. Whether you're after trading software for beginners, or as an advanced trader, with more options than ever before, doing your research has never been so important.

Global Thermogravimetric Analyzer Market to Witness Significant Rise in Revenue During the Forecast Period 2018-2028

LogoFuture Market Insights has announced the addition of the “Thermogravimetric Analyzer Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2018-2028" report to their offering

Facial Bone Contouring Market Is Projected to Reach a Revenue of US $409.4 Mn, in 2019

LogoCatering to a niche population, the global demand for facial bone contouring is expected to remain rather sluggish, through 2019—risks and complications associated with surgeries, premium pricing, and lack of trained professionals being the top three market restrainers. Likely revenue generated through facial bone contouring procedures, carried out globally, is projected to reach a revenue of US$ 409.4 Mn, in 2019, representing an annual growth of 1.9 percent, as indicated by a recently released market study by Persistence Market Research (PMR), covering the facial bone contouring landscape. PMR offers a comprehensive analysis of the global facial bone contouring market, for a timeline of eight years, 2018-2026.

Sales Revenue of Circuit Breaker Test Devices Market to Soar in the Near Future Owing to Growing Consumer Adoption

LogoModern infrastructures have become more advanced now. As a result need for superincumbent and pertinent maintenance devices are higher than ever before. Growing energy demand worldwide and compelling demand for maintenance reduction to foster demand for Circuit breaker test devices.Circuit breaker test devices are devised for analyzing and testing circuit breaker condition and working. Circuit breaker test devices ensure proper working of circuit breakers. Circuit breaker test devices perform series of operations by simulating test signals and checking various aspects of circuit breakers including but not limited to contact resistance, synchronization, operations time, trip times, speed and other aspects. Circuit breaker test devices compare results from simulation with expected results and alerts for the maintenance if results are not up to the standardized mark. Circuit breaker test devices are used to ensure that circuit breakers are fully functional and will serve their purpose in case of a power surge. Circuit breaker test devices avoid the need for internal inspection and helps to minimize maintenance cost as a result Circuit breaker test devices proves to be a utility in power transmission projects. Perennial demand for energy is resulting in abetting power transmission infrastructure to offer lucrative opportunities for Circuit breaker test devices in the upcoming future.

Global Market for Trace Oxygen Analyzers Market to Record Significant Incremental Dollar Opportunity Through 2028

LogoFinding its application in a plethora of end-use industry verticals trace oxygen gas analyzers are one of the most crucial components for oxygen detection and measurement. Trace Oxygen Analyzers are micro-controller based equipment. Trace Oxygen Analyzers are designed for measuring the concentration of oxygen in terms of ppm content. Novel trace oxygen analyzers have been developed providing reliable measurements even in a high electromagnetic field, abrupt temperature change, and high pressure.

Global Battery Testing Equipment Market to Register Stellar Compound Annual Growth Rate Through 2028

LogoBattery testing equipment is a multi-purpose testing device used for verifying the electrical potential and life cycle of a battery either prior to its inception in an electronic device or in later stages of the battery to test its condition and identify the cause of disruption in batteries which are in use. Some of the detailed specifications provided by the battery testing equipment about the battery are the storage space, impedance, load of the battery and the life cycle performance of the battery. Battery testing equipment is a valuable tool for industrial, electronic devices and automotive manufacturers, which enables them to validate the life cycle and functionality of the device itself during research and commence large-scale production.

Oral Hygiene Products Market to Reach a Valuation of US $19 Billion in 2019

LogoRising consumer thrust on dental hygiene has led to burgeoning growth of the global oral care market. Oral hygiene products are in increasing demand across the globe, and the oral hygiene products market drives around 74% of the oral care market. The easy availability of oral hygiene products such as toothpaste and toothbrush, mouth wash, and dental floss through multiple sales channels including supermarkets, hypermarkets, drug stores, and e-commerce portals is pushing revenues in the global market.

Aerospace Sealants Market Forecast by 2025: QY Research

LogoThis recently published report examines the global Aerospace Sealants market for the projected period of 7-years, i.e. between 2018 and 2025. The report highlights the accomplishments and opportunities lies in the market throughout the forecasted period. The report offers the thorough information about the overview and the scope of the global Aerospace Sealants market along with its drivers, restraints, and trends. It also classifies the market into different segments such as by type, by applications and by-product. In short, this report comprises of all the necessary details of the global Aerospace Sealants markets such as value/volume data, marketing strategies, and expert views. The comprehensive information about distribution channels such as suppliers, dealers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers have also given in this report.

Neurovascular Embolization Devices Market to Reach US $1,733.1 Mn, in Terms of Value, by 2028

LogoThe increasing awareness regarding neurovascular disease, and technological advancements in the diagnostic techniques are expected to propel the demand for neurovascular embolization devices over the forecast period. As per the latest research by the company, the global neurovascular embolization devices market is expected to account for more than US$ 1,733.1 Mn, in terms of value, by 2028 end. The report on neurovascular embolization devices market further projects significant growth potential with average year-on-year growth rate estimated at 4.4% through 2028. This elevation in the growth graph of neurovascular embolization devices market is attributed to increasing demand for minimally invasive neurosurgical procedure for better patient outcomes.

Injectable Nanomedicines Market Is Expected to Witness Significant Growth with CAGR Pegged at 8.1% Through 2026

LogoThe growth of the injectable nanomedicines market is attributed to the growing use of liposomal drugs and increase in treatment seeking population across the globe. According to a latest research by the company, the global liposomes market is expected to account for revenues over US$ 300 Mn in terms of value by 2026 end. Injectable nanomedicines market is expected to witness significant growth with CAGR pegged at 8.1% through 2026. Manufacturers of injectable nanomedicines are targeting chronic diseases and cancers.

Rapid Increase in End-Use Adoption to Boost Colorimeter Market Revenue Growth

LogoColorimeter is an electronic device that measures the absorbance of specific wavelength of light with the help of a specific solution. Colorimeter is commonly used to determine the concentration of a solution in order to benchmark the quality of food item, printer and others. There are some essential parts of colorimeters such as filament lamp, colored filter, cuvette, photo resistor, output meter, and other. In colorimeter, low voltage filament is also used as light source and cuvette uses to hold the working solution. Moreover, a voltage regulator and light detector is used to control the fluctuation in the circuit and detector is used to detect the light path as well as to make comparison between working solution and pure solution which is used for colorimeter in order to enhance the accuracy of colorimeter. The output of colorimeter is shown by digital, analogue, linear scale, and logarithmic scale. Colorimeter is used commonly in food & beverage, textile, and printers to check the quality of product in research & laboratory. The beneficial rage of colorimeter is 0 to 2. However, the absorbance scale is try to set between 0-1 in each end-users owing to, above 1 the result become unreliable due to scattering of light.

Dental Biomaterials Market S Expected to Witness Substantial Growth at a CAGR of 4.4% Through 2026

LogoThe growing edentulous population is expected to be an important factor driving the growth of the global dental biomaterials market throughout the forecast period as people aged 60 years and above are at a high risk of developing dental disorders. According to the latest research by the company, the global dental biomaterials market is expected to account for over US$ 1,880.0 Mn, in terms of value, by the end of 2026. The dental biomaterials market is expected to witness substantial growth at a CAGR of 4.4% through 2026.

Global Spin Filters Market to Witness Heightened Revenue Growth During the Forecast Period 2018-2028

LogoSpin Filters are polypropylene spin tubes in which thin layer of membranes is used to remove or filtered unwanted particle from samples such as plasma, serum, and protein samples which are mixed in liquid buffers in aquatic medium and mixed by filter through low speed centrifugation process. Moreover spin filters are also used to filter of petroleum and mineral based fluids. Generally, spin filters are commonly used in industrial research and development & for production purpose. The most common components of spin filters are head, can, element bypass value, and element end cap and these are generally made by cast Aluminum, steel, Nylon, Zin & Tin coated carbon steel in order to make light weight and ease in the mobility of spin filters.

Slitter Rewinder Machines Market to Extent an Assessed Value of US $1 Billion by 2028

LogoThe pace at which the converting industry is progressing over the recent years is cited as a clear factor boosting the scope of emergence of investment opportunities for converting firms. Moreover, a recently released market research intelligence by Future Market Insights projects that the consistently growing need for superior and technologically advanced product quality will continue to improve the sales prospects of slitter rewinder machines in the near future.

Sales of Fiber to the X (FTTx) Tester Market to Soar Through Key End-Use Industries During the Forecast Period 2018-2028

LogoThe growing demand for high speed Internet and increasing broadband subscription is surging the adoption of FTTx and significantly creating a huge demand for FTTx tester market, globally. Long distance coverage, increased bandwidth, and high reliability are having a positive impact on the growth of global FTTx tester market. Fiber to the x (FTTx) is the broadband network architecture used for communication through an optical fiber. Optical fiber cables are capable of carrying much more data when compared to traditionally-used copper wires. Fiber to the premises (FTTP) is the optical distribution network from the central office all the way to premises. FTTP is categorized into fiber to home (FTTH) and fiber to building (FTTB). Fiber to the cabinet (FTTC) is a fiber-based telecommunication that serves multiple customers. With the growing demand for high speed broadband and continuous infrastructural developments, FTTx tester market is expected to have a huge demand during the forecast period.

Global Vitamin D Ingredients Market Value Is Expected to Increase US $3,587.51 Mn by 2026, Due to the Rising Demand

LogoThe latest market report published by Future Market Insights titled "Vitamin D Ingredients Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012–2016 and Opportunity Assessment 2017–2026' provides key insights on the vitamin D ingredients market at a global level. In terms of value, the global vitamin D ingredients market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.6% during the forecast period.

Global IoT Testing Equipment Market to Witness Rapid Development During the Period 2018-2028

LogoFuture Market Insights has announced the addition of the “IoT Testing Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2018-2028" report to their offering

Person-to-Person Payments Market a Convenient Way to Send Money Forecast to 2019-2023

LogoPeer-to-peer transactions (also referred to as person-to-person transactions, P2P transactions, or P2P payments) are electronic money transfers made from one person to another through an intermediary, typically referred to as a P2P payment application. Person-to-person payments (P2P) is the online technology that allows customers to transfer funds from their bank account or credit card to another individual's account via the Internet.

Global Video Test Equipment Market to Witness Increased Revenue Growth Owing to Rapid Increase in Demand

LogoFuture Market Insights has announced the addition of the “Video Test Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2018-2028" report to their offering

Brief Approach to Research "Torrified Wheat Market"- Food and Beverages Report FMI

LogoThe use of cereal to make beer can be traced back to the beginning of the civilization. The unmalted adjunct used to make beer is called torrified wheat. The term 'torrified' in the torrified wheat refers to the treatment that is subjected to the wheat while making beer. This treatment involves the subjection of wheat kernels to temperatures as high as 85°C. This treatment is basically called torrification and is essential to gelatinize the starch present in wheat. This treatment breaks down the cellular structure of wheat and pre-gelatinizes the starch. The end product obtained is torrified wheat from which fermentable sugar can be extracted easily by a brewer. The market for torrified wheat has great growth potential as its major application is in the production of beer which is preferred by one and all in most of the regions of the world.

Japan Neurology Devices Market Outlook to 2025 - Hydrocephalus Shunts, Interventional Neuroradiology Devices, Neurosurgical Products and Others

LogoThis provides key market data on the Japan Neurology Devices market. The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, volume (in units) and average prices (USD) within market categories - Hydrocephalus Shunts, Interventional Neuroradiology, Neuromodulation Devices, Neurosurgical Products, Radiosurgery Systems and Neurological Diagnostic and Monitoring Equipment.

Palladium Catalyst Market Scrutinized in New Research: 2025

LogoThis report studies the global Palladium Catalyst Market status and forecast, categorizes the global market size (value & volume) by key players, type, application, and region. This report focuses on the top players in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa.