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Weight Loss Website Giving Away Critically Acclaimed 7 Day Ecourse- "20 Second" Diet Secret Revealed


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for effective weight loss techniques, “Secrets of Healthy Weight Loss” is announcing the release of their free 7 day ecourse that gives users fiercely guarded secrets to losing weight quickly and easily.

According to a recent report by Women’s Health magazine, most weight loss systems fail because they simply demand too much from their users. Motivation is a transient force, and after the first few days of intense dieting, most people slip back into their old routines and regain the weight they had originally lost.

This dynamic creates a swing effect between weight loss and weight gain- which according to dieticians is one of the main contributors to fatigue, disease, and prolonged obesity.

This is the basis behind “Secrets of Healthy Weight Loss.” By offering users tips that they can slowly introduce into their lives over a prolonged period, they can lose the weight without “burning out” or succumbing to the force of their own bad habits.

According to the website a few simple tweaks to a dieters lifestyle is all that is needed to lose the extra pounds once and for all: “I know this might be hard to believe, but losing weight can be easy, and quite painless as long as you’re not ‘dieting’ yourself crazy. If you’re willing to apply a few simple weight-loss tricks, you could drop your first couple of pounds in just a few days,” says the website.

The 7 day ecourse is a no hassle, no commitment, free tutorial that can be started the moment a user signs up. Upon completion of a simple form users are sent tips and tricks that have been carefully created to meld into any lifestyle, regardless of a user’s motivation (or lack thereof), and regardless of what dieting failures they may have experienced in the past.

Highly effective weight loss tips are offered such as the one thing a dieter can eat (and the time of day they should eat it) that can send their metabolism into overdrive, the 3 “weight loss” foods that actually make people gain weight, how successful dieters “trick” their stomachs into feeling full faster, and of course, the famous “20 second” diet secret that dieters have been buzzing about.

To learn more about Secrets of Healthy Weight Loss, or to sign up for the critically acclaimed free 7 day ecourse, please visit: http://www.healthy-weight-loss-secret.org/