EarthWell Green Coffee Supplement Poised to Fight Obesity Epidemic


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Obesity could soon become the leading cause of death in the world. Obesity is already a major lethal factor because it contributes to a multitude of negative health conditions. To be overweight or obese is highly correlated with type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular illness, various forms of cancer, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, gallstones and strokes to name a few.

Meanwhile the obesity rate is increasing at such an alarming rate in the world that medical experts like Francesco Branca from the World Health Organisation describe obesity as an epidemic. But who is to blame? Food processing companies are responsible in part, as they have made food sweeter over recent decades. And such unhealthy food is often cheaper than better nutritional choices, leading to more purchase of bad food.

Our modern lifestyle is also partly responsible for the general increase in waistline. As more workers shift to the service economy and spend most of their working time in front of their computers, they do not use their muscles as much as they used to. Instead they snack during office hours with their coworkers. And back home they spend more time sitting, either watching TV or surfing on their portable or mobile device.

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Hence the question on many lips is “Is there a weight loss miracle pill as some claim? Is there a supplement that could help millions shed some of these unnecessary pounds?”

According to a spokesperson for nutrition company EarthWell, “Do not believe companies selling miracle pills. Miracles do not happen in weight loss. But if you use a green coffee supplement in conjunction with healthy eating habits and a good exercise routine, you will definitively see results.”

The EarthWell green coffee bean extract supplement can help people lose weight even without changing their diet or exercising more as is proven in recent scientific results. But as Dr. Oz says, “The best results are obtained if you maintain a diet log while taking the pill.” This will make you more aware of what you eat on average, how much good and bad stuff you eat each day and week. The fastest results will happen if you take the pill and eat healthy at the same time.

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The secret behind this green coffee product is that it contains powerful natural antioxidants that are not present in regular coffee. As the green coffee beans are not roasted, these antioxidants remain intact in the green beans. But they are gone in the coffee we drink. Chlorogenic acid in particular has been shown in scientific studies to promote fat burning and to slow the release of glucose in the blood after a meal.

Green coffee antioxidant (GCA) is a special trademarked formula that contains these effective natural ingredients that help burn fat faster. This is what Dr. Oz recommends with respect to green coffee products. In Dr. Oz’s study, participants lost an average of 4 pounds in 2 weeks. He also says to have at least 45% average chlorogenic acid, and Earthwell green coffee has 49%. All ingredients are 100% natural and the product is made in the USA and quality certified.

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