Press Releases From 02/06/2018 Until 12/15/2018

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Conductive Films Market - Forecast on Market Dynamics, Emerging Trends, Growth Factors

LogoWith the increasing penetration of smartphones, laptops, tablet devices, LED televisions, and various other such electronic devices, the demand for conductive films has been increasing substantially. The transparent screens that can observed in the day-to-day life are made up of conductive films. Apart from the display devices, these films are also utilized in several heating application, such as automotive interior heating. LEDs and photovoltaic cells (PV) are also significant application areas of conductive films, which satisfy the need for conductive material, allowing the light to transmit through them. The global conductive films market has a huge and swiftly developing market, thanks to the ever-rising demand for consumer electronics.

Innovation Benchmarking in Functional Lipids Market

LogoLipids and fats are regarded as important components of foods and may perform essential role in reducing the risk of diseases and promote good health. Functional lipids can be defined as functional foods which are consumed as a part of usual diet and have ability to impose physiological benefits and reduce the risk of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional functions. There has been growing interest in the functional food in the recent past years within the food industry and from the consumers due to their expanded capability to prevent the body against developing certain types of diseases. Foods including, fruits, vegetables, grains, fish and dairy products are extensively studied for their natural health benefits and contribute towards benefits beyond those of basic nutrition. This includes functional foods with modified components such as yogurt with reduced or eliminated levels of fat content, or yogurt enriched with phytosterols. Other examples includes, juices with replaced or enhanced antioxidant content in order to improve the overall function of the product.

Paprika Oleoresin Market: Opportunities in Key Application Sectors

LogoOleoresin are highly concentrated pure extracts of spices or herbs. These are naturally occurring combination of oil and resins extracted from plants. Oleoresin can be obtained from various plant sources including, chilli, turmeric, valerian, paprika, clove, coriander and others. Paprika oleoresin is an oil soluble extract obtained from the dried and ground sweet pepper pods also called as fruits of Capsicum annum Linn or Capsicum frutescens with the prime function in food coloring and flavoring industry. Capsicum annum Linn is widely consumed as vegetable across the globe and is native to North America and northern South America. Paprika oleoresin is highly viscous and possess coloring properties due to presence of natural carotenoid pigments, especially capsanthin and capsorubin. Apart from this paprika oleoresin also contains capsaicin, which is the main flavoring compound giving pungent taste in higher concentrations. The global Paprika Oleoresin market is expected to witness significant revenue opportunity over the forecast period attributed to its expanded applications in food industry, cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical industry. Increasing demand for natural colours across the globe ispushing the marker revenue growth of the overall paprika oleoresin market.

Strategic Analysis of Global Tomato Paste Market

LogoTomato Paste Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Shisha Tobacco Market Driven by the Advent of Theme Cafes Targeting Young Population

LogoShisha Tobacco Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 - 2025

ImageFIRST Observes That Change Management Is the New Normal in Healthcare

LogoImageFIRST, a healthcare laundry and linen services provider serving Phoenix, AZ, and other areas, shares observations that change management is the new normal in healthcare based on news stories in the media over the course of the past year.

Co2 Indicator Labels Market - Need for Packaging Solutions That Extend Shelf Life of the Product

LogoIn keeping with the high standard of packaging, dedicated efforts have been put in the field of packaging, across the world in the last couple of decades. This led to the rise of active, smart, and intelligent packaging technologies. Growing consumer awareness regarding food packaging hygiene initiated a chain reaction, which led to an increase in demand for packaging technologies that could extend the shelf life of the food products. One of the intelligent packaging technologies in use today is – Co2 sensing.

Growth Opportunity Assessment - Glucono Delta Lactone Market

LogoGlucono delta-lactone (GDL) is a food additive which is also known as gluconolactone. It is represented with the EU number E575. Glucono delta-lactone is used to improve the quality and stability of the food products. It is produced by oxidizing gluconic acid by various methods. Glucono delta-lactone is also used as a pH controlling agent as well as an acidulant. Glucono delta-lactone is also used as a tofu coagulant. Pure glucono delta-lactone is a white crystalline powder which is odourless and is non-toxic. Glucono delta-lactone is moderately soluble in alcohol but is freely soluble in water. Glucono delta-lactone is commonly found in fruit juices, royal jelly, honey, wine and other fermented products in its natural state (gluconic acid). Glucono delta-lactone is neutral in nature but slowly hydrolyses into gluconic acid in water which is acidic. Glucono delta-lactone helps to preserve the food from spoilage by enzyme and microorganism. Glucono delta-lactone is generally not made from any gluten containing grain, rather it is made by the fermentation of maize or rice.

Rising Standard of Quality Healthcare Is Expected to Fuel Growth of the Global IV Containers Market

LogoIV containers are packaging solutions used for intravenous infusion and irrigation. IV containers are used to facilitate medication management and improve patient safety and experience. In a market where sterile packaging and storing solutions are of paramount importance for safe and quality drug administration, IV containers rank on top of the list of ideal choices. IV containers are available in a variety of capacities and configurations to suit the needs of medication. IV containers enjoy high preference in intravenous and intravascular infusion applications such as, blood derivatives and parenteral feeding. This is attributed to high demand for safe and sterile packaging solutions which are manufactured strictly according to health guidelines, and controlled process conditions. IV containers are prominently used in the developed countries, and as the developing nations increase spending on healthcare, the rising standard of quality healthcare is expected to fuel growth of the global IV containers market, thereby increasing preference for safe and sterile packaging solutions. This ensures a largely positive outlook for the global IV containers market.

Consumer Barrier Films Market Driven by Evolving Consumer-Level and Design-Level Trends

LogoIn the past couple of decades, rigid packaging has given way to the more convenient flexible packaging solutions. Consumer barrier films serve a variety of purposes, such as aroma protection, and increasing shelf life of the product within. Consumer barrier films find a wide range of applications in the food, home & personal care, pet food & pet care industries, and the likes, for flow wrapping, lidding and other purposes. The transparent nature of the consumer packaging films enables excellent product display, which enhances their chances of selling. Consumer barrier films are necessary for food and non-food products alike, for acting as an efficient aroma, odour, and gas barrier, thus facilitating growth in preference for consumer barrier films in the market. Consumer barrier films find applications in a variety of horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal applications. Rising demand for flexible packaging solutions that enhance the shelf life of the product, coupled with more consumer appeal for packaging solutions with excellent product presentation, are the major factors expected to ensure a positive outlook for the global consumer barrier films market, over the forecast period.

Smart Railways Market - the Biggest Trends to Watch out for 2017-2025

LogoSmart railways, which includes smart ticketing, e- catering, freight information systems, etc., are a reality. They help up efficiency of transport and bring about reduction in costs eventually by automating various processes and leveraging technology to improve services. Smart railways are built by deploying GSM-R systems, cloud computing, and data analytics. A smart railway system bundles devices and components, solutions, and services, which automates and optimizes the usage of railway infrastructure to carry out advanced functions. With railways being one of the most preferred means of transport, smart railways are primed for good growth in the foreseeable future.

Global Water Treatment Additives Market - Insights and Trends

LogoWater Treatment Additives Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2025

DC Torque Tool Market - Rising Requirement of Specific Torque as Well as Efficient and Flexible Tools for Fastening

LogoThe DC control tool is a system used for fasten the process of torque and automation and to provide precise, accurate and repeatable torque control. Torque fastening system manufacturers can optimize the assembly area due to its high performance, and it also reduces labor costs and increases productivity.

USB Key Market - Increasing Demand for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and Computers.

USB key is a portable storage drive developed with an intention to store data in a USB drive with an encrypted key. An USB key denies access to unauthorized users. It is used to protect the access point through various applications including remote access and VPN, computer login, password managers, Fast Identity Online (FIDO), U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) login such as Dropbox, Gmail, GitHub,etc. The USB key helps to enhance the security level of these access points as they are the content management systems and popular online services, by which one can easily access their online data files. U2F is an open verification technology that simplifies and strengthens two-factor authentication by using specialized NFC (Near Field Communications) or USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices grounded on the similar security technology initiated in smart cards. Smart card login CCID/PIV, static password, FIDO Universal, 2nd factor authentication, and one-time password are the main factions of USB key, enhancing the security access.

Digital Printing Packaging Market - Rapidly Growing Dynamic Markets

LogoIn the next decade, packaging industry will experience a significant revolution owing to the increasing applications of digital printing. Digital printing is one of the prominent printing technology for packaging and labels, that has been recognized among brand owners who prefer quick-turnaround capability which digital printing offers. Moreover, digitally printed packages improves workflow, enables innovative marketing, and helps in quicker marketing.

NASDAQ:OBLN Shareholder Notice: Investigation over Possible Securities Laws Violations by Obalon Therapeutics Inc

LogoObalon Therapeutics Inc is under investigation over potential securities laws violations in connection with certain financial statements made by Obalon Therapeutics Inc. The investigation was announced for investors in NASDAQ:OBLN shares.

NASDAQ:AQMS Shareholder Notice: Deadline on February 13, 2018 Upcoming in Lawsuit Against Aqua Metals Inc

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announces that a deadline is coming up on February 13, 2018 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors of Aqua Metals Inc (NASDAQ:AQMS) over alleged securities laws violations by Aqua Metals Inc.

NYSE:XRX Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover of Xerox Corp by FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation

LogoAn investigation was announced for investors, who currently hold shares of Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX), over the takeover of Xerox Corp. by FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation.

Global Vacuum Sputtering Coating Machines Market 2017: Oerlikon, Von Ardenne, Ulvac, Kolzer, KDF, Denton Vacuum, Veeco Instruments

LogoThe Global Vacuum Sputtering Coating Machines Marke t 2017 Industry Research Report is a in-depth study and professional analysis on the current state of the Vacuum Sputtering Coating Machines market.

Global Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Monitor Market 2017: REA Systems, Ion Science, Thermo Fisher, Skyeaglee, Omega

LogoThe Global Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Monitor Market 2017 Industry Research Report is a in-depth study and professional analysis on the current state of the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Monitor market.

Global Truck-Mounted Street Sweeper Market 2017: Elgin, FULONGMA, Hako, FAYAT GROUP, Aebi Schmidt, Exprolink, Alamo Group

LogoThe Global Truck-Mounted Street Sweeper Market 2017 Industry Research Report is a in-depth study and professional analysis on the current state of the Truck-Mounted Street Sweeper market.

Global Torch Cutting Machines Market 2017: KOIKE GROUP, Mass Cutting Systems, BUG-O SYSTEMS, ARCBRO Ltd

LogoThe Global Torch Cutting Machines Market 2017 Industry Research Report is a in-depth study and professional analysis on the current state of the Torch Cutting Machines market.

Global Thermoplastic Rubber(TPR) Market 2017: GAINSHINE, Synotech Polymers, SPP New Material

LogoThe Global Thermoplastic Rubber(TPR) Market 2017 Industry Research Report is a in-depth study and professional analysis on the current state of the Thermoplastic Rubber(TPR) market.

Global Smart Grid Optimization Solutions Market 2017: ABB, GE Energy, Ambient, BPL Global, Schneider Electric, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

LogoThe Global Smart Grid Optimization Solutions Market 2017 Industry Research Report is a in-depth study and professional analysis on the current state of the Smart Grid Optimization Solutions market.

Global Smart Dishwashers Market 2017: Samsung, BSH, GE, Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux

LogoThe Global Smart Dishwashers Market 2017 Industry Research Report is a in-depth study and professional analysis on the current state of the Smart Dishwashers market.