Press Releases From 06/29/2015 Until 07/29/2015

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Seasonal Workers Represent Real Risk to Manufacturers According to US Compliance Corp

According to U.S. Compliance Corp, temporary help is an OSHA emphasis area. Due to changes in economic climate, more companies are using temporary labor as a way to deal with cyclical work demands. This has become a great economical advantage for employers to use employees when needed. In April 2013 OSHA released an initiative to protect this new American temporary workforce. OSHA discovered that this was an underserved population in workforce.

Global Cycles Research Launches Interactive Stock Market Price/Volume Method and Training Course

Trading with a higher level of confidence is exactly what Global Cycles Research wants their students to do. Using a GPS-like approach, instructors will lead student through chart analysis and interpretations by hand. By manually reading what the market is telling them, students of the Global Cycles Research approach will demystify the media, simplify complex stock market indicators, and uncover opportunities. "Our approach is to follow our time-tested, valid, and reliable proven method of observing and acting on how and where the footprints of the market are leading. Doing so reduces the odds of making permanent buy and hold mistakes."

Tent and Table LLC Introduces Additional Ways for Event Rental Companies to Increase

Tent and Table, one of the premier U.S. manufacturers of commercial grade inflatable equipment, strives to help rental companies create new exciting product offers to attract more business. The company pays a lot of attention to helping their customers, many of which are party rental companies and event organizers, increase their revenues.

A Plumber in 1 Hour Company Offers Main Sewer Line Drain Cleaning at Affordable Rates

LogoChicago's #1 plumbing company, A Plumber in 1 Hour, has announced to offer main sewer line drain cleaning services starting at $99.00. The local company serves the greater Chicago area. Aside from providing an awesome deal for main sewer line draining, A Plumber in 1 Hour is offering a wide range of services such as installation, service and repair of boiler systems, whole bathrooms, and electrical tasks.

RAK Adventure Introducing New Deal for Clients

LogoRAK Adventure has come up with its latest deal. The company has now announced its deal of the best thing to do in Marrakech that includes Quad biking and camel riding. Experts are of the view that the new offering by the company will be motivating more clients to come to Marrakech and enjoy the desert tours from Marrakech.

Parts Geek Announces over 16,900 Porsche Products Are Now Available

LogoPeople who prefer to buy vehicles for their luxury and reputation probably consider a Porsche. Ever since the early 1930s, this German-based automaker has provided the world with some of the most robust and luxurious vehicles on the market. However, just like every other vehicle, there eventually comes a time where old parts need to be replaced or repaired. One reliable source that Porsche owners can find high-quality replacements parts is In fact, this leading online auto parts retailer is pleased to announce that they have extended their Porsche inventory to hold over 16,900 products.

E Instruments Announces Their BTU700 Economical Residential Combustion Analyzer Is Now Available

LogoE Instruments' priority is to ensure that their customers have the most state-of-the-art and convenient emissions analyzers and combustion analyzers. Additionally, the company is always adding even better and more effective products for customers to purchase year after year. In fact, those who are on the market for a new combustion analyzer can now consider purchasing the company's new BTU700 model.

Apple Denture Center Now Offers Dental X-Rays

Dental patients expect that their dentist detect any potential dental problems during their two yearly exams. To make sure that they are getting proper preventative dental care, dental patients should make sure that their dentist performs regular dental x-rays. The Apple Denture Center in Lansdowne has announced that they offer dental x-rays for all patients.

Local Eye Care Practice Brings Cutting Edge Tech to Iowa

LogoAmerican Eyecare, a local optometric practice with a reputation for forward thinking, technology minded patient care, recently announced the newest addition to its eye care office, state of the art OCT technology.

Ampm Exterminators Offers High-Quality and Customer-Friendly Pest Extermination Services in Seattle

Ampm exterminators are dedicated to offering high-quality and customer-friendly Seattle pest control services to every customer. They understand that a pest problem can weigh heavy on living in one's own home. The company has been serving the entire Seattle area with professional pest control services.

ANS Performance Launches a Nighttime Thermogenic Fat-Burning and Recovery Supplement in North America

ANS Performance, a leading Canadian developer of a full line of athletic performance supplements, is pleased to announce the North American launch of Diablo PM, a thermogenic fat-burning and recovery supplement that targets and burns fat and supports relaxation while you sleep.

Kahn Tools Proudly Sells American Made Products by CS Osborne

Founded by industry leader Mark Kahn, Kahn Tools is the solution to the challenges faced by American industrial manufacturers. Kahn Tools online drop ships from a combination of manufacturers, distributors, and master wholesalers. Kahn Tools' website is built from the ground up to be the most user-friendly website in the industry.

Lineup Security Offers a Wide Range of Security Systems for Residential Buildings and Commercial Buildings in New York City

Lineup Security is a security systems business in New York that provides security systems for residential buildings and commercial buildings. The company offers a wide range of security systems including Intercom systems, access control system, Alarm systems, CCTV, Systems and Electronic Locks. Their trained professionals also perform installations and repair of existing security systems. The business caters to both commercial and residential needs for security systems.

Former Winemaker Pens Second Thriller Set in the Napa Valley

"In 2005 I was working as Winemaker for William Harrison Winery, in St. Helena, CA." Bradley states, "For some reason, my late ex-wife (who died of cancer in 1999) began to haunt my dreams. Sometimes those dreams erotic in nature, but often they were unhappy. In one dream, particularly, I remember feeling sad. I needed to tell my ex-wife that I had divorced her and that she had died, and that she needed to leave me alone. Before I could do that she suddenly turned to me and said, 'I need you to do me a favor!' I said, 'What?' and she answered, 'I need you to wake up!' So I woke up… Over time, I began to get the idea that I should write a story about a winemaker whose late ex-wife haunts his dreams and gets him involved in a murder mystery."

Deborah Finn's Rittenhouse Jewelers Cleans Engagement Rings in Philadelphia

LogoWomen who wear engagement rings do so on a daily basis to show off the beauty of the ring and to honor the ring's symbolism of the wearer's commitment to their partner. With so much repeated wear, however, engagement rings suffer from built-up grime, and can lose their original luster and beauty. To help owners of engagement rings in Philadelphia restore their gems to their original condition, Deborah Finn's Rittenhouse Jewelers offers engagement ring cleaning in their Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia shop.

New Jersey HVAC Contractors Provide Energy Efficient A/C Systems

LogoCare Temp Heating & Air Conditioning provides services on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems all throughout Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties in New Jersey. Care Temp installs the most energy-efficient air conditioning systems all throughout their applicable New Jersey service areas. Boiler repair in Brick, NJ and the surrounding areas is also no problem for Care Temp any time of the year. Individuals interested in saving money this summer, and during many summers to come, are advised to invest in energy-efficient systems from Care Temp.

Commercial Video Surveillance Company to Keep an Eye on Every Unknown Face

Hiring a professional service provider from a Commercial Video Surveillance Company can provide a plethora of benefits. They not only save time and effort, but also provide peace of mind by providing an excellent security solution. The professionals have the experience, knowledge and resources needed to complete the CCTV installation easily and quickly. Installation services are the one that ready to resolve every single problem like failure to playing Plasma in the accurate position and much more. People can find installation solutions for different purposes easily. These solutions will not only solve every problem, but also make owners happy at the end with the amazing deals. That is why when it comes to hiring these solutions, people contact the leading service provider nearby the place. Hiring these solutions from the trustworthy service providers can save the precious time, money and efforts of property owners. Apart from that, they can also stop other costly damage to any building.

Producer-Songwriter Bobby Zoom Looks for Next Chapter in Music and More

Producer and songwriter Bobby Zoom has been in the industry for more than a decade, offering up big sounds and citing influences such as Jay-Z, Pharrell, and Kanye West.

Crest Media - A Leading Kemah Web Design Company, Shares Top Ecommerce Design Trends

A Bird's Eye View Of E-commerce Website Design Trends By A Leading Kemah Web Services Agency

Southern Painting's Houston Southwest Branch to Offer Services in 20 Regional Locations

Weather Proof Your Project With Residential Painting Sugar Land

Find Me a Tent Launches to Provide Rentable Wedding and Event Tents in All 50 States

Event tents, or marquees, are an essential way to provide temporary shelter in otherwise outdoor spaces, which make for the ideal shaded respite during the summer months for those attending weddings, parties or events. Finding providers and purveyors of these constructions can be difficult however, and finding a list of them to compare and contrast to be sure of the best deal is even harder. Find Me A Tent has been launched in order to provide the answer for all those looking for the best deal on event tents, with comprehensive listings covering the entire US.

Tri Glass, Inc. Encourages Individuals to Start Their Own Business with Their Windshield Repair Kits

Entrepreneurs looking to start their own automobile windshield repair business need the right tools and materials to get started. The windshield repair products company, Tri Glass, Inc., offers a wide variety of tools and products needed to conduct fast and effective windshield repairs. The company encourages people looking to start their own auto glass repair business to do so with their windshield repair equipment and supplies. Windshield repair businesses can begin operating with Tri Glass, Inc.'s high-quality windshield repair kits, which are comprised of everything needed to fix a glass crack or fissure on vehicles. The kits are affordable and come with a quantity of supplies that allows for hundreds of windshield repairs.

The US Vacuum Forming Plastic Giant Shares How the Industry Is Shaping

A Sneak Peek Into The Future of Vacuum Forming Plastic With New Technology Plastics

New Luxury, Perfect Model Vehicles in Stock

A top Canadian premium vehicle dealership has today announced they have more desirable automobiles than ever before. König Motors now stock some of the best pre-owned cars you're going to find this side of the border. They are committed to ensuring that all their customers leave with a fantastic deal. That is why the prices involved are so reasonable. Regardless of which manufacturers you prefer, this company is guaranteed to stock the perfect model for you.

Avoiding Jail and Getting Bail Bonds in Santa Barbara for Fourth of July

Learn tips to avoid going to jail and finding bail bonds in Santa Barbara. The Fourth of July can be a time of fun and festivities. It's also when the police and sheriff deputies will be on heightened alert. Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds will be there to help if needed.