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De-Oiled Lecithin Market : Huge Demand in the Food and Beverages Industry to Bolster Industry Growth

De-Oiled Lecithin Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 - 2026


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2018 -- Market outlook

Commercial production of de-oiled lecithin is done using soy, sunflower or rapeseed as raw material. De-oiled lecithin is processed from crude lecithin and is oil-free and has a higher concentration of phospholipids. Various industries are attracted to de-oiled lecithin due to its unique functionality like emulsification, anti-oxidation, stabilization, softening, ease in handling, low taste, and flavor, etc. De-oiled lecithin has a significant application in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry. Currently Asia Pacific followed by North America are key producers of de-oiled lecithin. As there is an increase in the application of de-oiled lecithin due to its large functional properties, the demand of de-oiled lecithin is expected to increase in upcoming years.

Growing Demands for De-oiled Lecithin Due to Versatile Properties

De-oiled Lecithin is organic and a good alternative to crude lecithin as it contains a higher concentration of phospholipids and is almost is oil free thus attracts the health conscious consumers widely. Oxidative stress can lead to serious health issues like heart attacks. Phospholipids are known for being best substrates for oxidation and De-oiled lecithin being a great source of phospholipids have an increase in its potential to be used largely in pharmaceuticals as well as food industry.

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Lecithin has much amount of saturated fatty acids which can increase the cholesterol and lead to major health issues. De-oiled lecithin being oil free has an advantage over standard lecithin and thus the surge to use healthy food products among consumers increases the market demand for de-oiled lecithin.De-oiled is majorly used in food & beverage industries for both types (oil-in-water (O/W) and water-in-oil (W/O)) emulsions. De-oiled lecithin is used in bakery & confectionery due to its blending properties and fat dispersion properties. De-oiled lecithin comes in both powdered form and is thus used in beverages and dairy industry De-oiled lecithin is being currently being studied by pharma experts and is known supposed to be effective in gallbladder diseases. De-oiled lecithin is considered safe for the majority of people, however, are known to some common side effects like nausea or diarrhea. GMO De-oiled lecithin and Non-GMO de-oiled lecithin are produced commercially. However, Non-GMO De-oiled lecithin is globally preferred by the consumers.

Global De-oiled Lecithin Market: Key Players

De-oiled lecithin market is rapidly increasing, some of the leading players of de-oiled lecithin market include Cargill Inc., Dolphin Exports Inc., Amitex Agro Products, Perfect Vitamins Pvt. Ltd., GIIAVA India Pvt ltd., Lecital GmbH, American Lecithin Company, ADM Company, Austrade Inc., Rasoya Proteins Ltd, Clarkeson Specialty Lecithins. With the increase in demand, more companies are taking interest in producing de-oiled Lecithin.

Opportunities for Market Participants

De-oiled lecithin being an organic product with a large number of functionalities has increasing demand all over the world among the product developers and consumers. As healthcare expenditure is increasing in developing countries gives the increase in demand of de-oiled lecithin for it is in functionalities in pharmaceuticals as well as food and beverages industry. De-oiled Soy lecithin has the largest market in the food and beverage industry compared to Sunflower and Rapeseed Lecithin. Growing demand among consumers for label-friendly products has created opportunities for increase in demand for de-oiled lecithin in Australian market as well. Recently, new range of de-oiled rapeseed lecithin introduced in European Market by Cargill and has targeted bakery industry. With the increase in demand as well as supply chains all over the world, it is clear that there are opportunities for greater markets and higher incomes to investors in De-oiled lecithin market.

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Global De-oiled Lecithin: A Regional Outlook

The Asia Pacific is considered the largest market for De-oiled lecithin in upcoming years. Owing to the larger production of raw materials, rising in awareness about the healthy as well as non-allergic food in developing countries like India, China has a tremendous increase in the de-oiled lecithin market. Also, high investment growth in pharmaceutical and personal care industry as well development in agriculture export rate from Asia Pacific countries creates a strong opportunity for an increase in the market of de-oiled lecithin. In the American and European market, demand for de-oiled lecithin is known to be increasing in food and bakery industry owing to demand for health-friendly ingredients. With the increase in use and demand for products made from de-oiled lecithin, the growth in the market of de-oiled lecithin is expected to increase positively in the forecast period.