Press Releases From 11/07/2017 Until 10/20/2018

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Synthetic Biology Market Worth 8.84 Billion USD by 2022

LogoThe synthetic biology market is expected to reach USD 8.84 Billion by 2022 from an estimated USD 3.57 Billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 19.9%.

Wireless Ambulatory Telemetry Monitors Market to Register Unwavering Growth During 2017 - 2025

LogoAmbulatory telemetry is a type of heart monitoring. It uses lightweight, portable equipment to record heart's electrical activity during daily activities. Monitoring can last for a few days to several weeks. The goal of ambulatory telemetry is to discover if symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, or fainting are caused by a heart rhythm problem. An electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is unable to reveal the source of symptoms and a longer test may be needed. The telemetry monitoring device market includes wireless patient worn monitors. Telemetry monitors have traditionally been used for monitoring one or two parameters. However, recent advancements have enabled these devices to monitor three or four parameters of the heart on an average. The patient worn monitors allow for continuous monitoring of ambulatory patients within the area of coverage. Signals from the patient worn device are transmitted to a central station where nurses can monitor patient's vital signs. Wireless ambulatory telemetry is most commonly found in cardiac care areas, including stroke units, coronary care units, step and step down units.

Sepsis Diagnostics Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2025

LogoSepsis is a serious complication arising due to a compromised immune system that leads people to become susceptible to bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic or other infections. Sepsis is among the most common causes of death in hospitals. Sepsis occurs when the immune system of the host responds to an infection, and then chemicals are released by the immune system to treat the infection. Upon entering the blood stream, this causes inflammation throughout the body. It leads to blood clots, leakage in blood vessels and poor blood flow, and it deprives the vital organs of the body of oxygen and nutrients. Sepsis is considered as a three staged syndrome by many physicians starting with sepsis, leading to severe sepsis, and finally septic shock, which is considered as a medical emergency. People with a weak immune system, children, elderly people, and people with chronic diseases such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes, etc. are among high risk of contracting sepsis. The current methods of sepsis diagnostics rely on non-specific physiological and clinical criteria, which many a times makes it difficult to differentiate sepsis, from a systematic inflammatory response caused by normal inflammation. Blood test is the preliminary test for the evidence of infection, clotting, and impaired oxygen availability. Other laboratory tests such as urine, wound secretions and respiratory secretions are followed. If the confirmation of sepsis and the source of inflammation is not found using these tests, then X-rays, Computerized Tomography, Ultrasound, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are used.

Gene Editing Market to Record Ascending Growth by 2025

LogoGene editing is the insertion, deletion or replacement of DNA at a specific site in the genome of living organism. Gene editing is a type of genetic engineering technique and is also called as genome editing. Gene editing can be accomplished by using engineered nucleases also known as molecular scissors. From the last few years, gene editing has been developed for wide range of experimental systems ranging from plants to animals and clinical applications. Gene editing method holds a promising future scope in becoming the standard experimental strategy in the field of genetic research. Gene editing can be done by using engineered nucleases such as ZFNs (zinc finger nucleases) or TALENs (transcription activator-like effector-based nucleases), CRISPR-Cas system (Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats), or with viral systems such as rAAV (recombinant adeno-associated virus). The gene editing companies classify gene editing in two categories namely the loss of function in which functional forms of the gene are taken off and the other is gain of function in which mutant active forms of the gene are introduced into the system. Gene editing provides an opportunity to perform same types of loss and gain of function experiments and manipulate genes of interest at the endogenous level.

Liquid Biopsy Products Market to Witness Increase in Revenues by 2025

LogoLiquid biopsy is a test done on a sample of blood to detect cancer cells from a tumor that are circulating in the blood or for pieces of DNA from the tumor at early stage of cancer. To detect cancer at early stage, liquid biopsy is one of the most prominent tests being used. Liquid biopsy aids in planning the required treatment and also check for treatment effectiveness as well as repeated occurrence of tumor during and after the course of cancer treatment. In order to understand the molecular changes which are taking place in a tumor, multiple blood samples are taken over a period of time. Liquid biopsy blood test accurately detects key genetic mutations in most common forms of cancer such as the lung cancer. Liquid biopsy is recommended for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), either at the time of first diagnosis or of relapse following previous treatment due to its reliability. Liquid biopsy is technically known as rapid plasma genotyping which involves taking a test tube-full of blood, which contains free-floating DNA from cancer cells, and analyzing that DNA for mutations or other abnormalities. Liquid biopsy provides a "snapshot" of key genetic irregularities in a tumor and is a common tool in cancer research for probing the molecular make-up of different kinds of cancers.

Polypropylene Foam Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2020

Polypropylene foam (PP), also known as polypropene, is an engineering plastic material with advanced chemical and physical properties such as energy absorption, structural strength, thermal insulation and acoustical properties. Polypropylene foams are used in range of applications such as, textiles, high performance plastic parts and reusable containers of various types, laboratory equipment, automotive components, and polymers bank notes.

Controlled Release Cannabis Pills Market Research Report 2017-2025: By Type, Technology, Application, by Geography and Company Profile

LogoCannabis is a psychoactive drug extracted from a genus of flowering plant of Cannabaceae family. It is also called as, marijuana. Over the last few decades use of cannabis for the medical purpose has increased and is described as medical marijuana. Increasing research in this area has suggested that it can be prescribed to treat a number of health conditions such as, chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasm, and reduce nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy among other health conditions. Companies are increasingly investing on the research in the field of medical marijuana or cannabis. These research has led to the development of controlled release cannabis pills that can provide long lasting effect.

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Market Is Projected to Bring in US$37.61 Bn by 2025

LogoThe competitive landscape in the global market for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is characterized by the rivalry between the leading market players, such as Regen Biopharma Inc., Cryo-Save AG, Pluristem Therapeutics Inc., and CBR Systems Inc., finds a new research study by Transparency Market Research (TMR).

Physical Therapy Services Market Research Report 2017-2025: By Application, Age Group, End-User, by Geography and Company Profile

LogoPhysical therapy services has helped a lot in promoting health and wellness, these are specially designed exercises to help patient gain physical abilities. The physical therapy is given to patients with musculoskeletal birth defects, effect of any injury or surgery or due to stroke. Thy physical therapist name differ from country to country, some countries calls physiotherapists, while some are known as kinesiologist. The physiotherapist helps to restore the patient's natural functional ability. Physical therapists help people at any age group from newborns to the ageing, injury, surgery, diseases, and disorders, or any environmental conditions. Physical therapy market trends propose that demands of such therapies will increase among end users due to rise in accidents, and sedentary lifestyle that follows diseases and disorders

Artificial Disc Replacement Market Research Report 2017-2025: By Types, Product, by Geography and Company Profile

LogoSpinal discs act as cushions or shock absorbers for the vertebrae and are located between the bones or vertebrae of the spine. These discs are instrumental in rendering flexibility and movement of the spinal column. There are two major parts of discs namely, inner and outer portion. Inner portion comprises a jelly like material while stronger and fibrous material constitutes the outer portion of the discs. Due to aging, these discs are subjected to tear or crack in the outer portion resulting in degenerative disc disorders along with other complications such as bulging out in the inner portion of the disc resulting in pressure on the outer portion that leads to pain.

Molecular Imaging Agents Market Research Report 2017-2025: By Types, Application, Distribution Channel, by Geography and Company Profile

LogoMolecular imaging is a new biomedical research discipline which enables the quantification, visualization, and characterization of biologic processes taking place at the cellular and subcellular levels. Molecular imaging plays a very important role in diagnosis of early assessment, risk stratification, and follow-up of patients with neurological diseases. Molecular imaging offers unique visions that helps in the evaluation and management of cardiovascular disease conditions like heart failure, ischemic injury and left ventricular remodeling, thrombosis and angiogenesis. Molecular imaging is a field which relies on the availability of relevant biomarkers and the improvements in detection technologies. The main application of molecular imaging is the analysis of biologic processes of a living subject cell in order to identify their molecular abnormalities that form the origin of disease.

Low Vision Aids Market Research Report 2017-2025: By Type of Aids, Distribution Channel, by Geography and Company Profile

LogoLow vision is a term used to describe the visual impairment condition that cannot be cured with the help of contact lenses, glasses, medicine, and eye surgery and person with the low vision condition is not able to perform the day to day task properly. Vision impairment has many forms and degree of the condition. Vision problem of a person cannot be predicted with the visual acuity. This condition is usually caused by various eye conditions and diseases such as, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, stroke, diabetic retinopathy, and retinitis pigmentosa. Low vision aids are used to help people to perform day-to-day activities.

Sulfamic Acid Market to Register Steady Growth During 2017–2027

LogoSulfamic acid is also named as amidosulfuric acid, amidosulfonic acid, sulfamidic acid, and aminosulfonic. Sulfamic acid is a molecular compound with chemical formula (H3NSO3). It is a water-soluble, and colorless compound present in various applications. Sulfamates are also byproducts of sulfamic acid.Sulfamic acid is majorly a predecessor to sweet-tasting mixtures. Sulfamic acid is also used in the design of various types of therapeutic agents including HIV protease inhibitors (PIs), antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs (carbonic anhydrase and steroid sulfatase inhibitors), anti-epileptic drugs, nucleoside human immunodeficiency virus that are reverse transcriptase inhibitors, and weight loss drugs.

Hospital Cancer Diagnostics Market: Key Factors Impacting Growth

LogoCancer is an acute disease caused by genetic malfunctions. Early diagnosis of cancer is very critical for providing accurate and effective treatment. A patient is subjected to variety of tests and exams in hospital as well as in the laboratories. Pap test was the first screening test used for detection of cancer which was promoted in the 1960s by the American Cancer Society. Significance of this test was that it helped in early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer leading to decline in death rate of cervical cancer patients by about 70%. In recent years, cancer diagnostics have evolved rapidly with introduction of new technologies and applications. Today several types of cancers are diagnosed using wide array of methods. The global market for hospital cancer diagnostics is expanding at exponential rate due to rising prevalence of cancer across the globe. Additionally, the advancement in understanding and treating cancer coupled with high awareness about the disease has heightened the demand for cancer diagnosis worldwide.

Gypsum Boards Market to Witness Widespread Expansion During 2017–2027

LogoGypsum boards consist of a non-combustible core, and as the name suggests, are made of gypsum; these boards are employed as an aesthetic building material. The popularity of gypsum boards is a result of their application for decorative purposes, owing to their availability in different shapes and sizes, textures, their cost-effectiveness and flexibility. The gypsum boards market is foretold to witness sturdy growth over the forecast period, due to the product's desirability in building systems. The gypsum boards market offers light weight, durable, fire resistant and sound control products that are widely used for partitions, ceilings and walls in both, interiors and exterior of a building.

Global Blockchain Technology Market to Be Worth US$20 Bn During 2016-2024

LogoBlockchain technology offers a secure, fast, and cheaper medium of carrying out online transaction and online transfer of information without the need of third party verification. The adoption of blockchain technology in financial services sector has gained traction. Banking sector is willing to explore opportunities which would make the banking transactions more transparent and easy to process. Increased penetration of digital technology in the banking sector has resulted in the development of easy to use online platforms and applications. This drives the need to carry out the online transactions in a secure manner. Blockchain technology eliminates the frauds due to errors and identity theft to a large extent. Hence the financial services sector has been keen in exploring the technology before undertaking a wide scale deployment of this technology. This technology can benefit industries such as music and healthcare by offering easy access and exchange of digital data of these industries over the Internet.

Patient Decision Aid Market to Witness Growth Acceleration During 2017 - 2025

LogoThe healthcare delivery system has changed and new chipped in ideas and innovations are reshaping the predetermined patient convenience levels. Communication is playing a major role in this entire evolution. Hospitals and clinics are opening multiple windows of communication to aid patients with smart clinical solutions. In this modern healthcare ecosystem, the essence of patient decision aid system is extremely important. Patient decision aid systems can support and guide a patient before taking a call on the treatment he or she is offered with. The healthcare institutes such as hospitals and clinics do use different mediums to offer adequate support to the patients. They often take the route of counselling or even table a proper presentation in front of the patients. This process of pretreatment sessions not only helps the patient to take the right decision but it also assists them to understand the entire procedure of treatment. This further helps the patient to save money and time and also reduces the load of patients in the hospitals. The market of the Patient decision Aid is about to multiply in the forthcoming years. As the global healthcare market is growing with time, the continuous digital advancements are changing the face of the healthcare. North America is the largest healthcare market of the globe. The total approximate value of the market is about to reach 32 billion US dollars by the end of 2017, expects the market hawks.

Circulating Tumor Cells and Cancer Stem Cells Market Projected to Be Resilient During 2017 - 2025

LogoThe tumor cells which have shed into lymphatic system and circulated over the body through blood circulation are called as circulating tumor cells. Circulating tumor cells may comprise seeds for metastasis. Stem cells are the type of cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and have the capacity of self-renewal. Cancer stem cells are the cancer cells that possess the characteristics of normal stem cells. Cancer stem cells are said to be responsible for relapse of cancers in patients. There is a growing interest in these two cell types due to their fundamental biological and clinical implications. Circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells are an important element in order to understand cancer related mechanism and to find a cure from all type of cancers. These cells can be used for detecting of metastasis and the patients who are at a higher risk of cancer relapse.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Market Estimated to Soar Higher During 2017 - 2025

LogoAbnormalities in the breast or lumps are often noticed by mammography, physical examination, or other imaging studies. However, it is impossible always to opt for these imaging tests in order to identify the growth is cancerous or benign. Breast biopsy procedure is performed in order to take away suspicious cells for the breast area and examine them with the help of microscope for a proper diagnosis. The procedure can be performed by two different methods: surgically or minimum invasively. The minimum invasive method is more commonly performed by a radiologist with the help of a less invasive procedure using image-guidance and hollow needle. Image-guided needle biopsy which is less invasive is not designed to remove the entire lesion. Such a minimally invasive procedure is performed which takes out samples of a defective cells under some guidance like MRI, mammographic guidance or ultrasound.

Global Waterbased Coatings Market to Be Worth US$80.3 Bn During 2016-2024

LogoWater-based coatings are a type of coating which use water as a solvent. Water is employed as a dispersal agent for resins to make them eco-friendly and easy to use. Water constitutes more than 75% of the coatings with traces of other solvents like glycol ethers. Rising architectural activities and stringent government regulation related to VOC content are the major drivers that drives the growth of water-based coatings market. Asia Pacific dominates the water-based coatings market in terms of demand. Countries such as China, India are expected to be the key consumers of water-based coatings. Volatility in raw material prices and susceptibility to environmental conditions is anticipated to hamper the market growth.

Free-to-Air (FTA) Service Market in EMEA Is Expected to Reach US$155.8 Bn During 2016-2024

LogoFree-to-air service refers to audio and audio-visual content broadcasted free of cost to radio sets and television sets. This implies that the unencrypted form of the content delivered does not involve the levy of any subscription fees. Such content can also be consumed through mobiles, laptops, desktops, and tablets. Audio content is transmitted with the help of radio waves, whereas audio-visual content is submitted through satellites, cable and the internet. Additionally, in the case of mobile TVs, special transmission formats are used, if not regular broadcast methods. In the case of delivery of audio-visual content through the internet, the option of downloading and storing programs may be utilized for later viewing purposes. Rising number of FTA channels and the increasing use of smartphones for TV viewing purposes in the EMEA region are some of the major factors driving market growth in the region.

Plant Health Improvement Agents (PHIA) Market Size and Key Trends in Terms of Volume and Value 2020

Plant health improvement is maintenance of plants for sustainable growth of biofuel feedstock and fungi. There are various agents such as symbionts, pathogens and biocontrol agents which can harm the growth of plants, dramatically affecting proper growth of plant species. Protection of plant health has become major responsibility for the governments, growers, traders and general public.

Phototherapy Equipment Market Expected to Behold a CAGR of 4.4% from 2016 to 2024

LogoThe global phototherapy equipment market exhibits a high degree of competition. Nearly 80% of the overall market revenue in 2016 was contributed by seven players, finds Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a new study. These frontrunners are Herbert Waldmann GmBH & Co. KG, Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, Phoenix Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd, GE Healthcare, Natus Medical Incorporated, Atom Medical Corporation, and The Daavlin Company.

Wood Preservative Chemicals Market Volume Forecast and Value Chain Analysis to 2020

Wood is an important part of building material. Wood preservation chemicals ensure the longer life of wood by keeping it safe from the attack of any insects, fungus or bacteria. Such preservation can be done by several treatments and chemicals. Wood preservative chemicals market is growing with a significant growth rate due to the increased use of wood in the households and industrial sector. Wood has several indoor and outdoor applications. In the recent year, the commercial uses include decking; railroad products and fencing represent the major end-use application for wood preservative chemicals globally. The demand for wood preservative chemicals from the landscape-products end-use segment is projected to increase in the future years.

Specialty Enzymes Market Is Expected to Reach Approximately US $3,726.4 Mn by 2025

LogoTransparency Market Research (TMR) states that Codexis Inc., Biocatalysts Ltd., Amano Enzymes Inc., and Novozymes A/S are the leading players in the global specialty enzymes market. These players are expected to focus on research and development and mergers and acquisitions in the coming years. Additionally, players will also work toward building a stronger product portfolio to remain relevant in the overall competition.