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Easy Ask Brings Native Language to Site Searches


Burlington, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Language is an extremely difficult thing to program into a computer search. A simple misspelling can mean that a search is rendered invalid, and that means that customers will not be able to find the items that they really want from a website. More importantly, sites often have items listed under slightly different names than potential customers might anticipate, such as plurals and hyphenated forms. For customers this leads to frustration and eventually they will find a new site to find what they wish to purchase. Easy Ask offers a revolutionary new approach that makes site searches much easier for customers.

Easy Ask is a software tool that websites can use to power their site search and make the end user experience much more fruitful. Rather than being frustrated because they are making a spelling mistake or because they did not hyphenate a search term, Easy Ask predicts what the customer wants to purchase and uses term stemming to find the related searches. An example of this is a customer that wants to find rubber boots for fishing. They might enter the term “waders” into the search bar, but if the site has the boots listed under “wading-boots”, the customer may never find the item. For customers, this will return more results, and the results that they get will be much more relevant to what they want. Companies can use Easy Ask to build revenue because Easy Ask builds searches at the concept level, rather than just using the terms that the customer searched.

As the world grows more reliant on technology, and the pace of business becomes faster and faster, it is important that businesses be able to provide their customers with relevant information on demand. New customers are less willing than ever before to simply browse products to find things that they are interested in, and site search tools are increasingly necessary. With Easy Ask, companies can build their e-commerce sales by making the consumer experience enjoyable and by taking the guesswork out of site searches.

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