Press Releases From 11/04/2017 Until 10/21/2018

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Hitile Unveils New Series of HD LED Video Display

LogoF9 Series is perfect combination of different elements, it includes HD LED display, smart LED cloud TV, all-in-one LED Display for Business Use and eTotem. The fact that it has excellent color uniformity, no black screen and no outage during use as well as safe maintenance of F9 Series has pushed forward the standard of LED screen industry. Hitile is welcoming everyone to step into the "F9 Era".

Hitile Releases New Series of LED Video Display Screens

LogoHitile has just held the New Product Launching Event Conference of the third quarter in October. In this conference, Hitile has announced an upgraded TD LED Display to the market, it is D2 Display, which has the pixel pitch of P2.976, and it was also a newly launched pixel pitch to offer a third choice among P1.9-P3. By now, TD2 LED Display is consisted of four pixel pitches including PH1.923mm, PH2.5mm, PH2.976mm and PH3mm. This series can be broadly applied in stage performance, exhibitions, broadcasting situations to highlight your show, and as for PH3.9mm it can be also used in semi-outdoor and outdoor rental screen events.

Professional Makeup Artist Takes the Guesswork out of Shopping for Makeup Online

The makeup and beauty industry seem to be on the up and up lately, as new and more exciting products hit the market on a daily basis, it is easy to lose track of what is good and what must be avoided from the thousands of products. Fortunately, for all of those looking for the professional opinion on all things makeup and beauty related, Professional Makeup Artist, Rita Kenny has launched her website, which is designed to offer practical, informative, and impartial advice that takes the guesswork out of shopping for makeup online.

Magoshare Releases AweEraser for Mac to Help Mac Users Permanently Erase Private Data

LogoHow to permanently erase data from Mac computer or storage media device? Magoshare, the reliable Mac utility developer, releases powerful Mac data erasure software – AweEraser for Mac 2.0 to help Mac users permanently delete files, erase hard drive or destroy already deleted data on SSD, HDD, USB flash drive, memory card, etc.

Savage: A Thrilling Short Film from Australia Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoSavage is an upcoming short film by directed by Rachel Fitzgerald and produced by Brie from Australia. The film is an inspiring story that is different and unique in its own way in order to entertain fans from around the world. It is the story about a man named 'David Savage', who does not fit in the world around him. Moreover, the short film covers his thrilling struggle in life while also bringing in some of the most exciting and sensational aspects to the storyline.

VGS Follows Time-Tested Education System of Ancient India to Render Quality Learning to Students

One of the leading IB schools affiliated by International Baccalaureate Organization, MIT, Pune's Vishwashanti Gurukul follows time-tested education system of ancient India to deliver top-quality learning to each of its students. From boarding to transport, this international school is backed with one-of-a-kind facilities, which are aimed at instilling a sense of self-respect, self-reliance and positive self-esteem among the participants. With academic fully based on International curriculum, MIT, Pune's Vishwashanti Gurukul focuses on overall development of the students by carefully creating a perfect balance between student's academic, sports, arts, and other activities.

From Bedroom to Boom: Anax Fitness Celebrates Move to Huge New Premises with Stunning New Budget Gymwear Range

Anax Fitness is celebrating its move to a massive 3000sqft warehouse in Trafford Park, Manchester with its own range of gorgeous designer gymwear to suit fitness freaks of all budgets.

Mobirise Mobile Website Builder Expands Their Functionality for Extremely Modern Website Design

Mobirise, a highly reputed company in the web design software development field, releases an update that will widen up the customisation functionalities for their mobile website builder.

Global Shape Memory Alloys Market 2017 - SAES Getters, G.RAU GmbH & Co. KG, ATI Wah-Chang

LogoGlobal Shape Memory Alloys Industry 2017 is an inclusive, adept report administering market research data that is pertinent for new market accepted players. The report emphasizes on global paramount dominant industry players with instruction such as company profiles, product picture and specifications, sales, market share and contact information.

Global Pipeline Demagnetizer Market 2017-2022 : Bussi Demagnetizing Systems, CLA SA, Laboratorio Elettrofisico

LogoReport studies Pipeline Demagnetizer in Global market that focuses on the top Manufacturers, Market Segment by Countries, Split by Product Types (with sales, revenue, price, market share of each type), Split by applications this report focuses on sales, market share and growth rate of Pipeline Demagnetizer in each application.

Demand for Strain Gages Garners Pace as Construction Activities Rise

LogoQY Research has announced the addition of a new research report to its vast repository. The publication, titled "Global Strain Gage Market Research Report 2017," sheds light on the various factors governing the trajectory of the overall market. It highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are likely to impact the global strain gage market in the coming years. Furthermore, it also provides the latest news, analysis of the historical events, and the present-day market situation. The informative study covers various segments of the market and helps in determining the economic, environmental, political, technological, and legal aspects that will determine their growth rate.

Discover the RF Cable Global Market Share, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast to 2023

LogoThis report offers an overview of the market trends, drivers, and barriers with respect to the RF Cable market. It also provides a detailed overview of the market of different regions across Global, Europe, China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and Others.

Intelligent Packaging Industry Forecast to 2023 Examined in New Market Research Report

LogoThis report offers an overview of the market trends, drivers, and barriers with respect to the Intelligent Packaging market. It also provides a detailed overview of the market of different regions across Global, Europe, China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and Others.

Yellow Dextrin Market to 2023: Manufacturers, Volume, Value, Import, Export and Sale Price Analysis Examined in New Market Research Report

LogoThis report offers an overview of the market trends, drivers, and barriers with respect to the Yellow Dextrin market. It also provides a detailed overview of the market of different regions across Global, Europe, China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and Others.

Global Digital Content Industry 2017 Market Research Report: Product Price, Market Share and Growth Rate of Each Type

LogoThis report provides a detailed analysis of the Digital Content market, its dynamics, structure, characteristics, main players, growth and demand drivers, etc. As a Detailed Analysis report, it covers all details inside analysis and opinion in Digital Content industry.

Tom Adams Windows & Carpets Wins Excellence in Installation Award from Window & Door Magazine

For more than six decades, Tom Adams Windows & Carpets has successfully served as the premier carpet installation company for Montgomery County and beyond. Their continuous hard work paired with beautiful results has earned them this year's Excellence in Installation award from the 2017 Dealer of the Year Awards, courtesy of Window & Door magazine.

Global Exercise Bikes Sales Market, Ex-Factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis Opportunities and Forecast 2022

LogoWiseGuyReports published new report, title “Global Exercise Bikes Sales Market Report”.

Remote Electronic Unit Market Worth 5.10 Billion USD by 2022

LogoAccording to the new market research report "Remote Electronic Unit Market by Application (Flight Control Surface, Landing Gear, Fuel System, Ice Protection System), End Use (Original Equipment Manufacturers, Aftermarket), Platform (Aircraft, Spacecraft), and Region - Global Forecast to 2022", The remote electronic unit market is projected to grow from USD 2.78 Billion in 2017 to USD 5.10 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 12.88% from 2017 to 2022.

5G Infrastructure Market Worth 33.72 Billion USD by 2026

LogoAccording to the new market research report "5G Infrastructure Market by Communication Infrastructure (Small Cell, RAN, Macro Cell), Network Technology (SDN, NFV, MEC, FC), Chipset Type (ASIC, RFIC), Application (Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Retail), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2026", The 5G infrastructure market is estimated to be valued at USD 2.86 Billion in 2020 and it is further projected to reach USD 33.72 Billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 50.9% between 2020 and 2026.

Global Fuel Delivery System Market to Reach US $5.96 Bn over 2016-2024

LogoThe fuel delivery systems market report provides analysis for the period 2014–2024, wherein the period from 2016 to 2024 is the forecast and 2015 is the base year. The report covers all the major trends and technologies playing a key role in the fuel delivery systems market's growth over the forecast period. It also highlights the drivers, restraints, and opportunities expected to influence the market's growth during the said period in terms of revenue (in US$ Mn) and volume (in thousand units), across the geographies including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa (MEA) and South America. North America comprises of the U.S., Canada, and Rest of North America.

Global Free Space Optics Market Is Likely Become Worth US $1.07 Bn over 2016-2024

LogoFree space optics (FSO) communication, also known as optical wireless or free space photonics (FSP) is a line-of-sight technology that propagates light in free space such as vacuum, air, or outer space in order to wirelessly transmit data for computer networking and telecommunication. This technology requires light, which can be focused by either using light emitting diodes or lasers. Free space optics uses optical signals as the carrier frequencies to offer point-to-point transmission of communication information through the atmosphere. This technology offers several benefits over the existing techniques such as radio, microwave, or optical systems. The advantages associated with FSO such as low initial investment, low power usage per transmitted bit, high bandwidth provisioning, flexible rollouts, high security, and quick establishment of communication link has led to increasing number of applications of free space optics in various industries.

Max Muscle Nutrition Now Open in Exton

Max Muscle Nutrition is happy to announce that they are now open in Exton, Pennsylvania. With over 300 products online and over 600 items in their store, they have something to meet the nutritional needs of any athlete. Included in the wide variety of products they supply are non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, soy-free and vegan options.

Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Market to Register Steady Growth During 2017 - 2025

LogoAutomotive parts remanufacturing represents one of those few markets which expand in an inverse proportion with the economy. Providing a cheaper alternative to purchasing brand new automotive parts, remanufacturing generally gains a boost when consumer spending drops down. However, in a rapidly growing economy on the other hand, consumers tend to choose new products over remanufactured ones and as a result, the market for remanufactured automotive parts experiences a plunge.

Growth of Methyl Mercaptan Market Projected to Amplify During 2016 - 2026

LogoMethyl mercaptan also called as methanethiol is colorless gas having rotten cabbage like putrid smell. It has chemical formula CH4S and is synthesized by reacting methanol and hydrogen sulfide gas. Methyl mercaptan is naturally occurring substance which is found in bodies of humans and animals and also in the plant tissues. Methyl Mercaptan (Methanethiol) is released from the decaying organic matter and thus found in natural gas, crude oil and some coal tar deposits. Methyl mercaptan (methanethiol) is used in pesticides, jet fuel additive, in the plastic industry and most importantly it is used as the intermediate in the synthesis of methionine (an amino acid), extensively used food supplement in poultry industry. The other uses of methyl mercaptan is as fungicide and as a catalyst for various reactions. Methyl mercaptan is a flammable liquid which causes eye irritation, headaches and nausea. Facility workers are well trained for the safe handling of the product.

Expansion of Automotive Suspension Bushes Market to Remain Consistent During 2016 - 2026

LogoAutomotive suspension system of the vehicle resists lot of forces upon cornering and the various forces generated are transferred to the tire via suspension system. The automotive suspension bushes are an integral part of the suspension system, which plays an important role for a smooth and safe ride while improving the chassis performance of an automotive vehicle. Suspension bushes in the suspension system of a vehicle reduces shocks, keeps the vehicle alignment intact, and helps the vehicle in maintaining firm contact of tires with road, thus offering driving comfort for the driver and passenger. Suspension bushes also acts as sound barrier to avoid noise and vibration caused by rough road. The global automotive suspension bushes market has a significant stand in the automotive sector because of its principle use in the automotive suspension systems. Automotive suspension bushes are made of components whose mechanical properties, and abrasion resistance are excellent, such as polyurethane which is extensively used for making suspension bushes having properties such as greater tear strength, tolerance to ozone and oils, and high toughness among others. The global automotive suspension bushes market is expected to grow at a modest CAGR over the forecast period.